The Graffiti Godfathers of Miami

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VICE meets members of the Miami Style Gods (MSG), a graffiti crew based in Miami, and follows them on a night of “bombing” — leaving their tags on highway signs, walls, garage doors, bridges, and more. Crews like MSG are prolific, and go out of their way to tag as many locations, as many times as possible, no matter what the cost. But with the rise of social media and the gentrification of now art districts like Wynwood, where graffiti is essentially permitted, we are now seeing corporate appropriation of this underground subculture that corporate America once looked down upon that is now changing the graffiti world for good or bad. WATCH NEXT: Inside Miami's Luxury Car Hustle: Fake it 'Til You Make It --

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Aaron K
Everyone bitching about the money spend on graffiti 😂😂 really!?!? \n\nOur government spends nearly 1 trillion a year on murdering civilians halfway around the world, and your worried about some graffiti ? Bahaha. Cognitive disconnect at its finest. \n\nAlso, Graffiti writers are veterans, teachers, business owners, artists, graphic designers, firefighters etc.... you would be quite surprised the individuals who do this in their spare time. \n\nIt’s the best hobby on earth. No Adrenalin rush compares, except maybe going to war.\n\nAs a ARMY veteran and a 20 year graffiti writer I can speak from experience.
Adam Diaz
Ali A
2:04 i never knew people still play xbox 360 anymore.
12:10 the way the skull mouth on his bandana closes is hilarious.
BIG TruckerB
Finally a politic free great vice video! I miss these. No more SJW BS just good ol fashion VICE
So why is Crome showing his face in this? Won't the cops just lock him up again?
Benaiah Uchiha-Senju
When i lives at miami, before i lost my home to hurricane wilma, someone tagged my home overnight. It was the wall outside of my kitchen. When my neighbor had told me in the morning, i went to check it out. I was angered as soon as i was told, but once i saw it, the anger left because i saw a masterpiece. It was a beach view with a sunset and all the rays said \
Benjamin Mairs
I'm sorry to here about your stage of cancer Eson. Keep fighting!
Brian William
Guy flexing like he’s got money and then card gets declined trying to buy a damn soda! 😂
Bryon Letterman
Finally, Vice is getting back to covering sketchy and illegal shit
They are basically professional assholes
Taggers packing heat now wtf lol
Wow, and I just had to do an essay in school about ways to stop vandalismin
Christopher S-F
I remember back in the day, i used tag my name up on every wall i could see! No place was Safe!! But then i grew up turned 4 years old.
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More like, the criminals of Miami
Danny Wood
It's costing legit businesses in the area money and making everything look awful. This will turn away tourists too so everyone is losing
Should consider doing one of these doco's in Melbourne where u can see real bombing
Double D
It's funny, they don't do it at their property, but think it's ok to do it at someone else's property lol
Doug Delegorburu
I was in aresal can masters, ACM, and Night Time Artists, NTA, in miami, never caught, lol no one knows me
Eggy Benedict
Imagine looking for your exit but you can’t find it because someone covered the sign in graffiti 😂😤
Endless Ambition
I think \
Comments on social media are the new graffiti, yo.
Face Meat
1000% more of this. 1000% less vapid social media faux celebrity garbage.
Dude I’ve seen their graffiti all over Miami! 😂
Felipe Acosta
Why?Why should graffiti be about drugs, guns, violence, etc.? Why can't it just be about showing your style to people, to the city, as it appears in STYLE WARS? It's cool that they keep it real but it shouldn't be the way they show it
Fortnite Clips now I get subs
They should arrest all of them vice does not care about all of this b s
Fred D'Allaird
This is what Vice used to be. Documenting things and people others don’t or won’t. Agree or not. More of this.
G Helldorfer
If this is art, then so is breaking windows, throwing trash everywhere, and burning down buildings. Retards.
General Sherman
Listen dudes.. graffiti is counter-culture pure and simple. You can't get the \
Vice is interviewing criminals... Interesting...
Guillermo Sanchez
all them years doing graffiti, you expect for them to get sick af!!1 but man they TOY AF!! lol
This is the good old Vice I subscribed for, I had almost forgot about your videos until I instantly had to click this one
If I was a cop. This channel is a place to look at.
Hntr Shoots
I grew up seeking out new Crook and Crome, even Dose bombs! This was long overdue. Thank you Vice! These guys were absolutely EVERYWHERE! Heavens for days.
Hooded FPV
not even graffiti. bunch of lame middle-aged guys who are proud that they can write their own name
Italo santos
I do tagging, but i tag just abandoned buildings, old ones & shops. I don’t tag anyone’s house, you can think im crazy but i think it’s wrong tagging someone house. I prefer to tag rich shops, or someone business that can pay to paint again, I don’t tag a place where i can see that the owner can’t pay to paint. (Tagger from Brazil)
I have a friend he does this only difference he doesn’t do it where people live or where buildings are privately owned and he doesn’t write his name he actually paints something. He does it because he wants people to be able to see his art and take a minute to just look at all the detail he doesn’t do it for a profit or to make a statement he does it because he genuinely likes art and showing others. This video painted such a bad picture on people that do this type of thing...... I showed my friend this video and he was so disgusted by the way these guys were speaking....
Toy af, I work for the railroad and I see lots of masterpieces which I appreciate
Jackson SHANG
4:00 \
James Mcleod
whats the point??
James Morris
My man has stage 4 and still out bombing...eson is my hero!
Jay U
Damn...CROOK and CROME were legends growing up. I remember when they did an entire underpass once dressed up like hired painters. Fooled the cops who came by and questioned them and everything. Crazy.
