Anvil 036: To Blue or not to Blue? Part 2

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I have been doing amateur rust and express bluing for years based on recipes from Angiers book including damascus shotgun barrels. It is true that parts must be absolutely oil free but IMHO all this acetone, naptha, alcohol, lye baths etc are all now obsolete. I just buy $2 tins of spray on degreaser from the auto shop. This is a compound which has molecules that are polar (attracted to water) on one end and non polar (attracted to oils) on the other end. It will therefore bind to any oil or grease and the water then washes the whole thing away. I use a tiny screwdriver to get into corners and holes and a toothbrush to loosen caked on dry grease and dirt.\nI do it in the laundry sink (much to my wife's disgust). Wear rubber gloves. Spray the part all over. Rub with fingers and use the screwdriver and toothbrush as required. Rinse off under the tap. Repeat. Dry with paper towel and air dry.\nTakes minutes, is cheap and easy and the parts are left totally oil free and will take any blue or brown process and leaves no mess except for the black ring around the bottom of the laundry sink which I must clean off (again using the degreaser) or I get in big trouble with the \
A Ronk
Maaaaarrrrrkkkk! Bob said the C-word!
Allan Grazier
True art, in a nerdy, geeky way. Thanks for the chemistry lesson and art lesson rolled into one. Life doesn't get much better than this.
Andy Uk
Mark = old school no pvc gloves, or hand/skin protection.
I needed some Anvil in my life. Many thanks folks.
Austin Davîd
Hey guys I just graduated the 8th grade and I’m glad to celebrate with a anvil episode
Big Racer
Who ever figured out rust blue was a genius, cause it seems counter intuitive
Bob Fish
Is the inside of barrel also blue
Brett Anderson
What the water destroys the steam giveth back. great video.
Brian Levin
so silly question. how do you clean up the inside of the barrel? just bore brush the crap out of it? and that rifle looks as fine as frog hair
Cameron Boyce
So when will we be seeing the first \
Captured Skunk
that nerf gun though
Daniel Rogers
how do you brown a musket
Derek Dziobek
What about the barrel bore? Can you rust blue that? If so, what's the recommended carding technique?
I really want to try this, but all my guns are pretty much in great condition, or not blued like my enfield who’s paint is kind of starting to fall off in spots. Big ol oof to that. \n\nYou guys are funny together, thanks for this great video. \n\nOh, and lastly, I think that is a captured German K98.\n\nI don’t think Yugo Mausers are marked with the “M 98”. Yugo mausers also have a flattened bottom half of the cocking knob. I know for sure my Yugo M48 is that way, and my 24/47 has a straight bolt and still lacks the M98 marking.
Eric S.
I'm getting a Bob Ross feel here. Very relaxing.
Amazing. This is really wonderful. I really like when you do collaborations. \n:-)
G Lewis
Some of the best content on YouTube.
Very nice, once I get an apt with a garage that I can do the steam in safely I'll find a project that needs some love.
Gary Zito
Can you use blackened old motor oil instead of kerosene?
George Clipner
Where does the wax come in and what wax do you like to use ??? I've been using Renaissance Museum wax and am pleased with the results.
George Robartes
The London bunkers had it figured out in the 16th and 17th C . On Anvil 13 I gave 2 recipes and methods for what was called 'Russeting a barrel fyled whyte' , to brown it and for bluing steel . The recipes are from old books in the British Library in London . I made guns for reenactment in the English Civil Wars , a Dutch marine 16 bore snaphance carbine of about 1625 in brass and steel and a steel .5\
Gerald Fallon-Griffin
Best rust bluing video on YouTube bar none !!!
Hendrik Witbooi
Ha Marks exit stage left
That's a nice blue job.
This must be the most relaxing thing you can watch after a stressful day at work, great job guys and greetings from Germany.
I gotta wonder if the use of an ultrasonic tank and the right kind of tank media could simplify some of the steps that involve rubbing or brushing all the surfaces of a part by hand. Frankly, I'm curious what would happen if you did the bluing-solution dip step *in* an ultrasonic tank...they can do some impressive and unexpected things.
Jack Wagon
Oh great! Fuming nitric acid, a compound so dangerous the Nazi's wouldn't use it.\n\nWell, yes, this is a sorta troll.
Jay Zenitram
God damnit Bob, where did you go?
Jeff Hartman
I might just dare to make my M-48 Mauser a nice rifle.
Jesper O
But what about the patina!? /s
John Floyd
moonlight sonata over gun parts. nice touch.
That's a beautiful Yugo Mauser! Nice refurb!
Kristi Groth
Just to be clear, at 6:15, ferric chloride is FeCl₃
Lyndon Pedersen
Excellent images to finish on. I genuinely respect these guys. Thanks for the brilliant content.
