Sweet Chaos - Again And Again

Music video for Again And Again performed by Sweet Chaos.Stream and Download “Again And Again” -

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BanksRadio Australia
One of Banks Radio Australia’s favourite bands and this track doesn't disappoint, amazing vocals and catchy melodies make this rock track a complete winner.
Danielle Dyson
When i first heard of this i was counting down 😍 love it
Kiwi Blanket Animates
I hit that replay button.....\n\n\n\n\nagain and again ;)
Kyler Pena
LakesidePhotography whiterock
Amazing Song and Video. These girls are bringing Rock back
Liv Haynes
Bravo girls! Sounding great!
Philip _
Great tune, I love this!
Rey Scott
See you at Gas Monkey tomorrow!
Riley Krupka
This deserves more attention. I'd love to hear this live!
Trindade Bass
Great bass tone. Such a good heavy song!
Weather King
Great video and song. Been listening to it all day
Веселый Кактус
Good quality but similar to many other girls bands. \nMore originality in everything, more freakiness, be more aggressive.