Behind-the-scenes at Player of the Year Awards 2018 | Chelsea Re-Seen

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Go behind the scenes with Chelsea TV at this year's Player of the Year Awards. Who was your choice for Player of the Season? Subscribe to Chelsea TV Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on YouTube. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Eden Hazard, David Luiz, Willian, Pedro, Alvaro Morata, Cesc Fabregas & N’golo Kanté. ABOUT CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUBFounded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club are the current Premier League Champions. In its rich history, Chelsea’s many successes include 8 league titles, 7 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba.

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Balayoko on phone while driving
Jason is a proper Chelsea fan
good luck
Aaron McGlade
Anyone else notice the ladies and youth came out with trophies but the first team came out empty handed while looking at each other. It really broke my heart
Abdul-Azeez Abu
It's a shame how the ladies came with a silverware(and could still add to that), the youth came with silverwares and the first team just appeared with just ties on their necks. The season has been very poor. People are just blaming the board and totally forgetting that the coach holds the final cards. What happened to conte when he said the coach is like a Taylor. He couldn't really bring out the best in these players regardless. Moment of truth is, if we were loosing to a Manchester United, Manchester City, or any of the top six, we can blame it on lack of quality but c'mon. We freaking lost to Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Watford, Newcastle, and these are teams that can't match us in individual players abilities. Our players are more expensive, paid higher (wages) and are better in like for like positions. We didn't just lose some of this matches by lack of luck. In some of those games, we were outclassed. Don't even get me started on the useless matches we drew. My people, it all comes down to coaching tactics and man management.
Abdullah 123
4:20 he said \
Aleix Browne
New kit looks like a bus seat
Alexandre Hofmann
I think jason cundy wins the last one!
Aly Sayani
Bakayoko should've won it
Andrew Salmon
is their any room in ngolos cabinet left LOL 😅😅😅😅😅😅 fully deserved been amazing again this season 👏
Antoine Griezmann
Every time I see that title celebration at the end with cahill, luiz, and Terry holding that perm trophy I feel so proud of them all, so proud of that season 16/17 where we ripped apart every single team in a special way....... Go Blues💙
Anusiem Munachimso
Great Club
Arfan Ali
im sure he has been splatterd by blood in the ring \
i personally dont like Jason Cundy at all ill be honest. but never the less they are just doing there job
No happy ending this season. never the less. we liv to fight another day. congratulation Chelsea ladies and the youth team.
Bitch Please
sign jorginho , bailey and sarri
Bryan Yim
I still believe that Chelsea can make the top 4! 🔝💙⚽️ Miracles can happen! 🙏
Best in the world at what he does...Always believe in, N'Golo-Oh!
CFC Star
Kante7 Shutdown CDM a Master of his craft fully deserved I thought it was only fitting that King Conte presented the award to King Kante✌👑👑👏
Collins Odhiambo
Let us be real...Kante is the only player that Conte really wanted and got the others were just plan Bs and plan Cs...
Craig O neill
Give Jodie the job if conte leaves it’s the only realistic way we’re gonna blood any of these kids through!
Willian winning an award is a joke , fans actually thinking Willian is good enough for this club because he’s a likeable Player are jokes and insanely inept. Simple as
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
Still have a 2% chance of making the CL spot lol
Edmore Rusike
Recall Musonda, give Hudson Odi chance Luiz and try by all means to rest Cahil and Fab. Emmerson must be given chance. Most important kip our Kante Hazard and Willian
Emmanuel Uche
N'Golo the hero we don't deserve 🌍🌍🌍
Enrique Espinosa
The french team players of there team plays gos back and forth of who will get the play and of the run way or running kind of speed....etc gos on........! Iran players had a different runner to go that way playing on their team it can be different from the team skill's move and why one player dos soemthing of his playing and tht just comes and needing someone of the way they play or run of plays that gos from other ways and from team passing and skilled foot moves and when it comes to the passing and the extra run or speed or lost ball of offense or defense and soemone that is good enough to play the open run etc can help the team to place them equal with the top teams style..!
