Fairy Tail Discussions! Episode #5 - 164-166

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This episode we are joined by Richard, Justin, Natsu the Badass, and Tommy JayTVWe talk about episode 164, 165, 166 :)Link to Fairy Tail reactions Playlist!Add me on skype! :DAdd ArchitectCobra

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Amir .Z.
here my favorite episode coming uppppppppppppp \nIM ALL FIRE UP NOW
i dont mean to be a nazi and to put you down, but olga nanagia is the lightning god slayer(it isnt really mentioned until the end of this arc) sorry if this makes you upset :(
Domo low_lit
hey cobra, I can't watch the newest reaction in drive because it says that the file type isn't supported. anyway to fix that?
Paula Ross
Kagura use gravity change it other than bluenote magic ... other MH girl show this as well in chariot and it's have other uses as well Bluenote magic may be more powerfull but her is more versatile imo.
Scarlet Fairy
I can't wait until Wednesday- I freaking love that episode. It's just. So. EPICCC
Cobra, pisces was shown when fairy tail was in celestial world, you probably didn't pay attention to it.
I want to to join the conversation so bad!!!! Fairy tail is my life
Very mad Villager
nice discussion video like always.
Gah, it still bugs me how you pronounce \
I can't wait till Wednesday, 167 is just amazing all-round
Can't wait for 167 xD
I can't wait for the next few reactions. These are some of my favorites of the entire series!