3 Secrets of GREAT Graffiti

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In this graffiti tutorial I will tell you about 3 important thing for great graffiti styles and letters. I find each of these tips important for nice structure of graffiti sketches. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●My eshop: Instagram : @doketv●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●CONTACT ME:Email : [email protected]●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●SEND ME SOMETHING:Martin HirnerP.O.BOX 1285003, Bratislava 53Slovakia●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●MUSIC :Epidemicsound.com

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For some reason I came across a graffiti video a couple of days ago & right after to your channel. Great content btw. I’m a little older to be tagging on street walls but now I’m more conscious of what’s written in my hood & there’s some really shitty tags that you can’t honestly call graffiti art like what you do. I’ll be trying some letters on paper & then possibly doing my iPhone case if I’m a natural & get good fast.
Amelyn Tadeo
Draw abc in graffiti
Anthony Robertson
What book is that
Anubhav Gurung
Can you please write NEP THUGZ please\n😶🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
i prefer anti / ignorant style and i would like you to do such a piece :)
Bartek Śmiałek
dude! what's the name of this book ?
Baya Honorato
(The video starts) *AHEM*..........”hey guys”
Benny Chavez
Another Great Video By Doke TV
i love your videos! \u003c3 and im also myself trying to get good at making graffiti. But there isn't ANY legal walls close to me :( Keep up the good work! \u003c3
Christopher Christofonovich
Dude go bombing already and please don't ruin graffiti!!............
Classic Mail
I don't know; one of my favourite local artists were called inch and kezah, the graffiti artists in my area had simple styles but knew how to mix fantastic colours. They were great at picking spots and even their quick boms (throw ups) had flare and style. I admire wild style and it's really impressive, but I think simple styles are closer to my heart. I do really like 3D graffiti though, that stuff is super impressive.
Crystallization of the soul
I like surrealistic and complex not necesarily wild but some others I like them wild! No I'm not talking about women who told you that???
Wie heißt der Song ???
please don't do graffiti tutorials. Practice at your own. Your style becomes more unique and thats the goal of doing 'GREAT' Graffiti. Express YOURSELF through art. Not what you learned by watching someone else doing art .
Dejan Vranes
I love more simple style but I does wild same
The name name of the Book is Graffiti School - Students guide from Chris Ganter
What is the name from That book
Erik B.
Wildstyle is my bae
udělaš někdy tutorial jak začít sprejovat a základy grafit a jak dělat trojrozměrnost? děkuju FaFi
FreakZ KillZ
Jo Doke bro ive been watching your videos since u had 40.000 abos :) i love you ,keep doing that stuff :^) you are motivating me even on mondays ^^^^ hello from Germany #noHomo🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻😎
Gabriel Ortega
What song was thattttt I can't find it!
Giacomo Soncini
Useful and fantastic tutorial, but one thing: when you make an example, don't use only A, B or C, use some others letters. \nIt's look like a stupid comment but trust me that it is important and will make your tutorial better. By the way, great video!!!
Göntje Jannichsen
Würde mich über deutsche Untertitel freuen
Health & Wellbeing Tips
I prefer wild style it’s more artistic 👌👌👌😎
Hey Doke! what about the next video is how to make graffiti slaps
Itz Jayden
U great doke
Iván Pérez
Thanks ;D
Jake's Myths
Thank you so much dude. It really helping me. Peace
Jakob Schaller
I prefer a mix of simple and wildstyle. I think that wildatyle is a bit too complicated and simple style a bit too clean for me. If you understand what i mean.
Jeffrey David
Can you write DEZM
7:18 what's that book called? :)
Jør G
Perfect video. Thank you
Wild style
Kai Strawford
A custom gas mask should would be cool
King Awesome
Wildstyle all day
Kodeez Art
wildstyle personally. I got into graffiti because of it and since then the styles have just become simpler and simpler and now theyre basically plain letter pieces here in sydney.
