Il Est Né (He is Born) - traditional French Christmas carol

Il Est Né (He is Born) performed by Michael Gettel (Narada Christmas Collection)with images from GoogleMusic - traditional French Christmas carol

Est Il

Allicen Provence
great song sang in christmas concert of course i dont know any french except ballet words lol \r\n
Art Ramirez
Cela me rappelle de mon enfance
Chantrear Moeung
Beautiful songs May God be with you all.Amen
Ellie Murray
nice song 
Emmie Lester
Singing this in chorus!
Moi aussi. Can't remember the years, perhaps you know the specific time period these carols were very popular in our neck of the woods.
Irene Mazis
It's my favourite version and I was afraid I could not upload it as I did so last year.  Maybe an YouTube angel helped me.:-)
Jemima Alt
Beautiful song
Joseph KTuynh
Le Tinh Song
the pictures were very pretty, but I would have liked to have it with the words sung.
Leah Loo
makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!\n
Lori Delia
So beautiful !
Mystical Catnip
So beautiful
Olivia Johnson
I am playing this song as a solo on my clarinet for my church's Christmas play
Ricky M
I used to sing this song in English, unaware this was originally French, and I'm currently in French class.
Robin Vízek
Hello san francisco iam george bush :)
Ron Luton-Brown
Takes me back to my childhood
Singing this in candlelight on Tuesday!
Sandra Medeiros
I grew up listening to this \n
I remember singing this ^-^
Séamó Mac S
Where can I find this wintry scene at 03:15 its i think on a winter wind scene meditation.
Trina Lopez
C'est la plus belle interpretation de cette chanson que j'ai entendu jamais!
Victoria Rose
THE most gorgeous version of this song!
This is my favorite version of this song. I absolutely love it. X3
bunny fish
Merry Christmas Big Old World 2014...Peace to you ALL !!!
don shearer
if you come to my party you wont here anything different than this no matter howmany times you may come
used to sing this back when I was in school in my home country Lebanon. Good memories...
paul fichera
And Americans hate the French? Maybe it's just me, my age and all, but after awhile American Christmas compositions start to sound stale and superficial. There's a purity to a piece like. I have the CD; this my favorite from it.
A beautiful carol depicting the beauty and peace of Christmas. Thank you for making this video, it's very nice!
It is He. The Holy Child. \nThanks, 6th grade music teacher, for teaching us other voices!
This was a huge part of my childhood! Even now as the holiday season approaches, I still listen to it. It's funny, i was cracking jokes with my mom the other day about this song. The lady who sings it on the CD we have has such a.... memorable voice. LOL