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I just removed some Filler sences from Mirai Nikki OVAand make perfect endingSupport Us for More Fun Editing ♦ Comment Maker Playlist : ♦ Twitter : @CommentMakers

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Allye Anderson
I know she's insane but... damn I love this
Alyssaghirlie Paredes
what?! me?! crying?! no.. no.. someone is just.. uh... secretly cutting onions here... 💔\n#letsmakemirainikkiseason2happen 😭
Absolutely perfect ending. Awesome character development, awesome buildup, amazing twist, character redemption, character reward.
Aru Akane
I saw the 1st ending and I was like I CANT ACCEPT THIS\n\nThen this ending was so much better it was acceptable now...It felt like my life is now completed I AM SATISFIED CUZ OUR GIRL YUNO IS REBORN
Asmr Neko
I cry every time
but.... I wanted more.. nuuuuu \nYOU CAN'T END IT HERE :C
right this is crazy...but thanks for the happy ending author live long author!!!!!!
Beep Beep I'm A Sheep
Wait... MURMUR READ THE SAME MANGA FOR 10,000 YEARS!? Oh yeah yay Yuno is back I guess *poor MurMur 😭*Wait... YUKKII CRIED FOR 10,000 YEARS STRAIGHT!?
I was crying when Yuno and Yukkii back together was :')
Bts_j-hope13 Hopelovesyou
This c-can't be the end 😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢 I can't stop crying 😭😢😭😿😭😿😿😭😢😢😭😿😿😭😭😢😭😭😿😿😭😭😢😭😭😿😿
This anime was the best some i ever have see. There is none better Ending. Omg...I CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Moreno
I hate seeing my Yuno cry she put tears in my eye even now as I think about I still cry
Cindy H.
That long of a time and Yuki still can't grow a whisker.
Citrus Wolf
I'm so happy :')
now that's an ending I like *sniffle*
Why can’t your Lie in April have an ending like this 😭😭😭😭
Daniel Justin
wait a minute why in the credit yuno is lonely? i still dont get it she (yuno) supposed to be with yukki (god of space) FOREVER right?
this was much better than the original ending, I'll be able to sleep knowing that he's not eternally lost in the dark abyss with his never ending thoughts of her
Do Clan
3:58 dat pantsu...
Go'damn onions!!! DX DX
happy end :')make me cry
So... What happened? Why there was like 100 of those little girls and how did Yuno came with Yuki? It was like 2 years ago that i finished this anime, still dont know what happened.
Fatima Khan
You can't just NOT love Yuno. It's impossible.
Fuego Malakai
i prefer this ending, the other one is so empty and was a lame ending to an amazing series.
GamerMarshmellow Playz
I want more
This OVA makes the Mirai Nikki ending miles better.
Imma Refrigerator
ItzCosmic - Daily Twitch Livestreams!
When I first saw the first ending, I thought there would be a season 2. But after seeing this 2nd ending I have enough. They are both together and all my of questions are answered within this ending.
Jada Mcmillion
3:56 is so cute!!!
The only charector I liked is the ninth uryuu minene. In the last few episodes with nishijima she was c c c c cu cu cute.
Jeremiah Nunnery
Omg i really thank you for this\nI was so depressed over the real ending and now im not sad anymore you have my graitude
I'm actually getting emotional watching the ending. For the first time ever an anime was able to make me shed tears
Jupita Vennus
So he still loves her after she killed a millions of people, betrayed him, wow love is something
Jyharri Arowdur
One of my favorite endings ever in anime
Kai Tempest
Better story than twilight
Kenji Games
Yuno is now not crazy about yukkii its just now normal couple they gonna live like others no brutality.. The thing that is just different the Yukkii is god and yuno is human but that doesnt matter.. I dont need any other season
Khang Le
hmmmmmm. Not enough killing . DISLIKED \njk jk i love this ending though :3
Kori Stewburrey
me and my friend watched this together.\nwe both cried like hell.\nher mom came in.\nmom:are you guys crying?\nus:no we were just cutting onions.\nmom goes away.\nme and my friends hug each other\nme and my friend:Yuno and Yuki forever!\ncrying tears of joy
LawrenceAron Ferrer
Why am I crying is it because of the anime or I am 15 and I haven't still experience having a girlfriend ???😭😭😭😭
Lila Paez
At first I thought the first ending was the real one and I was kinda depressed for a while but just BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭
Liv Beauty
You know what I'll just forget the real ending and keep thinking that this actually happened an they had a happy ending.
Logical 93
yeah finally a good ending for an anime
M3 Clan
I'll never forget this anime... For as long as I live and I swear that
How is this a happy ending? Both the first and second incarnations of Yuno died and the first incarnation of Yukki died and, sadly and unfortunately, cannot be brought back to life. And everybody else in the first and second world died. I feel sooooooo sorry for Yuno because she always loved Yukki and tried to protect him hoping she'd marry him one day, but her wish was never fulfilled. I'm referring to the original/first incarnation of Yuno. She was my favorite type of girlfriend a guy could have; Yukki was lucky. Ugh, it's so sad and depressing just thinking about her death and Yuno's second incarnation's death. Not to mention the first incarnation of Yukki's death saddens me, too. This anime, Mirai Nikki, was depressing due to the number of deaths of literally everybody. EVERYBODY died. What I mean by everybody are their first/original incarnations died AND second incarnations died. WTH? And Yukki's suffering the pain of sadness and loneliness because ALL of his friends, his beloved girlfriend Yuno and parents are DEAD, and the stupid, useless powers of the so-called \
Mark Cantillas
😭😲😭😢😭 This is more than a Good Ending!!!!!!
