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Go behind the scenes for the new 2018/19 home kit shoot, inside Wembley as Chelsea Ladies win the FA Cup, Willian is presented with a special award, Tunnel cam from Liverpool at Home and more in Chelsea Unseen. Subscribe to Chelsea TV Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on YouTube. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Eden Hazard, David Luiz, Willian, Pedro, Alvaro Morata, Cesc Fabregas & N’golo Kanté. ABOUT CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUBFounded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club are the current Premier League Champions. In its rich history, Chelsea’s many successes include 8 league titles, 7 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba.

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AKR 28
I find it very unique and attractive 💙
Abbas Ahmadi
I like the 2008 and 2009 kit\nThis kit is nothing compare too those kits
Akmal Ramadhani
Hazard stay
Morata looks upset
Andrew Hart
I want Morata and Hazard to stay at the club pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!.....Im a 36 year old American begging pllllllllllllease....!!!! I believe in both of their futures at the club!
Anuar Cárdenas
Adidas, I miss you!! At least this wasn't like Atletico´s 17-18 jersey, probably the worst design I've ever seen in decades...
Ari Irham
This is family not a team
Arthur Bull
We deserve to be the laughing stock this season anyway after the previous one ,,, look at them Chelsea girl losers in their embarrassing tops ,,, probably why Conte got the boot
Aslam Bakar
the new kit for us its fabulous hopefully thats the kit we wear when challenging for the league title right people
i swear hazard is just too funny.
transfer mistake happen this season. But the good the bad and ugly we stay and fight another day. Blues till we die.
Bluee Monkey
We need fast players on the wings like Leon Bailey, Martial and promote Odoi from our team. we need also Belotti to swap with useless Morata and bring back our lion Kurt Zouma then we r ready for next season. the most important thing is we must get ATTACK MINDED manager, since we have quality attack players.
This is a perfect jersey expect for the nasty shit going on in the collar area. Why wouldn't they just make it a plain rounded collar instead of that bull shit.
Clifford Agyekum
OMG i love kirby!
Clinton Destiny
Chelsea is the best team in the world
Craig O neill
Not a great jersey
Garbage kit. Bring back adidas already.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
It's pretty hilarious that Danny Drinkwater got like 1/2 a second of on screen time
Draco The Lord
When I see Hazard, I instantly become happy.
Eduardo J Navarrete
I do like these shirts tbh imo they’re better than last years. They have a lil bit more uniqueness but I do miss adidas
Ellen Ward
Hopefully Willian will stay with Chelsea and Conte leave in the summer 😊 👌
F1 FrieSZ
Mann, chelsea new 2018/19 kit look weird....but i do like it..
Football Hub
The Adidas Jersey's were better no doubt.
We could be playing in Pink for all i care. \nJust keep Hazard, get Sarri, Seri, and Martial and the PL title will be ours again
Why even bother taking pictures of Cahill, Drinkwater and Zappacosta, all 3 are hopefully gone in the summer anyways along with a couple others
FulaNgenge P USA isn’t selling all the gears. Last season’s jackets and pants weren’t on the website 💆🏻\u200d♂️
Arsenal male team like the female team😂😂😂...full of gabbage players
Galiamh Reghdaddin
Just can not believe the new kit !! It has the ability to look more and more awful every time its aired it’s awful design and red and white lines it’s shape is baggy no traditional stripe on the shorts awful red white and blue tops to the stockings altogether it’s one of the worst since the wrong blue white under arm auto glass disaster shirt !!!!!
How didn’t hazard won any Chelsea award?\n And Willian still won it?\n\n\n\nMost goals: Hazard\nMost assists: Hazard\nMost dribbles:Hazard\nMost chances created: Hazard\nMost key passes: Hazard \nMost shots: Hazard\nMost MOTM: Hazard
wtf did eden say at the end? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Henri Hilario
So Aluko still lives!! Haven't heard or seen of her in a while, all the attention switched to Fran Kirby an
Henry Webb
willian's had a great season, but kante should have won it; doesnt have a bad game and has played almost double the amount of time
Chelsea women’s team win almost every final😂
Itzfreeboy lucky
Conte out
James B
CAN PEOPLE STOP PRETENDING THIS CLUB HAS UNLIMITED MONEY, THIS ISN’T CAREER MODE. Selling Morata would be stupid, he’s our record signing and while he’s been pretty poor, giving up on him would be just plain dumb. Our priority needs to be keeping Hazard and Willian, 2 of the best attacking players in the world. I wouldn’t be too upset to see Pedro leave, he scores some great goals but really hasn’t offered too much this season. In terms of a replacement, Hudson-Odoi’s our best bet. Martial while he may be young is in my opinion lazy, slow and overrated, and as for Bailey, has played well in the Bundesliga but not sure how things would fare in the Prem. If you’re choosing one of them, it’s Bailey for sure. As for Conte, if he wants to stay, he should, if he wants to leave, let him leave. Nothing worse than a manager who isn’t focussed on the job, and we should be appreciative of what he’s given us, turning an inexperienced side who finished 10th into PL champions and FA cup finalists is something special. Sorry for the lecture, but some fans are so delusional.
