1 - Sarah, Plain and Tall (Legendado)

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Sinopse: Jacob (Christopher Walker), um viúvo com dois filhos, coloca um anúncio no jornal procurando por uma esposa. Sarah (Glenn Close), uma solteirona do Maine, aceita o desafio e dirige-se à fazenda para ver se pode fazer a diferença na vida daquela família.

Acassia Anicias
Lindo filme.\nMe surpreendi.\nEu aceitaria apenas pelo garotinho. ❤
Adinaldo Mundim
Ailton Alencar
um dos filmes mais lindos da história... adoraria assistir dublado... pois sou ruim de leitura...
Aline Oliveira
é muito bom filmes assim, mostra a pureza do amor.
Ana Welz
Filme lindo, gostei da dica, é americano.
Anabel Cassemiro
Eu gostaria de saber o qu aconteceu com vc Janete Silva? Nunca mais vi nada de suas postagens e nem uma linha escrita por vc.
Angélica Oliveira
A legenda é português de Portugal. O garotinho é um anjo, a menina começa arredia, mas depois melhora, Sarah é inteligente e de bom coração, Jess é uma besta, mas no final tudo termina bem. O filme é uma delícia !
Anita Sousa
Lindo filme
Arinda_ Ph
This little boy is so cute 💖
Ask Me Why
love this I read the book twice its amazing 😁👏
I love this movie every time I watch it - Glenn Close is so beautiful in it and Christopher Walken is fantastic
Tem continuação? :* ;) :) :) \u003c3
Berg Fish
Muchos Gracias 💚👏
Beverly Waits
OMG I CANT Believe I NEVER Watch THIS MOVIE and im finding out it's got 3 parts TO it if im not mistaking!!Could SOMEONE give me a brief ideal EXACTLY What's its about!!.Im Thinking THAT MAYBE IT'S A MOVIE LIKE Liitle house in the big woods!BY Laura Ingalls Wilder!!🤔
Brandi Hough
I love this movie
Brianna Espinoza
I remember we read the book in second grade and once we finished, we saw this movie. This was nearly 20 years ago. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to look this up and Peter Rabbit as well.
oi meus queridos, serie maravilhosa existe outros capitulos da serie sarah. Gostaria de pedir se posivel vcs colocar a serie (a familia waltons) 1974 alguns capitulos, essa serie marcou a minha infancia, e tambem chamada ( os waltons). Deus abençoe vcs
Carlton McCrary
Throughout incredible hurts, we live, sometimes love, yet seldom really love again. I can and wish to, yet finding someone truly is so difficult. Any guidance welcomed, yet please no empty or non-considered trite sayings. Please, either know or don't say. Truly, ill considered not welcome but also your care appreciated.
Carmem de medeiros
Estes filmes sempre bons.
Chastity Wyman
I have loved this movie ever since I was little
Cks57 Youto
Wonderful movie outstanding cast!\nCaleb is such a big part of this movie !
Cris Bispo
Que sonho de postagem!!!!Obrigada❤❤❤❤❤
Daniel Karthak
is Caleb \
David Copperfield-not the magician
I absolutely LOVE this series! It gives good feelings.
Dawn Chestnut
i watched it at school today:) it was so cool p.s. some parts i had cried :} (lahgfs \nim watching it again its a good movie
Debbie Mcclure
This is an amazing movie!!! I never wanted it to end, lol. It could have went on for hours for all I care, lolol. Tyfs God bless you
Dianne Zillmann
what a lovely family movie, I enjoyed the movie alot.
Edilaine Milome
Meninas o final da vontade de chorar...lindo..parabéns pela postagem
Elaine S.
I love this movie. I always come back to watch it when I am sad and feel alone. I lost my boyfriend over 12 years ago, he passed from a heart attack. Today I feel alone and love this movie cause it gives me hope that one day God may bless me with someone and to have a family. it gives me faith and hope. There is always hope. ♥ ♥
Elane Cristina
Lindo demais!!!
Elisa P
Caleb is very cute.. Love this movie.
Elizabeth Araujo
Muito boa essa saga e a Love Comes Softly. Deveria ter mais sagas como estas.
Elke Lange
Thank you so much for this gem. I loved every minute of it. Wonderful story and excellent actors, above all the children.
Emily Noel
Caleb is the most darling little guy.
Ester Samuelsson
Jacob should not seen that he watch he's wife die in front of him the same way when she gave birth to caleb
Expe M.M
amei, filme muito bom!\né difícil ver bons filmes hj em dia, mas esse é encantador!
Gabriela Ataucusi
I would like to know if anyone know how to find this movie in Spanish?\nMe gustaria ver esta pelicula en español y su secuela...alguien sabe, donde?