Football Hub
Fully Deserved NGOLO 👑
Fr Eak
Same old story ..Win one season down tools the next & the coach gets sacked. Either appoint a proven winner & back him up every year signing few but world class players instead of the mediocre players in the previous windows OR give Jody Morris a chance & give him 2 years to integrate our all conquering youth into the senior setup.
Frank Daniel-Ramesh
Switch to a back 4, use our youth such as Hudson-Odoi, recall RLC Batshuayi and Zouma. Finally, give Bakayoko a chance in a midfield 3. COYB
Fred kinanga
lol at 2:45 when Hazard is like \
Giancarlo Go
Congratulations to Mr. Kante! Well done sir.
Gordon Tan
Where's gigi
Graham Hollis
Any chance we will turn up on Saturday.
Nice I’m a chelsea fan too
Like if think Conte will not be in the dug out next season !
Sell fabegras , Danny drinkwater , Pedro , Zappacosta who else am I missing ?
I’m not watching this, you all don’t love hazard 🖕
Hermelinda Galindo Tejedor
Al presidente del Chelsea le aconsejo de comprar a Sergio Busques por 180 euros
Ilham Mubarog
5:33 what song?
10:55 love kante
Jaden !
Johnny Esmond
HAHA LOL jason is the man XD
Gentlemen, would u consider Chelsea attire or being prepped up for your CFC TV presentations?
K Crown
K Max
Why didn't we mention Reece James Academy player of the year? Tf
we miss u ... don conte
Where can I watch the whole thing?
KissxSister Lips
Its a shame the first team came out with empty hands while youth and ladies got something to show
Luqman Hadi
Marvel Inc
Azpi deserved to have willian's award
Miles A
In antonio we trust.....give him what he wants also the players should play for the club and the supporters
MoShow Videos
Lasts make it hat-trick FA Cup the youths and girls already done ✅ it, now is down to first team come on Chelsea FC
Mohamed Inshaar
Adidas is better then more Nike☺\nCongratulations Ngolo Kante🔵😍👈
Old Swift
Omar Jobe
Congratulations ngoloo
Omar Siddiqi
cant wait for Kennedy ti win the ballon dor with bayern Munich
Paulo Dybala Official
Bye bye conte\nPlease buy dybala\nI love chelsea
Peter Gichuki
We deserve to be where we are.
No doubt at all \nHe surely deserves it. \nWillian \u003egoal of the season \nKante\u003eplayer of the year.
Richy Mensah
Let conte stay at least one more season. Get him his first choice players. Willian didnt desreve that award too
Rico ChanceEnt
Am gonna miss u guys last EPL match tomorrow damn season 18/19 hu
Ridwan Mahamed
Who's the woman next to Kante?
Rock My world
Kante deserved100% but Azpili deserve more then willian thats my opinion
Sam Sule
Cundy you celebrate the lows and the highs like us fans. Up the Chels COYB KTBFFH
Don't sell mount and mark
The Human Lion
This season has been quite dead.
Wiwit ali Creator
Kante muslim Good
Yanz anzz
If Conte stays he should be given all the financial backing.\nIf not he should leave.\nHe has never got any player that he wanted, if he asks for B Chelsea would give P.\nIf he asked for D the Chelsea board would give him T.
Yashwanth G
Absolutely love you guys.
afi m
Come on chelsea 👌💙
Kante future captain
why did u stop making this? it was the best thing on here
Please sign Kante to a long term contract. Chelsea Legend in the making.
goyang dumang
No conte should stay, it wasnt his fault, the players let us all down, first jose, now conte, its repeated, its the players fault, plus out strikers didnt score enough
mexican american soccer fan
mr CrasH45
is hazard the best player
salman ahjum-mathee
Who are the two people's name who N'golo is in between??
Alonso alway best free kick