Graffiti - Rake43 - Abandoned Factory in Seville

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I found an abandoned factory in Seville and painted inside. It was a very hot day, thank goodness I wore some fresh colors jajaj Enjoy it!Follow me on instagram: LEGAL WARNINGThis channel doesn't tolerate or promote any illegal activity, including the transfer and degradation of private or public property. This channel doesn't incite his public to violate the law. The videos, photos and details of these audiovisuals have been sent to us anonymously and unselfishly of the end. This video will be used only for the purpose of documenting these acts.

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1,000 subs without any vids?
Wish I was just born with an artistic talent
AT A13 lover
It looks awesome
Aaron is cool 64
I found some good content on YouTube
Accad Grajeda
Cholo o comunidad publica
Adam Layzell
When the teacher says use a ruler 😂
All Might
OooooooOoo your ganna get in trouble because your doing graffiti xD
Andrei 92
Cool and very beautiful
Annmarie Hutchinson
The new AMSR
Arcos Harcos
I Love your Channel Bro!😉
Ayarsız Oyuncu
Nice grafitti
Benny Hogge
Bill Allmon
Maybe ask before you deface thier there building
Idk why it’s satisfying to look at him filling up some spots
Bryant Gonzalez
It was so good I had to take a picture of it
Graffiti artist
Cesar Martinez
Fui el primero bro saludos están chidos tus vídeos😜😈
Пацан красава👍👍
Chaz Cooper
I wish big graffiti you tubers did pieces together
Christina The fox
You should travel around the whole world and every country you do graffiti like if you agree
6:49 Dang that’s a true artist.
I wanna be a person that does graffiti and art but not bad I want to express and share joy with people just like you!
How can something so beautiful be so illegal
Daano j
Darky cz
Věry cool 😎
Dhompy Graffiti
Don't mind me
It's so beautiful it's illegal... literally
Best :)
Eddy Kuz
Id love to see a vid with u and ghost 🔥
Ex Angel
It looks so beautiful. Ihr Fettsäcke. Jemand hier der es lesen kann 🇩🇪🇩🇪
Felipe Uriel
Filip Lewy
Georgia Charalambous
Golden Mustach
That moment u realise u couldn't do that
Guilherme Fachini
Meu parabéns 👏 Vc desenha muito bem !!! ☺
Hehd Bsbs
Try not to get satisfied
It’s JuJu OK
I bet way more people would like graffiti more if it looked like this instead of just random scribbles
Jamaine Gurley
Omg u r awesome 😱😄😍
Jastrzab TV
Yes, New video
Jeff Kaplan
Without the black circle on top, it would look much better.
John Luke Stephens
Hello. Your work is sick. Can I ask you one question do you rack your paint from a shop or do you buy them. I've got some designs and I was wondering if true graff artists buy there paint? Really love your work :) Hit me back
João Tuber
Very good!
Justin Y.
Cool design!
at first when i came across this vid i was like: \
Amazing bro
Lara C
Its so satisfiyng to see 😍
Listless 86
I did something decent, week later decide to do another piece and catch some 13 year olds tagging all over it...
Little Wing
That graffiti is awesome😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
LogBoy Does stuff
I tag boxes in my back yard \nDoes that count as graffiti
Lazy shit broo 💪
Mirek Rodriquez
gute kannenkontrolle und gut kreativ der mensch...ich persönlich verwende aber niemals rot Gelb blau und grün in einem bild aber das ist ja wie immer geschmackssache...weniger ist manchmal mehr...grüße an die schwarz Chrom bomber aus dem your style !!!
MushRoom X7
I really like this 👍
Nico Game
Jadore ces lettrage ❤
Nicolas Ignacio Vidal Sanzana
pajaron culiao ocupa negro
Is this illegal even when doing it in an abandoned place?
Pasta Mug
How do I get my forearms like that
Pepper Pon3
What kind of paint cans are you using?\n\nMost of the ones i use spray to much and causes the paint to drip down
Philip Vochoska
Thanks for the videos Rake, big love for the art of the voice of the little man
Pinson Théo
Good very nice
I was first
Rayo Cp
Tu ere español
Rome Negas
I love it
Nice Gracffiti Bro Nice
Style 👌🤑
Sabien Koning
I love das grafittie🤘🏻😍
Sacri Fice
like pro
Sarah Jones
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! that is amaz!!!! how can you do that????!! where you live is it elegel??? well in Wales in the UK it is ⁉⁉
This is SICK 👍
where's the creativity?\nto many colours \neasily bad sry
SkoRe GA
Nice style! Deutsche hier?🇩🇪
Skyler W
That color 3:14 is what tennis balls smell like when you open them
Sp4RT4N_9 -YT-
That Is Fascinating And Awesome. Tremendous Effort Put Into Place As Well.
Spooky Bitch
Spray Paint is awesome
Yo Rake I’m shocked you are not at 15 mill yet you are one of the best at your job
Stefany Romero
Es mejor que no agas eso porque se be feo
Taud Vosburg
That's vandalism
Tiara Storm
the fisheye lens moving around made me so dizzy but i'd pay to watch this live
Tiger - Игровой канал
Я один русский
Tolly Films
Cool bro
Tuur Meloen
This is sooo nice
Tyler Heathcote
Good video keep it up
Victor Reyes
Fyv je oe wtf oly afi s6c
Watermelon blast go
You probably won’t answer but how long does this usually take
Graffits in Finland are like one word in a wooden chair or park bench writed with pen
Very cool man good work \
burgerboy does some shit
Better than the Mona Lisa tbh
janiya lashea
What type of color u used for that blue and red
leshechava cool
New sub! Im 10 years old but nobody can stop me and i like you art is so natural\n\n\n\nEdit:Im am mexican srry
murdoc nicaals
Cool 😎
xo 'Tillweoverdose
I swear I can smell this
Алексей Фури
Иван Бауер
Милена Лидборг
Когда он делала красный контур я залипла...
*NO GRAFFITI-ING IN THE WALLS*\nsays the principal.