Spookys Jumpscare Mansion HD Renovation - All Deaths (Part 1)

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All Deaths in Spooky's EXCLUDING- (White Face - due to crashing the game and his video)Also not included- (Specimen 1) (Class Shadows) (W.A.M.) and (Violent Deer)IN ORDER OF APPEARING1. (Specimen 2)2. (Specimen 3)3. (Specimen 4)4. (Specimen 5)5. (Specimen 6)6. (Specimen 7)7. (Specimen 8)8. (Specimen 9)9. (Specimen 10)10. (Specimen 11)11. (Specimen 12)12. (Specimen 13)13. (Lisa)14. (Otto)15. (Spooper)16. (Tirsiak)17. (Monster 1)18. (Monster 2)19. (Monster 3)20. (Monster 4)21. (Monster 5)22. (Monster 6)23. (Monster 7)24. (Carl)25. (Howard)26. (Brain In A Jar)Don't worry I will make a separate video for the others I missed like (White Face).

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