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2007-07-07 Nonito Donaire vs Vic DarchinyanHD HQOdds going into the fight:Darchinyan -700; Donaire +450Over 8.5 -120; under 8.5 +1002007 KO of the year2007 Upset of the year

Sho Vic Darchinyan

Vic what an arrogant MOFO, he said he was never hurt,he never congratulate Donaire after a defeat, but rather ask for a rematch right way..
Вику нужно было быть более осторжным и умным сконцентрированным,ведь соперник попался серьезный и сильный,а он развевал руки по сторонам ,куражился был слишком самоуверенным из-за этого и пострадал,нужно было быть более терпеливым и умным,не давать повод сопернику пользоваться его недостатками и разгельдяйством
Angel Lucifer
Some boxing fans said that Rigondeaux is running and Donaire is the Aggressor. some of the boxing fans are complaining and not satisfied. But look on Donaire vs darchinyan 2. Darchinyan is the aggressor. and Donaire didn't use his Jab. he is just standing and wait to counter left hook. just very predictable. He can't win with that kind of strategies against Rigondeaux.
Aron S
No disrespect to Darchinyan but he is not a very good boxer. Poor defense,careless attacks,only power does not take you longer in boxing. I think it will end up the same way as the first one. 
Be Humble
Epstein, Trella, Abrams and obermayer were blinded by Donaire's speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!38/38????????????
Bea Rose
0w,really he's n0t g0od en0ugh? Why ur hen kiss the fl0or? Lol
They literally bring in a stretcher and he refused to admit he was hurt ahaha
How sweet to taste when an arrogant fighter, hit by a cracking and lightning punch coming from the oppressed!! The taste is incomparable, the taste of defeat is so delicious!!! owww yeahhh!!! 98 percent of the spectator lose in the fight, bcoz they all bet in favor to Darchinyan the CRAB the cousin of Sponge Bob...
Christian Donaire
My uncle is the best, in my opinion.
Christopher Novela
Ang idol ko nonito donaire
David Barseghyan
Darchinyan is the best \nD\nA\nR\nC\nH\nI\nN\nY\nA\nN
Dean Ca-Vander
Punishing an arrogant, thrash talking boxer is worth the ppv cash and worth the excitement.
Dr Manhattan
noone can say anything that was a perfect left hook it was thrown at the right time with the right power within a 4-5 inch range nonito is one of the best super bantams ever it was just unlucky to be in a era where someone special like rigo came along
Dr. Alakbarov
Donaire sent Darchinyan to hell
EL JØrge
Vic darchinyan is very predictable whis his movements
Ego Centric
32:48 he eats his own words, he's such a bad-ass war-freak!
George Goddiess
Thus fight stunned me at the time.  Darchinyan really roughed up Glen in his previous fight and I figured Nonito would be the same.  I didnt see a single significant shot come in for Darchinyan whose a little too open for the left hook and a little too one dimensional with the left but not much with the right.  Speed was a huge factor here.  Not sure what they bring to the table in 2013.  Darchinyan still has heavy hands  but he has to land them
Gwiiwizhenzhish Gchi-Negaw SANDS
TKO ..WTF is up wit dat ...Darchyn GOT KNOCKED the F OUT!!
Herbert Enciso
Nonito Donaire is the best ever and the next MP ...........
Impitch Foty Fibe
Great video!!
Jahnaboi Pa
The fight was not even close from when the bell rang. Nonito clearly outclassed Vic. Vic's nonchalant attitude is what caused him to get knocked out. Vic is clearly disappointed. Hopefully he can grasp reality and take this as a lesson learned.
Jake Lee
Knockout of the year!!! Go Nonito Donaire!
Jave Xtian
Nonaire is not becoming better in boxing. He lost his jabs especially the last two fights.
Jeff Tune-K
One of my favorite knockout victories!! Go Donaire!!
Juan Altejos
Darchinyan is dreaming to win the fight but nonito floor him like alaska king crab
Junrey Tipa
vic you say ur opponent ur going to smash it.... really???????? dnt be so sure!!!!!!!! now you know u are not only the best fighter see what you got u are like\na falling tree hahahahahahha.......dnt be over confident cause it can lost  dirty style fight.......loser!!!!!!!
Just Sayin-Boxing
After the first round it was obvious that the counter left hook would play a pivotal role in the fight vics corner should of told him to glue his right hand to his chin
Donaire's left hook is pure thunder. A true knockout punch. There's not too many of those in the sport. It's a great equalizer for him.
Kent Stark
Dick Varchinian @39:14
Kevin O Sullivan
Pretty lame how sore Vic was at the end. Nonito was telling him how much he respected him and that he was a great fighter and Vic just stares at him and tells him to fight him again, like he was trying to intimidate him.
Lol vics name should be nochinyan
Miss yhis Donaire
Michael Jung
Watching Nonito get beat down by Walters was depressing. He's really lost his way, fallen in love with his right hand power. His footwork and movement has become amateur level. Where the hell has the beautiful counter punching gone? Even when he fought Rigondeaux he looked like shit. Sad to see a fighter who no one knew about or gave a chance get to the top and fall off almost instantly, hubris...
Michizumi Terasawa
that was Manny's song playing when donaire walked in
How did Darchinyan go undefeated prior to this fight? He has no boxing skills at all. His entire game consists of a 3 step,  hop and jump,  followed by a wild left hand that everyone in the building knew was coming. Nobody could figure him out before this?
