Wii Longplay [036] The House of the Dead 2

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Played by: Spazbo4The House of the Dead 2 is a light gun arcade game with a horror theme and the second game in the The House of the Dead series of video games, developed by Sega for video arcades in 1998 and later ported to the Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows, and also found on the Xbox as an unlockable bonus in The House of the Dead III. The game appears in the compilation The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for Wii. The Dreamcast version became one of the few Sega All Stars titles.

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Aaron AJ Knight
When she can't handle it in bed: \
Adam The Exiled Ninjawolf
does anyone noticed that zombies can drive?
Angelic Dirt
Hod2= The goat
It's gameplay and storyline will make up for its bad voice acting
Drake Ives
How did you get free play?
Elias Yagami
Very good times with this game. This game was my very first Dreamcast game. Fighting against the Magician was even more fun.
Gerardo Rivera
are you playing the game using guns or control
What is the graphic of this game is it Better or not than the original game.
Inko Gamer
Nice gameplay😁
Irai Kozakura
The Loife cycal.
15:37 He looks like Leonardo Dicaprio.
Justin Pino
When my dad was playing this game he got to the first boss and when he figured out the weak point was \nhe said \
Jérôme Pitre Durocher
Probably my favorite light-gun shooter, loved it on my Wii. 
Kevin Allen
I've already taken care of G
Kritikal Krimson
gee blood stains oh and you busted zombies heads
The best THotD
Lord Tullus 9
Do 3 next pls if you have the time and resorces
Marcos Gamer XD
very good WTF
Mark M
Wow. I remember dropping boat loads of quarters on this in the arcades back in the day. Good times.
I can't stand kids dying for some reason, i feel a knot on my throat.
Michael Harris
18:34 Damn, nice shot longplays.
Nazkha Lidsa
6:00 that boss has axe
Damn so much memories playing this on Dreamcast with the light gun on auto fire...Good times...
Nick Bozza
Just noticed there is a face in the sky at the beginning
P Ferreira
Don't you think Goldman is like an evil Smithers from The Simpsons? I keep expecting Goldman to say \
PR0 riotctrl
Since when did Zombies learn to drive?
Phil Echols
Bump the voice acting... how many clips these dudes got?!
Ramon Kart
i beat the game as james im at rank 4
Rawleed Oui
lol flying shrimp boss like in Simpsons
Samaro Yo-Koci
9:21 What happened the woman?
Shawn the Prawn
Whoever did Goldman's voice deserves an oscar!
I remember yesterday I got to the final boss but I got a game over. 😰😭 Sad Gameing memories.......
Steven Dolce
Sega needs to make crossover between The House Of The Dead and Sonic The Hedgehog ASAP.
Stn Sg
Nice how the mixed up parts of Venice and Rome for the scenario :D
The Jolly DJ
Cheesiest voice acting EVER.
Turbo Wheeler/ターボウィーラー
Such a good game but damn, did they even try with the voice acting?
William Abogado
The One With Knives Are The Hardest To Kill Than The One With Axe...
Yasser Z
best voice acting ever.
Aah the nostalgia....that voice acting was really something though.
That voice acting....Cannot facepalm hard enough!!!!
lu low
How accurate is this to the actual arcade game?
piuuu... ziuu....
mike smith
So the emperor will destroy, then hate mankind....shouldn't it be the other way around? I mean can you still h8 on something you just destroyed? I'll ignore that Goldman was pointing to a wall a few seconds before, lol.
Grade A voice acting
anyone find it funny the emperors weakspot is its crotch?
The voice acting in this game will never get old
The Emperor reminds me of Pepsi Man.