Logan Bloom
I think wild styles are really cool but you can't read them most of the time. And simple styles you can read but you can also execute them well
Lollo Over
Best graffiti i ever seeeeeeen
Lou Delcourt
What's the name of the graffiti books that you show in the video
Matěj Kmec
@Doke miluju tvoje videa dali mi inspiraci se opět vrátit ke graffiti a sketchum dost jsi mi pomohl a jsem ti za to neskutečně vděčný
Mine Cuber
Simple style is better cuz u can read what the artist is trying to tell us.
Mladen Vidic
Styles are the bones of the graph the can and hand is the skin and soul of the finished piece. \n As a kid i always got hypnotised by tags inside the train carrage. Only because i was amazed at the calligraphy and the confidence of the work. It was church away from church .Graff reminds me that i have a soul and that the best years ive ever had was the ones that made me like other artist work.
Moskie GTN
More of these tutorialssss!! Awesome
Pablo Santos
Whats is the name of the song on 7:31 ?
Paraskeuh Trella
I can do it!!!
Peter Borak
Typo in the title dude
Peter Griffin
Simple style with sick color combinations!
Ahoj Doke,chci se zeptat,jak se jmenuje ta kniha o graffiti v čase 7:22 ? Jinak dobrý videa ;)
Simple style because easy to read
Prince Bur
u r the best doke !
Wild style casue revok is my fav graffiti writer
Simple style because you can actually read it
Rat Boy
This really helped thank u keep doing lessons from the book everyone likes them
Simple bubble style, cus people can understand it
Reece Davis
This guy got way to hyped
Rs Rider
I like simple graffiti style because most of the time anyone can read what the graffiti says and because they are simple... and you know... simplicity is the key!
Rusty Pyrotechnik
Like Like Like
SRK oner
Sh__t3r Gaming
Can u elaborate writing the alphabet step by step im having trouble finding my own style
where did you get the book
Stone hornet
Dont fix the Title Dude, its a Unicat now!
I prefer simpler styles because you can read them better and I dunno, they appeal to me more
nice video
Tajfun One
Nice work Doke
Tatiana Boyko
Добавь меня на Фейсбуке пожалуйста
Tauras August
Pls do more like that videos
where i can find that book?
TheWinterCap 132
I love this tutorials, it helps me a lot
Thomas Benton
Great video my friend. Very clear explanations and great info that you can actually use. One question. What book are you using for the arrow references? I REALLY need that book! THANKS AGAIN, A.k.A
Tom Anderson
Tomas Tomek
What buy book???
Vaughn Gee
What's the name of that song on the intro
Watercat Samurai
I prefer simple style like trowies are cool if the writer behind makes them fresh and cool in colab whit every other letter.I prefer chrome too.But the style I do fell in love whit: Hybrid and Wild style.At most how did the artist did the piece or burner. What the writer means by it.
Zidan Ansory
Doke ??
I have the same book :) Cool Video!
[MS] [BG] MrDionne211
ahmed mohammed
wide style \ncoz it looks good and thats a street art and i love it too ☺
clash of clans clash of clans
WILDSTYLE: Because of the creativity that shows and the aesthetic pleasant that gives
cris :
What's that song at the beginning
daddy hazey
What's the name of that book bro
das kokskaninchen 07
Ofcourse wild style looks realy cool but i like simple style more because most of the time you can read which word stand there.\nPs sorry for bad english i am from germany and i am learning english sice 3 years xD
mathias favoino
name of book?
Can you put in the description every time when you start the graff?
newscope 245
Not to good you dont explaine to make it better all you do is show elements not helping
red 19
I can tell u use copic markers 😊
sake jjj
shafaque asjad
Ur great doke
speedy jesus1234e
Why tf arint you a rapper
I usually fill in the color first and then add the black outline so the black won't smear and bleed but I guess it's the type of markers you have
Ádám Prior
Yeah these tips were awesome! Thanks a lot from you're neighbor Hungary!
I love Wild style