Queen gambit

<span aria-label="Chess Openings | Queens Gambit in ~ 18 min


The strategic ideas behind the chess openings.

<span aria-label="Queens Gambit Declined Game: Addison Lee vs Dereque Kelley (Opening)


Check out for iPhone, Android and Windows apps! More QGD content can be found at: ...

<span aria-label="Chess Openings- Slav Defense (Queens Gambit Declined) door thechesswebsite 8 jaar geleden 10 minuten 353.849 weergaven">Chess Openings- Slav Defense (Queens Gambit Declined)


The Slav Defense is a very popular defense in the queens gambit declined lines. The Slav Defense looks to protect his d5 pawn ...

<span aria-label="Play the Queens Gambit Declined like Kasparov - GM Varuzhan Akobian


Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian shows the kids a game based on Garry Kasparov-Dibyendu Barua, 2000. Learn not to lose a ...

<span aria-label="Queens Gambit Declined, Tartakower variation - Standard chess #26


I played a standard chess game as white with time controls set at 15 minutes with a 2 second increment. The opening played was ...

<span aria-label="Chess Openings: The Queens Gambit


The Queens Gambit is one of the most popular openings in chess and is used by many of the top chess players around the world.

<span aria-label="Best Chess Openings for Beginners 👑 The Queens Gambit - GM Damian Lemos


How far will knowing the best chess openings for beginners get you? 🤔Opening prep will help you, but there are also a number of ...

<span aria-label="Chess openings - Queens gambit accepted


Chess openings - Queens gambit at Get more info about ...Ondertiteling

<span aria-label="Chess Basics #41: The Queens gambit accepted


By viewer request! I begin a series of videos on the Queens gambit accepted.

<span aria-label="Chess Opening Tricks Ideas


Here are some amazing Chess Opening Tricks s Gambit Accepted variation. I also have an ...Nieuw

<span aria-label="Queens Gambit Declined, Exchange | Carlsbad Structure - Chess Openings Explained


Jonathan Schrantz follows a line in the Exchange Variation of the Queens Gambit Declined. Plus, learn to identify the Carlsbad ...