Joey Bantu
ok, so they showed crome's face on the line up but still went ahead and blurred his face? lol
Jose Casas
I Remember CHAKA!🔋\nFrom L.A. !!!!
Junior Gonzalez
LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK are the two king cities of graffiti enough said 💯😎
Kaizen Mckenzie
There are some great Graffiti these guys are not close just damaging highway signs and other people's property.\n\n The cost of power washing a small building like a storage unit with graffiti cost close to $3000 that's the average off google. \n\nThere causing the people a lot of money to clean that up when that money could be used to help schools, hospitals or homelessness.\n\nDone some research these guys are in there mid 40's and over.\n\nDid some more research they've caused more then $25.000 of damage to people's property or businesses when they first were caught.\n\nBanky's a real artist these bums are criminals at least make your art stand for something.
Laura Oliveraz
I can't draw worth crap or paint but when I see graffiti I love it it's awesome especially on trains that are my favorite to see my city on cuz you know it's not affecting anyone people are seeing Art and it's not really that bad
Lauren Ganze
Leona Sweeet
This is what pulled me into watching VICE in the first place, glad to see more back to the basics videos. 2019 is coming up fast, take this chance to get everyone back on track and mark my words you will see more viewers tuning in! Stay real.
This is hard to watch. These guys are complete fools
Lost TV
Louis Cypher
That's not graffiti. They're just middle-aged taggers.
Luis Ortiz
These the type of people that would draw on your paper in class
MegatronLP 700
How does he have a legal gun yet sell all those drugs
As a penalty for a vandalism those idiots should be forced to lick those smears off.
Momentum For Gaming
Finna graffiti their boring ass houses
PDG Stud Muffin
Florida is just one big GTA V server
Proper Sami
Homie at the beginning is trying a little too hard.
Rafa _?
Is eson gonna die if he has stage 4 cancer
Saying \
Raylene De Alba
How are they posting this on YT but these people are not getting arrested 🤷🏻\u200d♀️
Holy shit when he sayed he has stage 4 cancer i felt so bad
Sebastian Meyer
Do more of this for different cities like San Francisco or Chicago
Sharrieff Vincent
People forget WynHOOD is just a rebuilt part of Overtown.
Spoder Man
Middle Aged amateur taggers
Steve Lion
I hate people who know they are a problem to society and get hostile when confronted about it
Tahiba Krdkskskak
Those 1.5k dislikes are from cops
That one buster
They swear they hard..... nah y’all just have a kink for panting walls🤷🏽\u200d♂️
TheReal Dre
I thought the MSG Crew started in Chinese food...
Thomas Persson
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Tim Gadient
this is a damn good little doc. slick footage, great soundbites. i hope eson holds on
Unlucky Bastard
These people prove anyone can be a bum
Wall-E 4 L1F3
Shoutout to all the taggers and tagging crews that are still active 😎😎😎Get up and bomb your city
Wings Unfurl
I love seeing graffiti on train cars.. good show as it passes by, and the name gets traveled all over the country... but on a street sign, you gonna make me miss my turn.
Wytse Dijkstra
Lol this man is prepared to shoot someone over some spraypaint on a wall
Yan Thériault
Finally some good old trash Vice. Less snowflaky stuff... More of that!!! The music... the editing... felt like Vice 2013!!
Zahir Millard
these type of people were the kids in school that always pee on the seat.
Great video..more like this, Vice.
adam glover
wow....they way the dude defined it 20 seconds in was so honest it made me want to watch the rest of the doc...I've always had the same thoughts on graffiti...Though it does take some skill to do, I don't consider it art. It's cool to see one of the \
I'm really surprised at how many squares are in this comment section. \
I think that what they are doing makes the world more colorful
I like graffiti *art* , people writing their names on shit just to vandalize is a waste of a blank canvas...
bruhhhh one of the guys in this video pierced my nose last week oh bruhhhhhh what is this bruhhhhhhhhhh
gabe denver
everyone saying that this isn't art, please define art? if they got paid? if they had a certain amount of skill? if they had permission? would these things then define it as a form of art work?\n\nor maybe the fact that theyre expressing themselves, with or without permission? the art is in the act when it comes to tagging. the simple fact of doing it, communicating to the world around you simply in the style, amount and location that you apply your tag in. who gives a shit if you like it or not. its not for you to like. but you put anything in a public environment and people have the right to have an opinion on it. it is art in its purest and oldest form.
Chrome! I used to see his pieces painted absolutely HUGE in super high-traffic areas of Miami, right off of I-95 in the mid 90s. Crazy that he's still around.
hoodcollector aka BIG HOOD
2 the man with stage 4 cancer stay strong dont forget to breathe and when everything starts to close in think positive thoughts even if just thinking the words positive thoughts in your head over and over can be beat take it from a stage 4 cancer survivor
this is so sick
I'm all for trains, tunnels, underpasses, etc...Style Wars, all that... but small businesses, homes and highway signs that ppl rely on is something I can't respect.
joseph rasmussen
These are the most ignorant, close-minded people ever jeez
So let me get this straight, they would rather vandalize someone's property instead of charging someone money to paint there wall? Damn, broke People love staying broke for the sake of street cred...
Cool shit vice, can't believe i'm saying that in 2018
a decent 2018 vice video?!?!
misha 2.0
Why doesnt he vandalize his tattoo parlor windows and doors with his spray paint?
Anyone growing up doing graffiti in Miami knows how legendary crook and crome are
Hey how about I get a can of paint and spray it all over your house,,,???,,how would you feel about that,,???
sis jej
i watch this everyday , all day .
There’s a lot of graf bombers everywhere. This isn’t the last.
someone should find out these degenerates homes and spraypaint shit all over it