PSX Longplay [036] Command Conquer: Red Alert (Soviet Part 2 of 3)

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Played By: RickyCRed alert on ps1 is the PC version without its expansions. Only ever played relationation before which is the pc version with its 2 expansions.Found it to be more difficult than original and some levels I got detroyed a few times. A lot of missions I probably could of done a lot faster if i'd just known how to achieve the objective straight off. I'm recording the ps1 version because its a little easier to record than the pc ver.

100% Sony boss cutscene end ending f... game gameplay intro longplay music opening playstation playthrough ps1 psx speedrun video walkthrough

rickyc has to be the lamest command & conquer player with a grand total of: all rookie errors ever!!!!!
Always loved the first Red Alert.
Glen Brockwell
That white box... The one you drag... It is called a 'lasso'. The reason for this action is it will enable you to commence an assault, flank your enemy or call a retreat in a fraction of the time it otherwise'll take if you move your units individually.
I want that Russian Woman's butt in my face.
Toshchak Pёs
full of fucking stereotypes.\n
Ha ha,We made it ,LOL, To the airport!! -3 hour laters- Even better, to part 3!!