How to Graffiti TAGS and Basics

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How to do Graffiti. This graffiti tutorial is focused on basics and roots of graffiti culture and mainly on TAGS.Caligraphy Or Handstyle. ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●My eshop: Instagram : @doketv●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●CONTACT ME:Email : [email protected]●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●SEND ME SOMETHING:Martin HirnerP.O.BOX 1285003, Bratislava 53Slovakia●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●MUSIC

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Like se sei italiano🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
fun fact it started in philadelphia with cornbread
Adam Graff
Hipe 300 000 subs!
Adhesive Dinosaur
those tags were garbage bro haha
Amelyn Tadeo
Show me your ways
Andrea Carboni
Man yeah those were bad bro, I’ve watched so many of your videos that has to be your worse one but thanks for your effort and trying. I have been tagging and working on handstyles for 18 years so it was deff not for me
Anonymous 100110
Im from greece and when i hear graffiti comes for s greek guy who just lives in New York i was happy becuase we have crisis here in greece and graffiti its the most thing you see when you go to a city and every time i was do graffiti i say to myself dont give up becuause the walls needs you!!!Keep the good work!!!
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Nice vid.....😚❤
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fix your english
Aayyy a new series. Good luck with this one Doke \u003c3!
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That title😂🤣😂
Chris Hill
I thought you did good
Christian Pedroza
Damien Daes
Whoever watches this to learn about graffiti should just quit now. U don’t learn about graffiti from YouTube videos u learn from being in graffiti culture and doing it . Don’t listen to any of this toy Street art toy
Danish Sajid
Wow first
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Heyyy doke can I get a heart
Where can i find the Alphabet Book from the Video?
Thank you a lot for beautiful reactions :)
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Nice ! Please like my comment ! Ur so cool , Doke !
Lmao 5:19
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Bro when you post on your instagram that you are going to make a tutorial I just waited on my phone... \nAnw keep up the good work we love you!!!
You should draw Olympic Games graffiti PLEASE
Love from Greece! Keep it up bro 💕🇬🇷
IllegaL Graffiti
Jack Tesla byatch
Love your channel also you should do can reviews and stuff on bombing science.😉😉WOULD LOVE OT IF YOU WOULD!!LIKE IF YOU AGREE!
Jakob Schaller
Yeah! Good tutorial...\nMy only problem is that I don't have a cool name that i can use.😭
I loved it, I definitely want to see more. I'm planning on getting into graffiti and this will help exponentially in giving me a sort of head start.
Javier caldera jimenez
if u need a book to learn how to do graffiti, youre not a wriiter, youre only one more toy!
YEEEEES I have wait for a series like this a very long time now and finnaly you make one thank you :-).
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do can control
Joshua's Graffiti
Great video
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*I really appreciate it! :) You helped me :) Thank you!!*
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love u doke!!
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I can only give 1 like :(( lol
I am from Greece !! : )
cool! wich camera do you use? :)
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REcord more videos like this !!!!
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I really enjoyed the video and I really love this idea for your channel. Keep up the good work
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*Smooth as butter*
Oh my god, doke making graffiti tutorials ! Thanks 👌
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Only 60 views but 120 likes weird
Fresh new cut?😉. Btw great video/ tutorial for the new writers :)
Best tutorial ever!!! Keep it up ☺
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Greek fun here 🙋
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Is it too late for a ❤
R3tr0. mov
I think the next thing you should teach is bombings or throwies. Luv ur vids keep up the good job 👍
I was expecting a good video, I'm sorry to say, this disregards all basic properties of tags, in my opinion gives the entire wrong idea to starters. Hopefully it gets better because this didn't help or impress me at all.
I like Graffiti. I can call it art.\nOne thing that's fucking me is that I live in Japan.\nThere is no legal walls in here.\nIt's a crime!!\nIt sucks. The only legal wall I can paint on is a peace of paper. \nIt's not that bad but I want to experience that graffiti life.
Renny 1
great video helps lots
Resourc OfficialChannel
Your Italian is so Good 😅 ! RESPECT from Italy 🇮🇹
Revi M
How to make a good throwie🔥
Can you have a group wich all use same tag?
Good one! I like the way you explained it, the short historical background, and the way you pointed out your personal assessment about your own quality of your tags. being able to make good tags is the basic for good styles - because it is 100% the same with a piece on the wall, it has to have same same or comparable elements in every letter, and thickness of the letters have the same behavior, like the lines that are made with a marker - I‘m looking forward to your next pieces, and i‘m curious if you will be able to transport this knowledge to your style. 💪🏻💪🏻 doki
Thankss mannn you helped me a lot i Love you soo muchh 😙😙❤❤
I find out where u live and steal u that book
Good vid
Reskewone has some good tutorials. unlike this playschool toy shit
Duuuude, this is so helpful for a toy like me, hopefully i will get better, watching every one of your videos motivated me not only in graffiti but in other stuff too! Hoping to see more tutorials on styles and technics!❤
Vasilios Lambriniadis
fix ur handstyle
Ty jsy Slovák žejk😆😂
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... And a powerfull ass😉
[MS] [BG] MrDionne211
My tag is writing a word and drawing a circle above it
adrian staurseth
As a legal graffiti artist its all about the pieces and colors and shapes, and you are good at that! So keep it up. But your tags is not good, and for a illegal bomber tags, i would say are the most important part of graffiti. Because thats what other writers would see in the streets. + when you have a good tag its easier to understand how to create a nice piece. So for beginners a tip is to start with tags and throwups and then develop your style over time. Start with the simplest style, and make it readable because its all about getting noticed. If nobody can read your tag, then how can you get noticed? And btw dont put in to much extras like arrows, stars, lines and halos, dont put all of them in one tag. Keep it simple in the beggining! And very important for a beginners dont put a crown over your tag, thats for artists who have been in the game for decades. Another tip is to have a nice name, the ideal is 4-6 letters i would say. And final tip, dont be a instagram guy, go out there and look at tags and art in your city and be inspired, and show respect for writers that are better then you.
alain disk
put some more elements more more more because of \
firex xx
Sono italiano
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Doke is teaching toys! Good job
This is so toy
get giki
Doke thanks for this tutorial🤗
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No dude. You can't tag. Stop hahahaha
jAcK WhITe?
DOKE can you do bubble letter alphabet and I love your vids
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Verry edducative 😊
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3:45 what book is that
lucax tshotting
yikes... but im already 3:30 in so ill finish it\nhopefully i dont puke
matteo venturelli
Nice jobs thanks!!!!
mc limi
you said when you started you never practiced tags. im the opposite. i only practice tags and never practiced piecing
sandro klibadze
very useful! would be awesome if you could do tutorial about shading and drawing 3D letters
shahrir rizal
Dope Broo💥 Nice Vid And Tutorial 👍
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I have that same book it's amazing!!
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I have this book also :D....good work
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U want to show me da wae to tags?
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(Me today in morning) I suks in graffiti tags... :( \nIf Doke make a video for tags maybie I will get better! \n(Now) \nI am a.......GOD!