Christmas in France: So. Much. Food!

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Anthony Alger
Merry Christmas France....\n\n\n\nOf course I think about France, all the time..... \n\nI think about all my European family everyday....
The anchor's smile looks fake
DJ Trevi
It's a Latin thing. French, Spain, Italy, and all of Latin America celebrates on the 24th.
You will Marry me Florence!! You're mine!! Tasty tasty Florence.
Gary Cronshaw
Christmas is massive in England gets bigger every year Much lower key in Paris but great effort on Champs Elysees and Montmartre plus some other roads.
Joe Morello
Interesting and informative as always! Merry Christmas likewise 🇫🇷24!
So that's where us Lebanese get our Christmas traditions we also call it Noël (We were colonized by the French)
Rick Cleek
How long until Christmas is cancelled to appease Muslims.
krystal thomas
Why doesnt she have a french accent?