Top 10 Chelsea Kits

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Following the release of the new home kit, Rory picks his 10 favourite Chelsea kits from the past. Subscribe for more CFC:

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My favourite kit was the gold trim one the year after we won the champions league. Personally I think the new kit looks meh. I liked it at first but that was before I saw the pattern of the Chelsea lion. Take off the badge and yokohama logo and it looks like pyjamas.
2008-2009 kit when we played in it in the 2008 final it was my favorite chelsea kit
i really liked this season's kits when they first came out but.........
Abdul Aminu
Where back page blue
Aditya Poddar
new kit looks more like a night dress..
Ajinkya Maldikar
i have started to realise i disagree on most things with you rory, gonna not bother commenting from here on. yellow kits? really? cant believe it! anyways... love the channel, keep up the good work! come on chelsea!
My favourite are the 09/10 home kit, the 06/07 home kit and the 12/13 black and yellow away kit
Andrew Tavey
what idiot edited this video? You can't even see the kits properly in most of the pictures
Andy Lenser
I own the third kit from this year and absolutely love it
Anirudh Sivakumar
14/15 kit is my fav
Ashutosh chaubey
I loved the 2011/12 kit, got us the champions league :)
Augustus Andersen
What about the champions league win home kit or the 2009/10 season kit
The black and silver 2004 3rd kit is up there for me and the 09 home shirt is one of my favourites also.
Blue L1on
no kit should have a collar or buttons
Blue Light
Anything didier wears is a beauty.
Take out Ramon's suggestion and put the 2009 yellow kit in and I agree with the list.
this is based on events and not the kits themselves. A lot of the yellow kits that are on the list are horrible. The 12/13 kit is probably our best kit
2013 kit was the best
Did we get it right? Have we missed out your favourite kit? And most importantly who is right between Ramon and Rory on number 3?
Classic KZ Gamer zar
I think the 2011/12 shirt was the best
Clorox Bleach
My favorite kit has to be the last time we won the league 2014/15 home kit and second is the away kit this season and third is the 2014/15 third kit
2012 3rd kit with the Black/Yellow/White kit. it looks marvelous and it remindes me that game when Ramires and Fernando Torres scored those goals vs Barcelona which took us to the CL Final in Munich. Awesome kit
2012 kit is my favourite to me have it with Lampard on the back 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Donovan Murphy
15/16 kit was beautiful with the buttons, red trim on the collar and classy vertical pinstriping. Unfortunately it will always be a reminder of a bad season, albeit one that made me feel closer to the club. \n\nI really like the embossed lions on the new one, but not a fan of the v neck.
Eden Hazard10
for me the best kits for chelsea is the 09/10 and 14/15 home
Looks like pyjamas
Fergal Collier
My fav is the Chelsea away kit 2016-17
I love this years 3rd kit
Fredrik Hallerström
woah i really hate every kit you loved, bright yellow an a mess of other colours and collars ugh noting worse than collars. sorry Rory 🙏
Freestyle gaming
Why was it about wot we won and not the kit
This list isn't based on how they looked; which is what it should've been on. This seasons away kit is absolutely gorgeous (the white with blue and red trim). Next seasons shirt looks like a pyjama top, deffo not a fan.
Gabriel Martin
Home Kits:\n\n1-2008-2009\n2-2012\n3-2005
Haraldur Örn Haraldsson
this years kit is horrendous. All those lions all over the kit make it terrible
Harry Stocker
I liked the home kit with gold, the year after we won the champions league.
Harry Tuttlebee
08-09 home shirt!
Human Kebab
I actually like the lions, gives it character I think. Anyone else?
I personally love the new kit, looks retro, but still awesome!
Personally, I thought lasts seasons was one the best and the 2009/10 kit
Jatc HD
What about the lush lime green kit?
Jay Fleming
14-15 third kit was incredible
Jesse Valentinee
I think my favourite would be the adidas gold kit the one we used after we won the Europa league I believe. \n\nDon't think I'm gonna be a fan of this new kit, it does have the Pyjama affect lol.. Hopefully we don't get caught sleeping again next season! \n\nI'd love another kit like the gold one, with the classic Chelsea badge just the lion with CFC under it no crest or anything just the lion and CFC 🙌🏻
Joel Román
but but but
Joey Ampomah
All 3 of the 2014/15 kits were gorgeous. Even this seasons away kit looks stunning as well.
I actually really really like this year's home (and away kit). It's simple and just good looking. Really nice.\n\nOh yes that kit from 2004/05 looks fantastic. That really is the perfect kit for me. Just Blue. No pattern, no other colour (apart from a little bit white of course) Just blue. Lovely. Definitely my favourite.\n\nThe one from '97 is brilliant as well. Reminds me of Zola \u003c3
Kemuel Jacob
Our new kit looks like a 6 year old's pajamas or blanky.
Kevin Davies
Awful away kit who came up with that looks like hull city's home shirt.
Kodi Nation
Love it myself a lot of people seem to hate it, I also like the away if it's legit. I hate the third and goalkeepers kits.
