Kat Nick || The Wedding Date

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I just love this movie. One of my all time favorite romantic comedy. If you haven't seen the movie then it's a must see. The Movie always makes me feel homesick. TJ reminds me so much of my. Kat and Nick Talk on the Bed. When Kat (Debra Messing) invites the near perfect Nick (Dermot Mulroney) to her sisters wedding, she has no idea what awaits her. Watch in HQ!! I just saw The Wedding Date for the first time last week and I loved it. Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney are great together. :) I hope you like it! Leave lots of comments.

Date Nick Wedding

Ana Vilma Rodriguez Arias
Me encanta ésta película
Carlos Ferreira
Great movie
Dana Childs
The last great romantic movie.
Fabiana Simoes
Gostaria que fosse em português obrigado obrigado
Thanks for the video. I love this movie!
Linhh Linhh
4:03 is it a deleted scene? I didn't see it in the movie :((((
Luz María Zacarias Cornelio
Hermoosaa pelicula
Maria Alt
Mariana Romero MASCAREÑO
Hermosa película 😉😉
Great job, thanks!
Odesse Ode
I didn't see this film yet!
Ove Back
Who's song title is it? I love the movie and this song
Susie Lewis
Love this movie
Vanessa Raquel Manrique Guzmán
Dermot Mulroney looks like Hook of Once Upon a Time😥
I hate that Dermot reminds me of someone. lol
Dermot😍😘😰😱😵😜went Gaga for him in this movie!! I have the DVD!
habiba bebo
I love this movie😍
a girls cum face is pretty not retarded looking