If it's not blue, it will be. Introducing the 2015/16 Chelsea FC home kit. #BeTheDifference

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Well,I'm gonna miss SAMSUNG. First time I'm gonna admit we have a failed kit this year. The deal is worth it but sheesh.
Yokahoma Tyres???? ahaha too perfect lol they must supply the wheels for the bus ahaha. Also how much did it cost to get the elephant man to do a cameo?
It would look so much better if it just said Yokohoma!
What is that finger print all about?
Adrian Antonin
greatly overdone pathos
Aleksandar Ackovic
Matic-Terminator :D
Better than I expected
Ali Nasir
yeah so what they are trying to say from the advertisement is that we are all tyres for Moronwhoe's bus.... thats sweet
Amrit Bohara
We drop the kits late..coz our kit is better than of others\n#champions\n
An Nguyen
Diego costa thug life XD
loftus cheek farted 0:16 😂😂
looks better with Samsung on it
Bobby Shrestha
noticed something, 2009/10, we won the premier league\u003e next season 2010 we got the red accent collar, Again 2014 we won the premier and we have this... Winning the premier league gives Chelsea the Red Collar??
Awesome kit, last year's looked like training gear tbh
Has anyone seen Tottenhams New kit with the black stripe on it. It's their seatbelt for when they crash in February.
Cian OT
Costa having a good yawn
Clint Lamers
Love it
Connor McChelsea
There were rumours it would either be Turkish Airlines or Yokohama tyres. I was hoping for Turkish airlines instead we got Yokohama tyres \nIt looks awful I will think twice before getting it now and might stick to the kit from last season
Cornelius G
Same design as the past 10 jerseys
Dave Fincher
Looks great after a few fears it wouldn't work
David Marte
They looks so clean and just classy. Love it.
Dee S
it does look sick but i'll be sticking with my samsung one
Don Masai
Yokohama Tyres,perfect sponsors for Blue Bus FC.
El Chaarawy
badass commercial
the kit itself without the sponsoring looks cool, but the yokohama just doesnt fit
Erlend Emdal Garshol
0:21 \nCosta: What you gonna do about it?
Esene cletus done
Nice kit.\nwifh great sponsor
Ferigunawan Feri
Go chelsea go..purwokerto chelsea fan
We're the champions of England...\n...and have \
Frank Goddson
In all honesty, I think people are overreacting saying that this is the worst kit. Us Chelsea fans are blessed to even have this if you compare it to what Adidas is supplying Manchester United this season.
Gustappy Tony
wanna see a return to the old Chelsea symbol and more of the red
Love that Loftus-Cheek is on it
samsung better than yokohama
Imran Mehedi
Isaac David Soveranes Hernandez
Como se llama la cancion que pasa de fondo ?
and can they officially announce kenedy ..... they've said nothing but hes been in pics with a chelsea training kit on
Izzul Azim
I don't think the sponsor looks right so far up the jersey.. Also I'm not a fan of the goalkeeper kit this year.. I don't think sky blue was a suitable colour.. Also i just think it looks ugly
Jack Pearson
Looks proper smart, the coller is interesting if it can button up
Jacob Hoksza
Loftus Cheek in the kit reveal ❤ finaly a chelsea youth to start in the 1st team
James Hart
I ordered my kit today.... love it, and love the video...
Jase Tinkler
Nice promo and love the new style for the shirt. #championsofEngland
Jordan Whitters
DIEGO!!! Such a bad-ass!!
Jorge Carnicero
I have the new t-shirt and for me its very good and with the new kit, we will be the new kings of europe
Julian Małkowski
Amazing Kit!
Even the introductions are under 1 minute, pathetic channel, we deserve more
I love them but they're really bad actors, especially Diego :D
Luke Kinzel
It's very okay
That was BADASS
Mashan Huss
who remembers \
Mengqi Wang
Michael Yo
so funny and weird at same time ... we need bloopers from this shooting they must be laughing so hard can only imagine hazard joking around, you can see smirk on his face always.
Mo I
I tought the kit would look awfull because of the rumours, but it anit that bad even tough last years kit was the best.
Nabil Kamaludeen
Hella sexy
Nathan H
has anyone seen arsenals absolutely DIRRRT away kit hashahaahahhahaha
Nathan Masters
Courtois should've been in this video to show off the GK kit.
Why did u do this to us Samsung looked so good on the cover now it looks like someone put a random postage stamp on it!!
Nicholas Ramli
+lilbigbrow If the bus still moves, it will not. - Yokohama Tyres
Love the kit overall, but liked last season's way more to be honest. Sticking with the lovely home jersey I bought last year for now.
Owen Pinder
Is that a cheeky RLC in the kit launch video? 0:06 Big year for him
RLC in the kit launch video.\nI guess Mourinho wants him pushing for first team football which is good to see
Party Lollipop
Wtf Costa be like \
R1 O
Don't like it
Ryan Veyr
Not bad...
Salman Farizi
Omg costa, did you just wake up recently?
the chelsea store is very slow to access ! the servers must be full aye !
Sharik Shaikh
nice jersy.
Awesome Unveiling! Can't wait for this season to begin! #KTBFFH
Some guy named Mike
There's something just great about seeing Hazard beat the badge, just shows passion for the club, & I love his beard! May we see his magic on the Stamford Bridge turf for years to come
Spaceghost Zero
i like it, but last year campaign for the new kit  was cooler
Stalin David Guerra
I hated but now I've got used to it I actually really like it!
The Little One
Costa looks tired.
Love this shirt, cant wait to get it :) BLUE IS THE COLOUR
Why am I getting goosebumps...
Thierry Ware
oscar looks monged out
Looks really good! I wish I could afford one.
baitan lama
ready to buy....
charlie lampard
I like it, for those of you that don't check out some of the yellow away kits from the 80s/90s. They were really shite.
dimas prasetyo
The player's expression is priceless
fly mike
yes Oscar is still on the squad awesome
Miss Samsung!!! We are a bus we need tyres more than electronics!!
Yokohama is fine, but why \
jose santana
#ChelseaUruguay \u003c3
Love it
khalid 11
The worst kit i've ever seen so disappointed
'yokohama tyres' OH LAWD HERE COMES THE BUS JOKES :(
sagar rimal
Yokohama Looks GOOD in BLUE\n#CFC
the nath
zahaz ahamad
Who would have thought that this would be the last kit made by Adidas????
Ескендір Зұлқар
Мади Шайкен
Хорошая форма
Максим Михайлов
R.I.P. Samsung :(
Ярослав Довбак
Накінець то футбольний автобус біля воріт Челсі матиме нормальні шини,спонсор просто ідеальний.
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