Glenys T
A beautiful lighthearted movie. Thanks kindly for sharing
God's child
Wonderful little movie!!!\nTHANK YOU !!!
Jane Lee
It's worth watching to the end.
Janete Silva
Em minha pagina do Face dou dicas de filmes e séries de época. Sejam bem vindos! \nhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008661904068
Jhonatan Henrique
Dang Onions
Joyce Agaipo
Julie Rees
Awe loved this good old fashioned movie :)
Kaylee Taylor
La Aung
Love it
Ladreama cook
Really great movie 💓💓... Been feeling down something like this cheers me up .
Laila SH
Sarah looks like julia robert
Laquita Maxwell
Loved this.....
Leticia Quinonez
Everything was very beautiful and real back in those days way much better than today. The racism was the worst thing in those days
Lore Montibeller
Caleb 💕
Loving Life
Love this movie I lost my to a divorce at 50 years old now girls wonder why I'm single do to my looks but I'm shy and old school and lol I don't know how to talk to one anymore because she was the woman I have loved for twenty years and then told me she fell out of love I think she had found someone else because she is so beautiful and I new someone would sweep her away from me come to find out that's what happened but the guy just used her so about the movie I wish I will fall in love again some day. God bless.
Lucimar Reis
Is beautifull movie.💝💝
Marcos Moreno
Not bad
Maria Luciene
Só podia ter filme em português
Maria Silva
lindoo filme..adorei
Marla Hlavac
Melinda Bell
My mother recorded this from tv a long time ago. I remembered how I loved this movie so much. But I didn't remember the movie very well, just how much I loved watching it when I was little. What I did remember most, were the hallmark commercials from the recording lol.
Mikaelly Maia
Amei a trilogia 😍, queria mais episodios.
Naila & Naldi's Fun Fun
Love this movie so much😍👏👏
Naomi T
wonderful, wish mom could have seen this...
Nelson Andrade
SEMPRE amei filmes antigos e romântico sou apaixonado por romantismo.
Nina Nina
Τhank you!!!!!
Omar Essa
ياريت يترجم الفيلم
Patricia Nunez
Love a happy ending.
Robin McIntosh
Out of the three movie sequels , this is the best one.. I love it and watch it often.. To bad Anna and Caleb, the actors only made these three movies..
Rosa Linda 2
Ótimo filme , obrigada !
RyStreem Ryder
i red this in grade 3 LOL i am IN GRADE 3
Que lindo Janeteeeee querida... adorei!!!!!! Bjs
Sandra Oss
I saw this once before but must watch it again. Loved it. Thank You for sharing.
Sashyah Alice Mathews
I remember reading this as a little girl! Brings back so many memories.
Shantili Lace
Back in the Good Ole Days... When Movies were for the Whole Family !!   Great Movie...  Thanks for sharing JANETE
Sylvine B
I love watching this movie
Terencia Gillermo
I cried through this whole movie especial about Caleb..
Terra Cravo
Muito bom!
Vanitha Manogaran
I mean Caleb was the Star !
Vesper Martini
What a gem of a movie.
Vic C
Calab was great! Love this little boy!!❤️
Victoria Jessie
Beautiful movie of love, hope, hand healing.
Your Ego
Everyone’s writing how they love this movie and how they love watching it. I’ve never ever heard of it nor seen it. I’m looking for a movie to love. I recently watch a traumatic one with Glenn Close called Something About Amelia. She was so good you wanted to choke her hahha
dan kus
Wonderful movie, thank you !! Values and integrity
genn santos
i was able to read a synopsis of this story from a children's book and love it eversine most especially the part when sarah cut caleb's hair...its really awesome
She was a very smart lady character in this movie. She knew that she could never take the mother's place or the wife's place, so she welcomed the past wife into the home through remembrances, showing her respect and acknowledging everyone else's love for Katherine (the past mother and wife), then everyone could move on without any resentment or old feelings hanging about.
jennifer Ceasar
Gteat Movie!!!
jovic jovita
Every thing in this movie is good it might bore at the start but trust me it has a nice ending 👍👍👍
jucelene rodrigues
beautiful movie
kc Cox
Great family show, part 2 and 3 are also good. Slowly, they grow into a beautiful family.
khan sajida
what a lovely story and glenn close acting is awesome she lock very nice and beautiful.i like this movie and i watch many time this movie .
khvrylle hailey
its a nice movie watching from philippines ..now 2018 august
Thank you for the upload. I first went to another channel, but they had too many ads
ron henderson
i probably would have cried but for natalie wood's death, and how she died
s basu
Soft & gentle! Love the children