Chelsea 2015/16 Home Jersey Review

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Alia Soraya
you rock
Burton Cai
Hey bro, I'm 189 cms (6'3 6'4) and around 154 pounds. Do you reckon I should get a Large for all of these?
Chris Tatum
Nasty kit nasty club
Conor Mackelvie
I paid $45 USA on eBay
Harold Alvarenga
3 views 3 likes
Jr Roldan
How do you suggest to wash these jersey ?
Luan Nguyen
How tall are u? (in cm plz ) \nDo u think those jersey are big in sizes?\nCuz I tried 14/15 jersey in small, they were too big :/
Matt E
It's great man, you did review on both short and long sleeve jersey. Nice feature
Norman Box
I got this jersey but to me it runned small that season. I chosed M without trygng and it was like an S :(
Regera Agera
Can you send me this
Shab. B
The only thing I hate about this kit is the second layer
Yeah it's a different cut it is baggy on the man u
dominique glover
im 5'5 so should i run with a small?