Myron Cuenca
I just finished watching the most happiest ending to an amazing Anime that I binged in 2 days, what do I do with my life now?
My most favorite anime. After that is Kimi no na wa.
Nhu Do
Yuno crazy over you, now you crazy over her
Nina Brighton
When Yuno said: Let's go see the stars, I remembered that in the 2nd opening near the end of the lyrics, says: I wanna see the stars with you, over the miracle.
Ninchi Ninchi
best ending ever
However the real Yuno is dead this Yuno is from other world and this is like clone with same memories
But the second and first universes are still dead. And 3rd Yuno only has the memories of 1st Yuno. She's still the same person as that girl he saved from the Yuno he loved all those Millenia ago. Technically you can't restore the same person/bring back the dead, gods do not know all or have many powers, and we still don't know if 3rd Yuno is still insane because of that memory download. How has anything been made better or even remotely been changed?! In the end of the second universe, 1st is god of a desolate universe and his waifu from the 1st universe is dead, 2nd committed suicide after killing hundreds including her original love and family, 3rd died fast because he was a simple tutorial to showcase how the show's game worked, 4th was driven so morally downhill that he tried working with a terrorist to kill two teens, 5th was a 4 year old that died by a stab to the chest, 6th lost her parents and was subsequently raped and murdered, the 7s had a love story but Ai was raped and Marco watched his love die technically all during their wedding, 8th was a nice woman who was only involved and stabbed because her orphans told her to fight before they were massacred, 9th lives on with a different Nishijima from the actual one she originally loved, 10th was a horrible father who could never form a meaningful father-daughter relationship or keep together his marriage, 11th was a genius who invented phones that could tell the future to create an authoritarian, peaceful world but was murdered for it, and 12th was a vigilante who lost his way by calling 6th the dictator of the cult even though she had done nothing that bad. Overall, the world still sucked for the real 2nd iterations.
Pink Fashion
Rainbow Cats Are AWESOME!!
That was beautiful
Rebecca Tandy
Can we all agree that it's okay to hate the first world yuno, feel sorry for the second world yuno and like the third world yuno? Is that okay? Am I allowed to do that?
The power of yanderes cannot be contained by mere dimensions.
Rendra Bayu Murthi
So Yuki2 and yuno3 together become God?
Renegade TV
Rian Glenn Butron
I love this
Rin Yatatsuki
Who else cried happy tears at the end???
One of the best anime ever. . . i didn't know that was gonna happen where yuno accept the 2nd universe memory. Im like THANK GOD THAT WAS I WAS WAITING FOR!! Imagine they EXIST. I would be friends with them 😭😭😭😂
SadDream Killer
Guys I need help!\nTell me where watch The Full Serie\u200b!
Like si ya avias terminado la seria hace mucho pero la quisiste recordar y like si lloraste
Sara Takpar
yay -_- the psycho and the pushover together for ever -_- how she found the place where Yuki was and why murmur was in a cage is not important just them back together matters yay -_-
Sarah Sheikh
I can now die in peace:’) ❤️ favourite anime couple ever 💯❤️
Satoshi AE
Yukki is really good looking when he have a long hair... *Right Guys??* 😉😂👊
Sean Simpson
this is much better
Seif105 !
Why by the sake of God doesn’t Yuno lof the 1st world live with the Yuki of the 2nd world in the 3rd world without killing anyone and they be far away from Yuki and Yuno of 3rd world and let the 2nd world die?????....
Silver Nightray
After so much despair with the anime, thanks to this OVA, this ship is finally Canon, alive, and happy ever after... 😍😄😙
Skull Grunt Erick
season 2 haves to be a thing NOW!!!
Uhhhh finally a good ending
When I finished Mirai Nikki, I cried for 2 days straight
I'm not crying! You're crying! Even the damn ninjas who cut up the onions are crying!
Now thats what i call a happy end :\
Sylver Drawer
3rd dimension's Yuno is soooooo less crazier
The Real Unicorn
Yukki and Yuno Back together.... I'm not crying!! ~T_T~
God damn that ending made me so emotional :( so happy it made me sad
Finally a happy ending.
So Yukki-1 is dead, Yukki 2 is a god and Yukki 3 is happy with a new girlfriend and his parents. Yuno 1 is dead, Yuno 2 is dead and Yuno 3 is with Yukki 2(left her friends and family, just dissappeared from them). Pretty meh.
After years yuno finally met yukki
Wow. Whoever invented this Anime show is a total GENIUS
Yandere Chan
why why did it have to end
Zane Bryant
This is my favorite Anime ending \n\nIt always brings me to tears
I think we can all agree that Yukki needs a haircut
banshee Boy
I liked the darker ending better though..where he never sees her again..and it just ends right there
bobby winicher
good happy way to end the series nice
This show really hits the feels I love it hope they make more like it
Wait, assuming that time is paralel in the three worlds, doesn't that mean that Yukiteru waited an avoidable 10,000 years?
I cried at the ending now I'm crying at this omfg 😭
playlist girl21
this is so beautiful I don't even have to watch the anime.........BTW I almost cried.........😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
Let's say that the old Yuno is gone and will always be since each invidual has its own soul. This Yuno only took the old Yuno's memories so she can be resembled as the old one and continuing the legacy.
sum Gkorng
This anime almost make me cry a few time.but now it make me cry because they back together.
Can someone explain me this...are they together again?In a world?Do they live together?HELP
Глеб Носенко
Yuki and Yuno :\
ღ Stacey Gamer ღ
4:41 and other final ends
I miss our yuno but she is dead😢
카리 사