Meek Mill - Dangerous (feat. Jeremih PnB Rock)

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Jeremih PnB Rock atlantic atlantic records dangerous dreams worth more than money hip hop legend... meek meek mill mill rap stay woke wins & losses

Akshaya Jaiswal
Idk why I feel that Meek mill was more happy with he is expression less...
Alexandria Tiffany
anyone else listens to this every day?
Amber Caruth
this is my favorite song.
Andrew Mcdaniel
Pnb rock kill dat shidd at 2:56Shidd Fire Meek
Ariell Brown
Idk but it's something about this song I just love the vibe
Meek Mill bares striking physical resemblance to Martin Luther King Jr. in this video.
BCBXanarchy 900
Meek mill joins the chat\nNicki Minaj joins the chat\n\nMeek mill types my ex had me depressed and I'm glad thats over in the chat.\n\nNicki Minaj leaves the chat.
Ive never heard a bad Jeremih feature
Am i the onli 1 dat think jermih has picd up sum weight
What I see: *Pnb*\nWhat I read: *Pornhub*
Bleezy GT
Meek mill didn’t spoil this song hear the lyrics right
Brandy Houser
My ex had me depressed and im just glad its over.. #Straight fire #Blessings
Calvin Kaura Kauhonina
It needed that *Dolla sign* magic 😢
Calvin Moloi
Meek definitely own that Hood love type of music, Dangerous, All Eyez, Fall Thru etc...he need to run with this🔥
Camya Beckham
I wonder how Nicki Minaj feels
Carl ward
This is a banger
Catherine Iyoha
Giving me serious Wale vibes
Ceeceetha Goatkiid
Seriously thought it was Ty dolla $ign
Chamajay Ferrell
No cap this the song of 2019
Chap I
Damn I been waiting for a music video 😫
Chelsey Smith
My favorite song , omgggg 😍😩
Coco Chanelica
So Bryson tiller not in this song🤔
Cody Alexander
I listen to this every day I love this song this my song
Da Goddess
Im not a meek mill fan...but i must say...🤔🤔🤔 this definitely that shit right here!!!!🔥🔥🔥❤
Daliso Davies M
music never gets better than this
Deeb Jr
Whatever You Need Pt. 2
Diamond Arian-Chaney
Diego Naido
This song is definitely my favourite\nPnb Rock and Jeremiah's parts are so cool it on fire
E Dub
hook is smooth as it
Faith #loveyoualways
1:30 who heard Ella Mai Boo'd up
This a bedroom vibe with bae
George Gakuha
Goku Dragon ball z kai 300
2:56 🔥😫💞 best part of the song
Jags Nation
They should make a remix with Frank Ocean and Bryson tiller
Jakena Smith
For all the people who disliked this video they have no love
Jan Wizzarak
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙*Jesus Christ is the only true God!* \r\n*The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*\r\n*Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*\r\n*also heal their bodies.*
Jared Rice
Pnb solo part at the end tho gonna use that on some girl I like
Jeremiah Logwood
I like this song This is Jeremiah
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
that back & forth between pnb & jeremih is fire
John Richmond
Meek Mill is a bad rapper madmov🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Julien E
I just like this song so much I listen to this everyday nice song!
K. Mimms
I play this song 5 times a day put#ChiTown on anything it's a hit✌💞😁
If your reading this I hope you get everything you want in life
Kakembo Raymond
this is too bad liked it
If you’re reading this never let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams ☺️✌🏾
Karolina M
ntro]\nRight Now Sound\nHitmaka!\n\n[Chorus: PnB Rock]\nYou feel the vibe, it's contagious\nLook in your eyes, shit is dangerous\nGrateful I had all the patience\nI know you going through some changes\nYou taking pictures, know your angles\nOoh, no we ain't perfect, but we damn close\nOoh, you give me something I can't pay for\n\n[Verse 1: Jeremih]\nNo angel, but you got a halo\nWhen it's nights like this, I really wanna be right here\nI really wanna take you there (you there)\nWhen it's nights like this, I really wanna be right here (be right here)\nI really wanna take you there (you there, baby, yeah, yeah)\n\n[Verse 2: Meek Mill & Jeremih]\nIt was nights like this, feeling right like this\nI never really spent no time like this, huh\nThe second time at the crib knowing I might not hit\nYou said, \
Kay Cayce
Meek has the best love songs☺️💕✨🤞🏽
Kerroy Clunie
First 15 seconds into the song is really fire. Shout out to hitmaka yung berg
Keyza Fine
If your reading this. You are ALIVE!!!! Stay focus and keep dreaming big. It will happen✊🏾✊🏾
I love this song much...I play it everyday👄💋👄💋
Kin Rich
Name a Meek Bad song. I'm waiting...