Murad Mammadov
good job Nonito )
Nancy Villar
ha ha ha, being arrogant and boastful makes you to kissed the floor,poor darchinyan!
Neldivad serye
That was your price arrogant told to your opponent nonito that you will punish him hahaha now what
Nick Hal
Darchinian's Right hand was at waist height throughout the fight. Donaire was landing lefts all fight.
Nonie Clemen
?.....whatever....i just do believe that lightning strikes again at the same place...
Love Bernstein's reaction: \
Orlando Jr Bangayan
Darchinyan say.! What happen..??!! What happen..??!!
Pilas Santillan
there's always a first time and darchinyan learned it the hard way
At least he didn’t act like a sore loser by walking out and never give an post fight interview
Quentin Godot
Darchinyan looks like a crab, moves like a crab and fights like a crab. And when he got hammered and went down, he tried to crawl up and away un-crab-like. jajajaja.
Rafael Veloso
Well said mate respect your fighter always believe in yourself and never give up you are truly world champion well done
Ralfy Bebe
GO BISAYA  : ))  GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn! That was exactly how Pacquiao got KO'd by Marquez! The same exact situation!
Roel Ancog
Still the champ, donaire ko darchinyan the second time around
Ryan G
its funny i dont think i have EVER seen a boxer who doesnt look like a boxer as much as glenn donaire haha
Chingona la pelea
He's just Vic Daryan now. Donaire took away his chin with that punch.
Sheji Sabanal
For the first time pinoy lang ang nagpatumba wow that was a perfect 👌
Susan Pent
I love watching all DONAIRES FIGHTS
Swedish American
Hilarious that they are talking about Darchinyan moving up in weight to get bigger fights. He wasn't worried about that after this fight.
You just gotta LOVE the way Donaire fight...
Vince Duarte
It's like walking into a trap. He wasn't hurt??? Really? I'm laughing so hard right now that i have to take a poop..hahaha
Westbrook America
This reporter Call nonaito name SLFE DO-NAIRE ITS DO-NAI-RE
Wilky Bangayan
Dont under istemate and overpower to pilipino fighter boxer it would be happen ths to you so difficult darchenian.
Yazz Flores
vic was like \
Darchinyan is the Best??... 1st 5th Round KO..2nd fight 9th Round KO again..hahaha Funny...\n\nGo nonito...
*Doesn't pay to be cocky*
Zmer Loro
TGIF :) \
aaron pryor
One of the most devastating knockouts i've ever seen, i thought he killed Darchinyan for a second there :/
anthony palomo
Raging Bully...
Darchinyan is one of my personal favorite boxers. Always action always action, crafty, never run. A throw back. Thanks Vic for all the fights brother.
You know Darchinyan was hurt badly when his trainer ran into the ring at the 5 count to protect and help his fighter.  Props to that trainer.  Too many of them allow their fighters to sustain potentially life threatening beatings before they will intervene.  This guy loves his fighter.  Props to him.
39:15 dic varchiniyan
harold almoite
He already lost to Nonito and he is still talking a lot of crap. Wtf is that. He said he was not hurt by the punch... Maybe he is still sleeping
ike s
the arrogant bully lost all the rounds before getting knocked out hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
jojo nognog
kung makuha styl ni many ni nonito na tumutulong kada manalo cguro mas marami pa sya maipanalong laban.
josef de leon
Galing idol!!!!!!!!!!!
king chadspride
to all darchinyan... go to your mom and drink a milk...
lian gonzalez
sleepy not stamate ....filipino boxer hows feeling when u knock out
louie allen dellosa
mark Buenafe
nonito rock darchinyan again..?LOL
marshal rodriguez
Left hook of the decade. Like a cobra sting. (darchinyan taught us what NOT to do. Poorest offense.). There was a rematch...same result. He did not learn.
Ronda Rousy and Vic Darchinyan should hook up there both sore washed up losers who cant handle a loss there ego cant take it lmaoooooo
Those booing in the crowd during the rounds know nothing about boxing.
my favorites songs manadao
darchinyan is very mayabang. kids hands keeps on opening so the stretcher also is open for himhahaha
raul trejo
Damn nonito i loved how he used to fight he beat good fighters even my mexican countryman he is a warrior and a philipino fighting rooster respect to him and all those philipinos warriors in we mexicans respect and recognize the best warriors
Vic said he was not hurt....lollll
romeo reponte
This guy still talks trash after a terrible knock down...his in his nightmare mode..
suporta tabang
Vic if you’re knockout then your hurt!\n\nJust accept you lose!
LMAO 31:59 Al Bernstein helpfully pointing out that Darchinyan is \
val goozy
the trust darchanyan so much..not knowing that their opponent is power puncher.waiting for a perfect timing
παναγιώτης μαυρόπουλος
oh my gosh look at darchinian's straight left hand how could this ever be more telegraphed??no way\nwhen vic launches the straight left hand everyone knows because he raise his left hand and then throws it its the same technique on the video at the beginning where they were saying the keys to victory for darchinian.nonito watched that guy on tape and he knew exactly how to counter him when he launches was pretty easy for nonito
Арам Манукян
эс бози лакотин Викы реваншум инч э арел?!ов гити?