Voivod - Ravenous medicine(Live Montreal 1988)

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Montreal Spectrum 20/08/1988From D-V-O-D-1Another emergency truck keeps rolling fastTwo lane highway and they run on the wrong trackYou still don't know that you're never going backYou're going to the science hospitalYou guess that your body is still aliveThey estimate you're in pretty good healthGood shape for some of our sadistic testsDoctor said you must stay in bedSurgical scourge on youSurgical scourge on youElectric shock through youElectric shock through youFeel the scalpel they cut you withGoing into the experimental roomHow much radiation can your body stand?You did very well, you'll feel better soonThe red cross is turning blackWake up in another departmentYou see the nurse with blood on her clothesThey got another experience for todayMaybe the worst of themDiagnosing the pain, the ravenous medicineDiscovering the cure, the ravenous medicineDied through illness, the ravenous medicineDon't care how many organs you gaveInjecting the drugs'Till you become the slaveTurn off the machine that keeps your heart beatingThey're gonna do it to you !!

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