Get A Closer Look At The New Chelsea Nike Kit Megastore | Re-Seen Special

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In this special Re-Seen episode, Jason and Chelsea fans take a closer look at our Brand new Nike Home & Away Kit, Training gear and more ALL in our swagged out Megastore! Get your shirt and more here 👉🏼

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Adam M
announce bakayoko
Ahmed Mohamed ahmed jaamac
We are pride of the london🔵🔵👍👍🔝🔝
Aidil Dew
as a chelsea fan, i would love to go watch a game live at the stamford bridge and shop in the megastore
Ain't No Bompton
Its 'Nike' Not 'Nikey'
Ainsworth Austin
this is good..I love it just want some new signings now.
Anastasis Vidalis
Make a yellow one for the third kit
Arsene Wenger
*Arsenal Jersey \u003e Chelsea So STFU*
Bruce Wayne
Absolutely my favourite Chelsea kit since 2013!\nLoved it's simplicity and elegance.
When are you announcing Bakayoko and Rudiger deal...
Chinmay Wagh
there is literally no innovation in that home kit. the kit formula for nike is only COPY and PASTE for all teams 😕😠😬
Clifford Agyekum
love it
Connor Ross
chelsea fan all his life he was born in 2003
Danneh SG
It would be my dream to cometo this store
Diego McGregor
The truth is very nice the shirt. That blue tone on the whole shirt, makes it look elegant.💙🔝
Dorman Richards
I'd take the Champions League if not the league title and the FA Cup we can add the league cup
even the short has more details than the shirt, damn nike
El Chaarawy
Chelsea looks weird with Nike on it
Elias Vorland
will it take long until you get long sleev's in the store?
Evelyn Osei-Manu
I support chelsea
Extreme Fire
J'ai trop envie d'aller dans se magasin
Gamesplay lohino
for Champions League is the one and only REAL MADRID (12)
George Gilmour
What is the 3rd kit for chelsea
we love chelsea fc
Come on Chelsea lets win the champions league
When i can get it in colombia?
Ingty 22
Adidas will forever be the best
Chelsea fc, stop taking the piss out of the fans and Conte and spend the money! One free transfer and a couple of youth teams signings, is not good enough. No excuses!
J Mojo
there's no third kit????
JJ 24
Nike kit looks classier than the Adidas one
Jack Hamilton
Is there going to be a third kit fro when they play teams with blue and white like huddersfield and Brighton??
Jacob Salter
Last years' away kit was better.
Jester Boy
*2d's weird laugh from that one video involving this team*
Screw hamza
Khen Manuel
I'm not asking for alot Chelsea...but please sign Bakayoko...then Sandro...\nlets get in a winger...Keita from Lazio would be nice....or let Musonda play...\n\nAnd the striker...Mbappe doesn't look like he will lets invest in Morata quickly or Lukaku ... even Abuba would be nice.. key word quickly....
Chelsea finally NIKE yeeeeeeeees
Lolu lou
Average kit
Loly Gager
You reckon Chelsea could recreate their 15/16 form again in the 17/18 season?
Luke Allsopp
We love you conte we do we love you conte we do ohhhhh conte we love you
Major General N'golo Kante
And our only signing on this glorious day is Willy...
Metro Lego
take it back to adidas
Miguel Reyes
third kit??
Mihai Pascu REZERVA
You win the Prem and you don't use gold on the kits. Shame.
Nathan Hill
Even though im a Saints fan, i love that Chelsea home kit
Ngagne Kandji
ngagne kandji
Nike Vapor
Noah Graham-Rosser
I bought last seasons shirt and the season before that and I was hoping to get this one until I saw it. It's so plain the training kits look better
Not Funny X
we want too see world class signings with our current squad we will get embarrassed next season with the likes of luiz and cahill in defence playing champions league
Novanda Rachman
Welcome to chelsea Nike 😆
Orhan Beker
😒 this is bob. Bob hates football. 1 like= 1 therapy lesson.
u don't go to a chelsea store and ask people der dat are u a Chelsea fan ?u can be much better den dis Cundy
Where is the 3rd kit?
Porshe Yohanes
Raihan I
If you go on the Nike website why does it only give certain players like I want kante but it doesn't give me an option for him
Raju shrestha
Wow..!! l like the new kit...
Raulito Mares
clubs usually don't announce big signings during the weekend. Not sure why expect something on a Saturday
I love the new Nike kits. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. However, I wish the away kit was yellow instead of white. Oh well, perhaps for next season?
Roger Milo
hhmm..the chelsea home kit is very simple like a daily t'shirt look and no strip... :(
SAS Dreamer 2
Nice one!
Antonio rudiger on the left at 0:52
Saddam Hussain
Who is that sexy beast at 3:07
Sanjeet Khurana
what's new in this new kit? Nike has no creativity it seems.
Seth Rollins
I'm not a Chelsea fan but I really liked the white training kit from this past season tbh
,first comment!!! anyways,nice kit!! love it!!
Shunyam Ehsaas
No pattern on the home and away kits explain that Nike made a smart move for a fresh start. Simplicity of the kits is appealing, Loved them!
Siam Shahriar
The best Blues Kits ever
Adidas was better
Suraj's Opinion is Better
New kit looks elite~ \n\nCannot wait for our next season. \n\nSandro, Bernardeschi, Van Dijk, Bakayoko, Mpabbe/Lewa/Icardi, make it happen. This'll hopefully mean the departure wankstain Willian, and mongrel Matic. Useless clowns. \n\nHazard for Ballon D'Or 2018 after he lifts the CL.
The Alvino
Bakayoko was at a wedding today in Paris it is possible he has already signed but still needs his medical...
The Fourth Chairman
no matter how...that yokohama word never looks blending with any of chelsea kits
Tell willian I said hi
Toby Hutchins
I had to sleep on the streets in Fulham road over night to be there early that morning to buy that kit lol
I liked the adidas kit more but still love it since it's Chelsea 💙
See that Zola jersey at 0:07? That's all you modern day fanboys need to know about who's Chelsea's best ever.
Adidas kit was much better
Urban T.V bruh
Zain Irfan
Nike looks cool on hazard pss if hazard reading this YOU ARE DANGER HAZARD GOALSCORING
Zaki El Horan
Ayo say NIK one more time .. it's NIKEEEE
Zaraki Kenpachi
any chance we can buy those sick legend kits?
alan the great
The worst kit in history no doubt
dogeant 222
i prefer Adidas kits
It's nice to see an all blue kit without the 3 stripes. It reminds me of their older umbro kit.
I liked the Adidas kit more.  Not a big  fan of the Nike kit.   I wish we would have at least gone with Puma that would have been a nice change.
i Stunters-KaY
juan martin marin
te quedas mejor con nike que guapaso 👏👏👌
kodazoo 88
british english sounds so great!!!!!!
The white kit is nice, the blue one is nice too but it's too simple
rohit kandalgaonkar
Diego costa is leaving as he is not in new kits
The white kit is so good.
saujanya gondhale
kit...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 it's simply awesome...🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎✌✌✌😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
very plain, was hoping for more but oh well
Димитър Божилов
awful kit but cool 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