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Il video della canzone: Ravenous Medicine

Medicine Ravenous

67 cuda
I forget about voivod !? So many shows, so many bands, so many years, lol !!!?
A Olson
It looks like they spent about $10 on this video.
Superb. Another band i never took seriously back in the day, coz Kerrang reported that they did Venom covers. This is great. Really proggy.
Alan Bowers
Great band
Amilcar Valença
Impossibel to define voivod...like
Anton Crust
Grandes Voivod, su primera epoca era la que me gustaba, mas cañera. Piggy rules¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Brad Redundant
Im loving the Mick Jagger thing the singer has going on 😂
Brimstone Fist
Piggy was a genius guitarist and should be regarded alongside Randy Rhoads and anybody else considered an innovator in rock/metal.  I am always freaked out by the sounds that guy could get out of a guitar.
Killing Technology and Rust In Peace are my two favorite thrash albums. Cant get enough.
Charlie Wesley
101 people are going to the science hospital!
D 1974
Darren Zwengel
Man...this album is genius. Remember when this dropped, picked it up at the mall on cassette, back to my friend's house playing Madden on Sega genesis, put this on and our minds were blown. Still sounds amazing.
One of my favorite bands but this video firmly falls into the so bad it's good category. I do like Away's drawings tho.
Dead Babies in Vomit 432hrtz
animal liberation!!!!!allways loved voi vod
Dene Seal
Can anyone deny that Voivod are one of the pioneers of mathcore?  Their thrashing\nmetal riffs, sudden tempo changes and off-kilter chording are the foundation that\nmany other bands have built on (Dillinger Escape Plan anyone?).
Been a long time since I heard this... I almost forgot how fucking awesome Killing Technology is.
Dimiter Angelicheff
Pablo Picasso in hard music,love this band from my childhood
0:52 they predicted fallout armors
Emily Beck
Thinking of Harlekin in Quebec City...
Empire Goodness
LISTEN TO TARGET EARTH (2013)... it might be VOIVOD's BEST ALBUM overall (except worst art ever, figures)... \n\nFor me, the only Voivod that mattered was SOME of Killing Technology thru Nothingface. (I don't even like when they cover PFloyd.) \n\nI THOUGHT THE BAND WAS OVER with Piggy's death... but I must say the new guy is even BETTER than Piggy! \n\n(Fewer 2nd-rate riffs etc.)
Fati Espejel
1:15 \nOne of the best riffs i ever heard
Ah, i love how hospitals conveniently label their AIDS syringes.
Fred G
Gottes Hass
Uiii, now I am 43 years old and I have completely forgotten that I even had this band as a vinyl from the 80s in the closet. Yeah, one of the first to ever thrash metal have heard and to this day after 30 years is still diligent collector, so I have some of what you would press the tears in the eyes in the case. Over 30 years of collecting and listening to hardworking Metal. Pretty Something's coming together of knowledge.
Awesome clip is awesome xD
He kind of looks like Dave Mustaine and Woody Harrelsons love child.
I like this video thras-speed metal
Ja i Muzyka
Snake - funniest frontman ever!
Javier Castrejon
Is there an instrumental of this song
Jevf Kon
R.I.P Piggy #1!!
Jim Garrison
Animal testing is awesome. Millions benefit from stupid animals.
Joe Miller
Watch out, guys, they might take you to the science hospital.
John Appleseed
This video is better than I remembered, it's quite humourous at the same time as attempting to bring the wonderful world of the Voivod to life!
Kain Nosgoth
Voivod has always been a remarkable band...their songs of a bleak and distant world ruled by cold hard technology in the face of man's fall from supremacy have always been oddly fascinating. These guys are pure sci-fi fancy with a not-so-subtle hint of the truth that we are slowly becoming machines and that no one is safe from the transformation. Do not be afraid of the unknown, embrace it...
Kat Øhliɳ
This video is as weird as I'd hoped it'd be :')
Katy O'Malley
Kerry Biawo
This is probably my favorite music video of all time n
Lapsiquis arcaica
Voivod rule
Loose Cannon Pillman
they was good thrash band, but then became progressive band, I think they need to do more thrash
Luc Gaudreault
bonne toune
Away is a bad ads Artist..
