Treasure island (1990) official trailer - Charlton Heston , Christian Bale # Robert Louis Stevenson

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Great movie.
Ashley Stoker
Seen this when it came out as a kid but still remember it 30 years later...great movie would love to see it again
A horrible trailer for the best adaptation of Stevenson's book.
I never seen this movie before!
Daniela Cortez Sanchez
Christian❤ SUCH A CUTE!! and Great Movie✌❤
Devil Dare
Isn't it kinda wierd that all of the cast names from treasure planet lol
Electron Conjuror
Christ it took a long time for studios to git gud at trailers
Why do the two main characters have American accents? They are English.
Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!
Cool thing Charlton Heston's son directed this! :D
Guli Pink
I want the full movie of this
Hanumantharao Dhayapule
worth seeing
Isaac Chambers
A ripping good yarn!!!
The first Batman came out starring Michael Keaton in 1989. You think Christian Bale would have believed you if you told him in 1990 when he made this movie that he would Star as Batman in the future and go on to be revered as the the best one in the best batman movie ever mad.
Matthew Lofthouse
One of my childhood favourites, it still gives me a sense of adventure now!
Nat Kam
God, even as a child, Bale was so hot and charismatic as hell! The best live action version of Jim!
Odel 1980
My favourite pirate´s movie.
Paula Harris Baca
I like Chuck, but the only Long John Silver was Robert \
Richard Canipe
R.I.P. Charlton Heston
ppl magazine where pirates? :P ...Hey, a young Christian Bale.. yar...
This movie was so good it gave me scurvy!
The Paranormalist
This trailer is so wrong for hyping this film up! If you have ANY negative feel from watching this trailer IGNORE IT!!! Go watch the movie and trust me, if you're a fan of the original book, you'll love this version!
Universty Of Sulaimani INFO
Pisces of eight
Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins?! Now I MUST look for this!
Never seen this movie, but honestly, it kinda looks like it stinks. I mean, Heston is just cringeworthy, the way he delivers his lines is like he's playing some stereotypical cartoon pirate. That just throws me off. Nothing really compares to Black Sails when it comes to pirates.
Yes Sir!
Best movie version of this story. Fun to hear a bit of Bales original accent.
love the movie, but this trailer has to be the cheesiest trailer i've ever seen
c'est qui ?
I have a dream
john kevin wilshaw
Sorry, but Newton's 1950 portrayal of Long John Silver stole the show, making the Disney version the best, in my opinion anyway.
How on earth have I never seen this?! Can't wait to watch.
Oliver Reed would of made a great Blackbeard imo.
shirley repeki
it sounds like a Disney cartoon trailer, the movie was awesome! I'm watching black sails because of this.
the greatest Charlton Heston 50's badass actor to in 1990 movies reliq!!