(OFFICIAL) New Football Kits 2018 - 2019 Released ⚽ Part 2 ⚽ Juventus, PSG, Chelsea, Roma

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Ali Boran Kayhan Futbol kanalı
Türkler buradamı
Amaro Tomas Cepeda Pacheco
AmazePixel 73
Where is barcelona?!
Anand Dharua
Super jarce
Aqmal aliff980
Psg though !
Archie Sonic Z
music ?
Arda Balıkesir10
Please Turkish Super league kits part 3
Arfa CH
Asset Mélissa
Ayew Sure
Don't even know who half these teams are
Whats with the crap music man lol, my ears are dying
Barghout Mohammed Rayyan
Bogdan Dumitrel State
Who cares about Plymouth Argile
Cristiano Ronaldo7
Best Cengiz under 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷For roma!!
David Nistor
who else skipped to the banging
Leicester to adidas
Denny Wedel
seriously who cares about the sucking clubs like gouangsou or something. But otherwise nice video.
Deviano Di Rosa
Il PSG ha messo lo stesso kit di questo anno del Barcellona per levare la mancanza a Neymar
Diego Da Rosa
Ekpe Udoh
Where is turkis football kits
Emmanuel Odebode
Chelsea kit is the best😄
Evan Choi
red strips on chelsea kit?
Flavia Figueiredo
primeiro a dar like e compartilhar
Frost Sniper
this song make me dislike
GamePlay channel
Manolas best 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬💪👍🏻🇷
Goerge Kennedy
Hussam Ziad
so many irrelevant clubs...
Lol PSG stole that kit from Barcelona....
Jan Kreator
Kurva,to ja ale prijebaná hudba.
Jason Todd
Y te preguntas porque no tienes suscripciótores
Jonas Schneider
Lyon home
Krisna Satrya
Nice content 😂👍
LTimothy Szkolnik
Lazuardy 17
I'm a chelsea fan and i hate that kit
Lukman Hakim3787
what the hell chinese league doing in this video
Mantis Toboggan
I don’t know how I feel about that new Chelsea kit
Martin Felix
Nice one bro
María Nieves Gutiérrez
awesome bro
Meecgam3r 05
Michael Ahern
Who wants to see Chinese kits ffs,
Milos Games
Great video
Morola Fela durotoye
tell me which ones the best below
Inter Milan ⚫️🔵🏆🏆🏆
Opa Yni
Owen Loxton
Juventus my team
Rick Lindeboom
I have that juventus tenue
Rozz Rodriguez
Too many \
Samet Bekyigit
Nice Video
Simone Spinedi
Cengiz Under
Spurs 15
Tottenham ?? No stay ??
Supattrnee Ct38
Liverpool noob
Taylor Darr
Why is almost everything 🇨🇳 chiba
Teca Barbosa
The Fourth Chairman
this perhaps the 1st time I see the chevrolet logo looks so good in any manchester united jersey
Umut Kavak
Do Turkish kits
Juventus is thr best
Veniplay Xd
Victoria Peneva
Forza Juve ❤👑
Belgian pro league kits
Wota Detected
where is borneo fc?
Nike's originality is a sight to behold.
Music someone please tell me
Zvonx5 XD
Mufc have pink away and half red half black home
andres g conrey
lionel messiggican
Great vid 👍👍🤙
the gaming squad
Idc about Chinese team kits......
vay kent wi raş bi
Cengoo 🇹🇷
исак Андорени башни
Plymouth Argyle, Roma and Aberdeen ♥️
ליאור ברוך
عبد الله
PSG / Lyon Away / Man utd 3rd kit\nNice video and kit's