MIkey Crashcap
I can't believe they were still struggling at this point in their careers. Still broke. Still living in one apartment. Rehearsing every night. Voivod is truly a self-made band, who never gave up. This was the beginning of great things to come for them. Killing Technology, for me, is THE Voivod album of all time. But it would be Dimension Hatross that really got them noticed before their biggest success, with Nothingface. I was very sad when Piggy died, but very glad when Blacky rejoined, replacing Jason Newssted.
Manny Spermsworth
i never knew skrillex was in a metal band!!! SWOON!! LOVE!!! LOL!!! CRY!!!
Marc Bolan
contando los dìas para verlos en mèxico por fin
Marco A. Gomes Jr. [juniorain]
Massimo Ricciardi
I used to live 24km away from them.
Mr. Schneider
So bad its GREAT.  Thank you sir for posting this video.
the good ol' canadian french accent gives it that extra flair. YOR GOING TO DA SCIENCE OSPITAL
Necroblade T.V.
I didn't know Skrillex played in Voivod
Noelia Fariña
intrumental, sonido, lo tiene evrisin veri nais band. : )
Not Sure
The metal version of Captain Beefheart
Paul T Sjordal
Nothing else sounds like Voivod. Nothing.
Pia Nyström
This band was musical inspiration and provocation combined. I sure learned a lot. This is music that I will never be bored with. I feel love when I listen to this song.
Randy Jones
Voivod is the coolest metal band ever !
Robin Pelletier
Moi!!!je suis un enfant de VOIDVOd jonquiere le BERSO des plus fous BLACK y tu m'a fait rêver quand on fabricais très ton 6pouce de clous partout sur tes grgrands bras je t'aime mon IDOLE
Roger Miller
This was a great era of Thrash and Punk. Where did all the years go? Seems like just yesterday.
Rudy Dorough
Omg love this album \nOmg...this was the music video!?
Aways' art deserves so much more attention.\nBlacky sounds awesome btw...
Samith Mordraus
One of the coolest videos ever
I didn't know Woody Harrelson sang for Voivod
Shane Young
This is RUSH's evil brother.
Sir Scavenger
2:15, his face is priceless.
Sofisticator thrash Ita
Fuck yes!
Song of love 2018
I saw them in this tour
Steph in black
stop animal slaughteeeeer!!!!!!!!! great thougts great song!!!!
This song got me into one of my favorite bands. Voivod rules!
Stéphane Bouchard
THE riff of my 87's spring... After the Slayer \
The Guy
As a Silmarillion lover, I lawled at the Morgoth Science Hospital.
Tomas Ruedas
One of the best thrash metal bands from Canada 🍁\nVoivod, Sacrifice and Razor rule!!!
Отличная музыка. Ностальгирую! \\m/
Varun Kuchibhotla
This band is truly something else.
Virginie Bocquet
Ça ne nous rajeunit pas 😉 mais tellement bon !!!
Of which band is the patch in his jacket?
adam conley
warriors of ice !
alex sandro
killing technology
Perfect song!
benoit leclerc
From Home of these guy ..Québec,Canada I salute you ALL ...Theses my friends ..And friends of all !!!! Peace god bless
captain black
Back then it was Hashish joints and Killing technology or Dimension Hatross.
seems like this vid was directed by michael bay
coroner coroner
2:44 complicated accords
crise en thème 22
putain ça me ramène y'a 28 ans jeune ado boutonneux héhé, on rajeunit pas, à part ça? oh juste que Voivod est l'un des groupes de thrash années 80 les plus innovant, alors que la plupart des autres nous dégueulaient \
diego herrera
Even These metalheads are nerds who love Lord of the rings. No lie I love Lord of the rings
hellcat 666
they are against animal testin :) thats too much cool !!!
When did Jason get into this band?
man skrillex shredded the guitar like a bad ass back in the day
mark kevorkian
Amazing. Piggy is a genius
is that a V bass?
I don't know why, but this awesome song and this terrible video just fit so well.[2]
RIP Piggy =(
this video really reminds me of holy moses - panic
tizio qualsiasi
Electric shock through you!
yamaha langevin
vive le quebec voivod !!!
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