[DGM Hallow] [Tyki Mikk] Freeze You Out {AMV}

Anime: D.Gray-man Hallow----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Song: Nightcore - Freeze You Out----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for watching! :D

Alexandera A
............. Dang he was drop dead gorgeous before but holy chit, he's drop dead something now. I can't even think of a word to describe him anymore...
Allen Walker
this AMV is amazing... check out El. Jay's Nightcores
i wish i can marry him *.*
Annie LP
Can Someone PLEEEASE tell me if Tyki has Dark Violet Hair or a little more Blue. And the skin of the Noahs is it grey or Brown???
Areeba Shafiq
He is soooo atractive and beautiful😄😄😄😄😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Yup, my heart is melting watching you, Tyki \u003c3
Asia Crook
1:07 Poker Pair yesss
Aurora Borealis
Wow, Tyki change a LOT like omg he is so beautiful, georgous, there are no words for this, this 😈 👏👏👏👏
Worst thing about anime is forgetting everything about the anime after watching it
Gami Lari
Anime name please!
Hakk Willow
He is very cooool!
Jessi B
Gosh he's so darn Beautiful!
Julia Music
I love him so much 💕
Kittynoscope Gamer
Lucy Heartfilia
Tyki is so damn beautyful, I love that anime 😊 So much emotions in it, and many funny momments
Mira Goh
Omer Essam
What name this anime?
Plume d'argent Patte Rousse
Magnifique amv ^^\n\nBeautiful work!!!!
Ro Cee
tyki and road are my favorite noah
I like him so much 😍❤️
Ich persönlich mochte die alte Grafik viel mehr ._. ;A; aber Tyki ist tzd perfekt der beste Noah Charakter mit Road zusammen 😍♥️
Sakura Haruno
Great video, very high quality even without the HD ^.^
Samantha horlacher
low the lion\nI like the song and is that tikki mykki
Sergio Martins
Tyki Mikk😍😍
Sheila Mae
tyki is the most handsome in noah clan 😍 well nea is handsome too 😉
Shen Kn Shen Kn
I love this singing and the music soo great 😍
Sira Nela
Very amazing!!!!!!!!! ^^ :)
Sophia Ying
Su Wan
Honestly he so hot.
Tabu Lenovo
Daymn Tycki is *HOT* °U°
Temeraki Ren
Tyki looks so damn hot \u003c3
Trang llen
hot boy Tiki
ghost girl
amazing \u003c3
legends never die
lil' yeon yeon
neeraja suresh
Tykki mikk....hot and cool man...i love him...
So nice 😍♥❤✨
yumiko :3
I LOVE tiky mikk \nIs my favory person 😍😍
I love the video!!!! Please make more like this!!!
Таня Хорькова
where is the moment at 22 seconds?
Татьяна Исенова
Что за серия на 1:03
محمد فياض
What is your neem ??
Wow,, he's so damm Hot,,
what's the anime