Emil Weber "Valhalla" Meek vs. Rousimar Palhares Full Fight

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Emil Weber "Valhalla" Meek vs heel-hook specialist Welterweight Champion Rousimar Palhares in Venator FC 3Get an awesome "Valhalla" t-shirt right here:

Emil Weber Meek MMA Rousimar Palhares UFC Venator FC 3

Awaken dabeast
I was a fan of Palhares for his exceptional skill but then i kept watching fight after fight he would crank his deadly leg locks even after his opponents would tap out. He is also known to beat his wife, he is not a man. Father time has caught up with him and hopefully he keeps fighting and getting his ass kicked POS.
Ben Churchill
The real life tormund giantsbane
Benjamin Wroldsen
I feel proud of watching this as a norwegian! Not proud for our skiing or chess shit, but witnessing one of our finest vikings in action is amazing! ROCK ON EMIL!!!
Hell yeah ! You rock Emil !
Blaz Laz
Rousimar deserves a mini-coma
Connor Macgregor next?😂
I wanted Palhares to win by ripping off a leg.
Charly Lemega
And that ladies and gentlemen, is called \
Chris Haugan
I like Meek but hes would get eaten alive in the UFC against any top 10 welterweight
Härligt! Hoppas på UFC, fler norder behövs där.
that is what happens when all you can do is grapple, Khabib  is next
DJ Nox
MMA Hour with Ariel brought me here
Dan c
was there a murder on the ring? where did that pool of blood come from.
Derek S
Should have leg locked him while he was KO'd.
Dom Tullipso
Really glad someone knocked him out.
Electromagnet games
This viking has extreme potential.Hes fast,has great height and reach and power.All the things you need.Cant wait to see more of him.
Fevos Man
I wonder what Gracie Breakdown would say about this.\n\nThat sometimes even if you make no mistakes, Jujitsu just isnt enough?\n\nOfcourse not.
Drit bra! UFC neste
Gee VanFersie
well done techno Viking
this guy should be in ufc , be a good contender
He won by an elbow to the back of the head?
Hola Onedrive
Damn that was so satisfying and good to watch!!! thank you, thank you, very much for such a great win over a nasty fighter!!!!
Grattis Meek
Viking power!
Iyam tarole Ingyu
Stoppage was WAY too early. Meek should've been allowed to continue caving in Palhares' face for another 24 minutes
nice, i thought rousma was a big dude for 170 this guy is beastmode
J. T.
Didnt this guy just get released...why is he already fighting somewhere else...he needs to be banned. He's a bad example of mma.
awesome watching a fellow norwegian beat his ass!
What did you guys think? Viking vs some other guy. Rekt
Jenechka B
Awesome! Palhares is one of the dirtiest and most stupid fighters ever and Emil doing well knocking him out.
Ken Meland
How Norway should be! YES!
LCDskjerm inni nakkeputa
Grattis Emil. Helt konge!
Lucian Pheonix
Viking power:) Proudness§,,til Valhall
The vikings sacrificing a pig 2:42
Matt Skylar
How has Emil Meek's debut still hasn't taken place? The guy is dynamic, and has an interesting personality. He is also a hero to not only his country men, but worldwide for having taken out the dirty fighter in Palhares.
Early stoppage. Palhares rules.
Michael Rostine
Viking whoop the s*** out of that f*****
Nate's Chin
Roufusport Paul Harris.
Njaal Solem
Per Kristian
The first view from the side through the fence it looks like most of the blows are to the back of the head and neck but from the other angle in slow motion it looks to me that its only a hammerfist or two that hits the back of the head, and that in my eyes is okey when its in the middel of a flurry while changing potition. (Graphic on my phone sucks so it might be different if I look again on a PC).
Wow, the piece of shit goes straight for the leg lock. Ref stopped the fight too early IMO. Should've allowed his brains to smear the floor.
Regivaldo Coelho
Rob Snel
Finally.....it's about time somebody 'smoked' this piece of shit !!
Sampo Kemppainen
In beforewintsun guys come claiming the elbow trikes as their own takedown defence.
Srdjan Soc 2
Khabib vs McGregor
Steves EndGame
lmfao all those hits were to the back of the head maybe one landed on the side but you can clearly see its the back of his head ahahahah
Palhares complaining for early stoppage? LOL... the ref should've just let him die for his own sake...
Studio Dr. S.
His axe rocks like his punches do. Love you proud vikings!!
The Forms
Not gonna lie, the national pride when the flag came up was real!
Viking power ... knocked that dirty pos out cold !!!!
Thomas Buck
Justice served
Tim Gow
Lukter dessverre juling neste gang. Han er ikke god nok, og psyken?? Han er et brushode. Irriterer meg.
that's illegal elbow,so the fight should've been no contest.
Han burde slåss mot connor, blir sikkert og vinne
Yes Sir!
He was in a hurry to KO that troglodyte before the eye poking started.
Good to see tough vikings. Til Valhalla
alessandro oliveira
blow came in the neck , so no one saw ....
ashley schaeffer
justice is served
Oh that cringy wiking stuff was bad, but ggs anyways:)
Viking power
Haha the brazilian known to hurt people gets whipped like scrambled eggs in a bowl after only 45 seconds of the first round! That is true viking power!
Techno Viking FTW!
well meek is a killier finisher, with dangerous dudes like palhares a swift kill is best, it may not prove much in the long haul of a fight but it sure makes u popular, conors 13 sek ko of aldo made him a superstar,and aldo didnt even get an immidiate rematch when he got kod and if ur gsp who lay and pray for 25 min ur a hero?? I see meek is a flurry guy who go for the kill, dana white likes killers. meek is a big 170 and may reak havoc in welterw, im stokd :D
fahalive yeah
Cotovelada na nuca vale nesse campeonato ? :0
Back of the head shots are legal here,
hermanoo hermanoso
Nydelig. Håper å se han i UFC snart :D
jason johnson
Stopped waaaaaay too early... Meek should've had at least the rest of the round to cave this pricks head in.
kim jurs
Awsoooome!! Kjapp aggressiv knockout. Bra jobba Emil!!
feels good to see him get ko'd
mr tdp
he is a viking, they are very strong builded.
Mektig :)\n\nUFC neste.
ricky w.
palhares holds submissions too long in an attempt to compensate for losses like this
Illegal elbows in the back of the head!
Thanks dude!
Paul woke up, what's the point stopping the fight?
Kill him
Канат Кишкоедов
В России будет ушлёпок Раlhares биться,надо ему окончательно голову отбить