Jay C
Nike and/or Chelsea FC are mocking Chelsea fans with this kit. Looks like the carpet of an old snooker hall....
John Terry
Hazard please please please please please please please stay
Katrina Akoijam
I feel sorry that some of them will not get to wear this jersey next season...
Kingsley Ikenna
Kiệt Chelsea
Kshitiz Karki
I'm just happy Hazard will stay!
adidas is better !
The ladies have done it now it's time for the mens
Maitreyo Das
Willian was great to be honest...but football is not all about scoring goals...the winner should have been Cesar Azpilicueta
Matt gg
Like the shirt but way to much footage from womens football. Straight boring.
Mejestic Hero
Hazard please stay
Why morata is in there? Send him to juve or wherever fking he wants!
Mohd Junaid
Eden is funny
Muan Valte
Looks like ordinary T-shrts, no creativity at all, bring back Adidas 😤
Muhammad Rheza
I hope liverpool lose against Brighton,and Chelsea win again New castle
NeroJames ZK
Same shirt just with red and white lines , wheres the \
Nguyen Khang
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTOIS!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
NinjaCreeperPro XD
Hazard stay
Octo Burn
Adidas was much better😑😉
Omitax Michael
Terrible jersey from Nike! The jersey neck should have been would be nice with that. Missing Adidas already!
OngKJ 11
OMG, those women run more than Bakayoko in a match😂
Adidas were far more creative
Sam Will
please make barkley play for once, let him play at cesc position's as atacking midfield .
Sange Sherpa
Hope Hazard stays at Chelsea next season and Morata improves and comes stronger
Savya Kafle
i came up with a chant for Kepa Arrizabalaga what do you guys think? its in the tune of Hakuna Matata from Lion king-\nArri-za-balaga\nwhat a wonderful save\narri-za-balaga\nhe is here to stay,\nno need to worry\nfor the rest of the game\nhes our promblem-free prodigy\nArri-za-balaga
Chelsea's new kit literally sums up how far we have fallen as a club, its revolting.
Sean Son
That stripe... horrible. Bring back adidas. Willian so cute.
Shamil Rasheed
I don't think so hazard will stay. With direction our club is going. Roman need to spend huge. Like what city done this season. After that we can manage our accounts
Snehal Nayan
Haha,couldn't even recognize Drinkwater with that hairstyle
What is it with everyone calling this shirt a 'jersey.' ITS A FOOTBALL SHIRT MATE.\n\nA rough looking one at that
Tempyy _
Like if we should go back to adidas...
Teo Orton
Chelsea will play with this shirt at europea league
The Human Lion
Chelsea have one of the best kits (United fan) .
Uma Maheswar
For me hazard is the coolest player as well as one of the hottest looking player in the team.
Goalkeeper kit looks fresh af
Vd•Putra 27
Ngolo Kante Is the best
5:25 that handshake. 😂
its not that bad, but adidas did something new and unique everyyear eventho sometimes it looks stupid like the 09/10 one lol, well hope it bring us luck for next season.
Yosep Ryan Agusta
i like this season's jersey.. it's just straight up blue.. well it seems like i'm gonna miss it anyway
al haz
We hope chelsea can win english premier league next year...always chelsea in my heart..💖 from Malaysia
azhar muhammad
why the short color different with the shirt?!
blu3 cuber
collar is too big
If only we could bring Bachman from the ladies team into the Men's first team, cos she knows where the goal is better than Morata
Hazard the GOAT
jose's leather jacket
I might need to get used to this a bit
ken dar
i was hoping that Drinkwater would never wear that shirt
mohamed munasar
I like hazard's talk
napstar da ghettokid
Everytime I buys my Chelsea jersey it's either Man U fans or Liverpool fans, they always gets rid of it #thieves 😢😢😢😢.... I'm now afraid to buy this new sweet kit...\n#ChelsealTillWeDie #KeepTheBlueFlagFlyingHigh #PrideOfLondon #ChelseaIsBae #enoughhashtags
oscar johnson
David Luiz is here 😊
romuald sol loza
hazard plz dont leave to real madrid and stay we need u with pedro giroud willian and antoine conte and the team needs u
satria 84
hazard-willian stay.....
saujanya gondhale
The most shitty kit ever, looks like it's made in MS Paint. Chelsea haters in Nike?
Prob the worst design shirts I have seen in a long time who thought of this shit?
Hazard funny
Юрик Авдеенко
Кирби няшка
الزبير العامري
At least it's diffrent. Unlike our system.