Gotta be 2013/2014\nWas amazing kit.
LiL Flakey
i liked the 11/12 kit and the 08/09 kit the best..... not to mention the orange and grey kit LOL
Liam Coops
Personally I really liked the 2009 yellow kit we won the FA cup with, Lamps with a peach.
Where's the \
Luke Montgomery
This new kit would be perfect if it didn't have all those lions on it. My favourite is the 2013-14 kit, in my opinion, simplicity is always the way for a quality kit.
Mine is the 2005-06 centenary shirt. Our last ever shirt manufactured by Umbro and a shirt fit for the champions of England celebrating their 100th anniversary. Recently managed to get hold of a Terry version of the shirt after outgrowing my original many years ago.
Man Like Football
2011/12 BESTTT!!!!
Margaret Jess
my favourite kit is the 2014/2015 3rd kit/alternate away kit
Mark Ogilvie
Samsung kit was class, yokohama is cursed.
Matthew Rattle
The lampard assist section hahaha
Melker Svärd
The Champions League Semifinal 2012 Shirt(Away) against Barcelona, when Ramires and Fernando Torres scored
Michael Fox
Number 10?!  Really?  Are you drunk Rory? xD
Last years away kit as in this current season. i think should be on this list. im a united fan and considered buying it. thought it looked class.
Mike Bobby
In terms of design, I love this seasons away kit. White with red and blue lining. The hoem kit is also great but the alternate kit isnt good at all. Shame we dipped this season, if it were the quadrouple season everyone was predicting in the beginning of the summer then it would surely be the best.
Mikey Pearce
04/05 away shirt (black and silver), 12/13 home shirt (gold badge and trim) and this season's white away kit would be on the list for me
I don't like the lion print all over the kit
am i the only one who loves the 10/11 home kit?
Nathan Masters
2012 kit for me, I did like last season's though
The year when we won Europa league should've been there
Obida T
No offense Rory but does anyone else think he looks like Ramsey Bolton from game of thrones?
Oliver Carpenter
Love the new kit, proper chels.
Oluwaseun Adigun
How did the 2008/2009 Home Kit not make this list? How?!
Omar Kaiser
All the kits before the year 2000 are just meh
Papa Stu
No sorry, it has to be the black & yellow worn when Super Frank broke the goal record against Villa! No 1 shirt in my collection
Number 7 was the First Kit I ever got , with Gudjohnsen on the back (the man who made Me fall in love with Chelsea) \n\nI really dislike the home kit this year, I just want a clean white and blue away kit. similar to the glorious away kit from 2007.
Raulito Mares
The one they played the CL final against United is the best.
Ricky Evans
I was one of about 5 fans altogether who liked the grey and orange kit lol
2008/2009 KIT IS THE BEST!
Your 05/06 home kit was really beautiful...the best Chelsea kit I've seen over the past decade. Reminds me the PES days
Sean Shara
Rory I must agree with you up until number 4 mate 14/15 home 3. 14/15 third strip 2.16/17 home and first 15/16 third
Shinji OW
I think 09/10 is the best kit, anyone agree?
Sid Iyer
Hated the blue plaster personally
SluSh FinGerS
Does any one hate it when its down the middle
Some guy named Mike
We've had so many good kits but this year for the most part all of the kits haven't looked too good, the blue home one is fine overall, especially when it was worn on CL nights but the black one is pretty standard & the white away just isn't that nice, next season's looks okay, have to wait & see what it looks like on matchdays
Stretchy Stretch
05-06 Gold was just lush Joe Cole goal was quality but so was robben and Jose high five in the dugout at Highbury ha
The kit doesn't matter, it's what you do in it that does,
SurreaL 88
Ramon choice was good, loved the away kit with the blue strip a lot of Chelsea fans loved it when it was released!!!
T Ming
I, for one, love the home 2010 /2011 kit. Poor season but one of the best looking kits over the past decade I think.
The Real MVP
How is 2011/2 season kit 9th, we bloody won the champions league in that kit, that alone should make it go first.
The Spartan
12-13 kit with which we won the europa league was my favorite
Toon Smasher
Sorry I have to tell you that new kit looks like pyjamas
My favorite was the 2008-2009 kit. Man that was just a beautiful kit.
2012 kit was my favorite
Weekly bird shit
I agree with you I hate that kit
2014/15 third kit?
[content deleted] 110907
TRUE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I collect Chelsea shirts and have nearly every single one from the mid 80s to present. Favourite Home kit is between 01-03 and the current 15-16, Away kit is either the iconic 94-96 or the 12-13 and for the Third kit its 11-12 or 12-13. Look them all up online on historical kits website. Excellent for passing some time.
New kits are horrid, purely because of the watermark pish. My favourite is anything without a sponsor. Understand the need for one because of finances but kits looked better without them, when they were very plain.
frank unodostres
I hate to admit but the shirt we won the CL with was ugly...\nI like the 2012/13 shirt with golden features, and the black/yellow from 2013/14
really don't like the new kit
peter dibo
i think the kit that had the badge and the samsung logo in gold was one of the prettiest