M. Kibler
I'm with ya, everyone of the milsurp I got are being conserved for future generations, thanks for all the advice.
Martin Van Luyn
Miguel Perez
Best advise about gift giving ever! :-)
I have a dumb question that i cant seem to find a straight forward answer. I have a 1950s FN GP-35 but its been parkerized :/ is there any reasonable way to have it blued? is it even worth it to have it done if possible?
Noah Sachs
I ordered a copy of Firearm Blueing and Browning - A Samworth Book on Firearms\r\nAngier, R. H. Thanks for the tip!
Nuke Censorship
...\nMy mom liked tools more than flowers.
A guy with a cigar that loudly exclaims \
Old Goat Patrol
Beautiful work Mark and Bob. Now I am inspired to start another project. By the way, the Martini got a workout this weekend. I know a 13 year old with a blue shoulder and a big grin and I have 40 cases to reload again.\n\nTom
Old Salt
After you are finished blue and carding and do the \
Perfect Gentleman
he! he! by the time Othias and Mae put up their machine gun videos up 10 per cent of us may be dead. thats what patreons are for. Ho! ho! ho!
Powder Monkey
While this is bluing done 'right,' I really don't understand someone spending money to devalue their gun. He paid just as much money to reblue it than it's even worth.
Ralph Watten
I agree about the anything that could be construed as a tool gift for the wife. A definite no-no. Lit cigar in the gunshop? When I was 13 I picked all the aluminum particles from a can of Draino and used it as bluing to blue a .22 rifle that I turned into a pistol. It worked real well and smelled good as it was cooking. Thanks for the great gunsmithing videos. I watch them all!
Raymond Gill
I could watch these blue movies all day
Reese Holder
If Hickok is Gun God....Ian is gun Jesus, and Othias is Gun Moses....what are these guys?
Rinis Laboratories
Does the barrel need to be plugged to keep the bore from rusting? FWIW: I believe charcoal lighter fluid is a more highly refined form of kerosene, might be better for clean-up than ordinary stuff. I mentioned before, automotive brake cleaner is a great degreaser that evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
12:43 For some reason, this reminded me of the old Rhett and Link commercials.
Scott Hancock
Wow - looks great!
Scott Ruggels
Do you buy the bluing solution, or do you mix it?? And in what proportions? Do you not paint it on areas, like the bolt and bore? Do you apply it with a brush or rag? I live near the ocean,, and am always chasing rust.
Something I've always wondered about this process, not sure if it's been asked yet - when doing the steaming of the barrel, how does this process effect the rifling inside? Is this just a case of \
Siesta Time
A little Beethoven on the way out... Life is good.
Snake with a Gun
Is this like a common Salt bath Nitride of today? QPQ? You guys are a riot!!
Some Rabbit
Nitric acid, mercury and ethyl alcohol also makes fulminate of mercury. But not in the way that combination is used for bluing purposes. I just thought I'd throw out that bit of trivia.
Superb as usual and thanks Bob! Mark is sophisticated and rowdy at the same time, that's rare. This show is a treat even though I'll probably never get to have a gun myself. Europe...
That looks nice.
12:45 had me rolling. Good stuff guys
Teppo Kuusisto
Thompson Jerry
I have a Remington rolling block 1897 number 5 in 7mm Mauser. The rifling is perfect, but the outside of the barrel is pitted, can you give me guidance to determine whether or not it is safe to shoot. I want to preserve it and shoot it.
Tommy Vinson
Very god video.
William Gottula
Bob sold me a .45 not long ago. Good guy.
I have a Japanese Type 44. It's getting the deep cleaning today, but the spots of active rust in the deep places has me thinking of converting the rust... But now I'm running into heat/fire blued parts with active rust. What about those parts? Should they be boiled to convert or no?
chris shooter
haha I'm not sure if Bob was feeling awkward or if that box gag was his idea
eddie cabot
Just bought a pair of Sperry top spiders because of bobs sick style
ej dzej
Thanks, guys including Bruno
green bean
I had almost deleted YouTube from my phone, then I had a realization that there is still good content and educational videos uploaded daily and that I was looking the wrong way for them. It's channels like this and AvE and project farm and engineering explained that can bring back YouTube from being the cancerous blight I think it is.
I love Bob's face... \
joseph langan
Wow that Mauser turned out great, nice job lads
lawson allen
12:45 is living proof men never grow up 😆😆
malcolm chadwick
what is the name of the composer and the song ?
What do you do to the barrel to prevent rust from getting into the bore?
Yay! I started to think there wasn't going to be an Anvil this week.
can you do a video on rust/grime removal by electrolisis? is it even a thing?
Hi! I have one question. When you Steam a gun or rifle action/barrel, how do you prevent the bore from rusting?
Can i use birchwood casey super blue to do that?
william brown
This man gives advice of life
I need this
That sonata again...