Marilyn Manson - Rock is Dead (EMA 1999)

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Manson tocando "Rock is Dead" no MTV Europe Music Awards de 1999.Qualidade ótima.Obrigado ao Thiago pelo vídeo!Marilyn Manson Brasil: Biggest fan-site dedicated to the band and artist Marilyn Manson in Latin America

1999 brasil dead ema is manson marilyn rock

he looks good in a cowboy hat, he shoulda wore it more often... four rusted horses is like the closest he comes to a country song,lol
AJ Carnell
Did someone turn off john 5s distortion?
Marilyn voice has changed because of cocaine, yes. He's getting fat, yes. But that's why he's changing his music, and if you don't like his new music, please, go read the lyrics of \
Adron Scott
@robsena11 drugs. wrecked his voice, he got fat. born villians just going to be another HEOL
Aphelion Eye
So I'm the first comment in 3 years? damn. Sign of the times
Ashly Ellsworth
I wanna pounce on him
Chrissy Hartung
I agree with you! I am a fan of MM for 15 year now and its not gone change. I don't care if he is getting fat or what ever, for me his music is still awesome and he is still good looking and hot/ sexy in my eye's.
manson is pro
Danilo Murillo
El último Rockstar.
Juan Foo19
Watched this live performance when i was 15 years old back in ´99. Awesome performance!
Leonardo Lanza
dope. i miss the '90s
Loba Negra
Manson Stein
1:32 scary :P
Maxwell 131296
cabesi y pene te la dedico (alexis)\r\n
Natalie Smith
At 1:54 the drummer loses his stick
The audio is so wavy and echoes
The Avenue
Black face? NAH! Black body
Zach Campbell
Give a round of applause for the one and only Marilyn Manson with the song rock is dead.
el no
*Bows Down , were not worthy ....were not worthy .....were not worthy
the song of the end
heeey Devon
Here in 2017!
ummm.... please dont yell at me buuutt..... i dont think thats him!! O.o
javier ignacio astoga molina
y esto fue todo amigos
@robsena11 If youre being sarcastic FUCK YOU :)
pressure zone
sure wish the sound was better
hey!! eheh first comment on this video. i deserve a blow job
Freaky and great.