Lataija Nelson
I use to love this song now it just makes me sad because it brings back old memories 😪😕
Latrice Benion
Who tf dislike this song 😂🙄y'all tweaking
Lexi Candy
Loren Mcmullan
This song is sexy ❤
M Cornelius Radebe
PnB verse 2:56 on repeat
Marie Clark
Who still listening in 2019
Mebby Herbo_YT
My mans meek finna blow up even more then he did
Meek Mill
Like the comment if this your 2nd or 3rd time watching 🔥
Mike G
Feels good seeing you winning #Meek. Just proud of you man, very inspiring. No looking back Brother 🙌🏽👌🏽🙏🏽
Mike Spector
A perfect song to play with your special lady while cruising through the city. 😊💍😎
Monique Jacobs
This song is soo underrated 😭\n\nEdit: I really feel a vibe!!
Mz Imani
@Meek Mill ill admit i just didnt like you for nothing but my dad played this and i kinda statred to like... now im addicted😒
No angel but u got a halo🤘
Nick Nick
I can't believe ty dollar sign is not in this song
Nicolas Makaveli
know we aint perfect but we damn close
Nina Rai
Who else thought ty dolla sign was featured on this track????
No Niggas
Yo meek the streets are waiting for that album🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Olivia Shim
When he says “nights like this I really want be right here, I really want to take you there” it sounds like jodeci’s song come and talk to me
Paaa TV
you taking pictures know ya angles *OOH* ❗️
Paul Wairuri
Ty dollar & Bryson Wud have killd it
Ruby Fernandez
This song thou 🔥
This song got that oldschool rnb vibe I'm feeling it, nice and sexy smooth
Shah Major
Who TF in their mind dislikes this song and video🗣
Super Duper
This gives me an old 90's vibe, I like it.
disappointed .. wish he would’ve had a beautiful Black woman playing his love interest
Tarisha McNeil
She said what i look like\nI said like my bih😍\n\n#comeHereZADDY
Tia Mckay
Dude meek did tf out of this song 😩 & I swear Jeremih & PNB so in synch
Travis Shackleford
Hell of fire killed the crap out of the song @meekmil
For everyone reading....\n\n\n\n\n\nhave a blessed fun day!
Tyler Wester
Glad he did a video been waiting for it
Xavi jsc
Young Simba
Album is dropping November 30th you heard it here first 🤫
Zyaire Davis
I love Jeremih and pnb rock voice🖤🖤🎤
_ C H R I S T I N E
If your reading this I hope you get the love you deserve 💕🙏🏽
This song is soo fuckin Underrated! Like if you agree this should be 100 Million. I love this song and replay at least twice every time I hear it!! I thought PnB Rock was Ty Dollar Sign lol. \u003c3 Amazing collab and you didnt hear DJ KHALED'S voice.
If you feel the vibe and it’s contagious, like this comment
I wanted a music video with a story 😩😩😩 I miss those! Does anybody remember those?????????
janae bowen
love ittttt yess meek that's what's up : )
jman kakkarTV
Pnb's voice gave me vibes like ty dolla sign. Thats why this combo has a great rhythm😍
josie mineau
...Still listening 2019. Take me there!
mrs SO
this hits me in ma soul
whole song is dope but 2:56 is something else
qwynter6 tray
i love you meek milll your song is the best it fire
This song should’ve came out in the summer it’s so hott🔥
shayy rhone
This is a good workout song lol if u know how to move 😅😜
swagger Queen
Y'all should work on more songs together
Meek came with some 🔥 on this one ✊💯