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One of the most special moments in my life and it's my honor to be able to share it with all of you. Thank you for always being a part of my life! -PS4 PRO + XBOX ONE S GIVEAWAY ►

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A Casual Zombie Slayer
Why am i crying it's Christmas
A Spoon
Please tell me someone else cried ?
Alex Fernandez
Don't do this to me man I can't this man. I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry. *proceeds to completely break down in tears* damn it man damn it. This to too great *sniffles*. Damn it. Congratulations man!
Alex Trochez
This deserves a hoorah. At the end of the day she is lucky to even look at you as a father. Anybody would be happy to have you as a father. For that, God bless you and your family and may another successful year be ahead of you. You know what. Forget success. I wish a very happy year for you man. I wish your kids, each and every one of them. The best in their lives. No matter where they go. They got a loving father and mother and this amazing YouTube community behind them. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy new year.
Alyssa Swivel
Jimmy that's amazing I cried watching it. You are my favorite you tuber. I wish you guys a happy life and I'll keep watching.
Animation Moka
That was beautiful and my tears are real!! love that I font think there has been anything ever more thoughtful.
Anton Husbands
it's cute man... nice story... u got a great present de😄
Ayden Wasser
I want to congratulate you Jimmy on your adoption of Kali and I want to thank you for sharing this moment with your fans. I don't cry cry much but this brought a tear to my eye, a tear of joy and cheered me up. Happy Holidays to you and your newly extended family
Blades Boss
My dad is in the hospital...but we don't know if he is gonna make it. I'm trying to stay positive though. it's really hard on my family right now
Broken Magazine
Hey Chaos, I love what you're doing bro, I wish you the best of luck through your career and beyond. I hope you and your family have the best of holidays. I just wanted to thank you, you've really changed my life in a big way, I haven't been going through the best of times lately, but you've really helped. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas.
Bryan Reynoso
Hi random person scrolling thru the comments
Caleb Johnson
congratulations man, I'm crying like a baby for u, we appreciate what you do keep up the good work, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Cameron Wright
This is when you know you truly succeed as a step parent
I'm beyond proud to be able to share this video with all of you. You are like my extended family. I truly appreciate all of you
This is a tear jerker Jimmy, congrats on a gift from God!
D - Man
i love this video so much!!!!!!
Great gift but why was your wife on the phone instead of being there with you?
DSB Riot
Daniel Malmstone
im not trying to sound rude but what was the present o.o
Danny Dircio
Merry Christmas Jimmy, great video! I got the feels, but didn't shed a tear.
David Griffin
Congratulations mate dead happy for ya
Big man like me never shed a tear I promise 😢 nah for real thou that's very heart warming ❤️
Dino Mafia
Wassup!This is so cool!!
Dylan Rose
Merry Christmas to all that see this comment
congrats man
GET THESE DAMNED ONIONS AWAY FROM ME*falls to the ground and quietly sobs tears of joy*
Eric Shansky
nice vid i litteraly cried
Congratulations Jimmy!
Farzeen Naveed
Chaos: *throws wrapping paper* I need to open this with something\nWife: *throws knife
who is cutting onions in my room
Who's else was crying?
Congratulations! I hope u two have a bright future ahead.
I love this
George Ellis
Jimmy you must be the best father ever !! ❤
Grand Media
Incoming \
Congrats Jimmy. Pretty awesome to show that people don't need to be blood related to show what family means.
Wasn't really expecting this, definitely a feel good story!
Congrats dude I can tell she means a lot to you and you her. Merry Christmas
Jackson Woodard
Man that's a lot better than GFuel ;). Chaos, I have been watching you since you were at 50k subs. You always brighten up my day and make great content. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your honestly a father and person. Keep it up!
Jacob Jedrzejewsky
I'm crying right now, This is So amazing. Marry Christmas to you, and whole your family Jimmy! 🎅
Jar jar binks
I fell down the stairs while watching this video😐 yep
Jt Junk
That's amazing! Congrats!
Aww this was great! Teared up a lot ;~;
I wouldn't like to be adopted
Katy Winters
Oh man, I'm blubbering like a baby!!! So happy for you, your family, and your evergrowing channel. Merry Christmas, Jimmy!!
So happy for you and the family, Jimmy. :D
KinG x STuDx
I had a feeling this was going to be that type of video. Happy for you💯
Respect bro.
Lamb Tk
Congratulations bro!!! I'm soo happy for you, and tbh this made me tear up🙂
Restraining order?
Congrats Jimmy! I bet that was an amazing moment!
Mr. K Dilkington
Okay great video but at 1:30 it looked like he threw the wrapping paper at the baby
Proud of you Jimmy. All my respect goes to you! Youre the realest.
Why are my eyes sweating?
Nate Raft
Who puts a thumbs down on a video like this? Are you really that rude and self centered that you can't appreciate this? Cmon guys...really?
OG Cush00
Congrats man! This video gave me chills as soon as I saw the first paper.
Its Christmas day in Australia, merry xmas everyone
Operation Gothic Serpent
I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying
Origin Adept
I clicked on this video expecting him to be colour blind
Oswaldo Perez
damn that hit me in the feels
Rick Harrison Pawn Shop
Man was someone chopping up onions cuz I'm there victim
I hope everyone has a nice christmas!
This is an awesome video Jimmy. Love to you and all your family, much love ❤
The Feels are real...\n😭
when he threw the wrapping paper at the beginning it went off camera and a baby started crying lol. Apart from that funny moment congrats :)
Shane Abbott
congratulations jimmy, I hope it brings you and your family closer than ever, merry christmas
Shelton Films
From a long time viewer, Jimmy I just want to say congrats!
Shit axb
This is touchy and all but you don't need a paper to tell you that's your daughter.
Some Random twat
I bet he's devastated he don't get battlefield 1 ... jks
This is one of the best video's on youtube ! Merry Christmas Jimmy!
Tazer - Exploring the Decayed & Derelict
Oh wow man congrats! That made me cry. So cool tho.
This is better than supply drops.
alright who started cutting onions
Tennek127 Gaming
damn that really brought a tear to my eye. congrats man! have an amazing holiday!
The Genotactic
This is what Christmas is all about
The Wisdom of the Guardian Wolf
Seriously from the bottom of my heart, i wish you and your daughter the best in life.
happy holidays everyone
Tim Buchanan
Merry Christmas! Merry crimbus! Murry crumbus! Murry chrystler! Murry chrumpus
I happy for and I hope the adoption process is great and you will make great content 1 more year in success and Great times with you 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍
Tyler Fricano
So the girl is getting adopted by jimmy?
V vortexX O
This hit me hard! Congrats jimmy, have an amazing life together!
Wildo the Dildo
I usually don't cry but when I do, it's for a good reason.
Yann Viadere
hello guys can you traduct in general the video in french please ?
Good Job
aaron rainey
I definitely didn't cry
So Happy For You Jimmy, I didn't cry but this made my heart so warm and happy. Congrats man.
brom_ elda
that is amazing, shame my father isnt as amazing as you.... have great Christmas man you and your family.
thank you for letting us be a part of your life you really are a blessing not just to ur family and YouTube but to the entire world
can someone explain what happend?
dino buster
Aww thats awesome \nGrats dude
Congrats chaos, I feel really happy for you ;)
ourshare josequiel ledesma
this video is so sweet brought a tear to my eye idc il say it it did
snoop panda
I thought it would be choccy milk
tanyon derrick
#notificationsquad and she is very very pretty I'm happy she has an amazing dad like you
tychon flakes
Sometimes water is thicker than blood! Congrats James!
Today's my bday