Why Are Luiz Barkley So Happy? | Chelsea Unseen

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Rudiger, Giroud & Barkley get fitted for their Dior FA Cup final suits, Jody Morris and the u18s win the Youth FA Cup for the 5th year in a row, Hazard, Giroud & Morata are on fire in training, Cuthbert scores a screamer of a volley and more in Chelsea Unseen. Subscribe to Chelsea TV Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on YouTube. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Eden Hazard, David Luiz, Willian, Pedro, Alvaro Morata, Cesc Fabregas & N’golo Kanté. ABOUT CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUBFounded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club are the current Premier League Champions. In its rich history, Chelsea’s many successes include 8 league titles, 7 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba.

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Adrian Sahat
Why luiz?:'(
Ahmed Mohamed ahmed jaamac
London is blue🔵🔵🔵🔵
Anthony Ghossoub
Plz can you do some learning videos about how to be professional
Arghyadeep Choudhury
Coz they are benched
Answer: Because they are finally being sold.
CFC Star
Who wouldn't be happy you have a contract of 100k+ a week for the Mighty CFC, King Conte to stay next year and I personally want to see RLC in the starting11 next year alongside the Shutdown CDM Kante as a two and when we play a three Magic Fabregas in the Midfield✌👌💪👏
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Chewing Tooons
Jody Morris does an amazing job with our 'youth' teams. They dominate every other academy team there is or has been. BUT what I dont understand is how come they dont manage to make that next step after they leave? Is it because the TEAMS are so jelled together they know each others moves b4 they make it? And GENERALLY the individual skills aren't worked on as much?\nEven if they dont make it into the 1st team you would think that whatever team they were loaned to or sold they would be good enough to shine wherever it was. But they normally just end up in some no ambition club and beinf the same as anyone else there. I would expect them to be making headlines and fans/managers praising them. I cant work it out.
Craig O neill
Are they houses on the training ground?
Cristian Valadez
Please get a manager that will actually implement the youth for once
HEY! we dont care about LUIZ or Barkely
El Rey
1:12 haha
Win everything in youth nothing in men so get the youth up
Fat Yolk
6:40 was he going to take off his pants???
lovely guys... good
Gab gab
They are happy because they don’t play :(
Grammar Police Department
Eduardo seems like such a lovely guy
Hafiz Zalani
Winning does not get u into 1st team lol
6:48 Luiz laughing at Barkley for wearing a jumper with nothing underneath...
Jair Orejuela
Chelsea mí gran equipo
Jason Li
Does the title mean that Barkley and Luiz should not be so happy as they could not play a match?
JiaSheng LEE
Who is Barkley. When did Chelsea signed him?
Johnny Esmond
Judge Dredd
6:48 ........
Kadrisman Aris
Chelsea youth and women are superior, but men super ultra LOL
We shouldn’t of bought Rose Barkley, #Bringbackoscar
King Armish
My Chelsea Youth is on Fire 🔥🔥🔥
Kwadwo Amo Sika
you only know how to score at training
I love Luiz.
Makoto Naegi
5:08 😂😂
Man like Dave
Reece James is the biggest baller in that team
Mas Rudi
After that, sell them :)
Master Yoda
Time to promote some youth players into the first team.
Max 33
Why aren’t we playing Hudson odoi?!
Why did Barkley remove his tattoos?🤔
Mio Carlström
Morata wearing predators?
Muan Awma
David Luiz💙💙💙
Not Real
Wenger in?🤔 It would certainly get under mourinhos skin. He would be great for developing youth which we MUST do cuz we got a fookin massive stadium to pay for.
I thought that title was just a savage poke at Luiz and Barkley for not playing XD
Raiez njr
Future is bright \nCome on Chelsea 💙
Rajiv Pokharel
Once again, our youth has won, yet, no one will probably play in the 1st team.....what a disgrace mentality of our club....what's the point of youth academy then??
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Jody Morris💙
Sa _
Saad Khan
Rudiger very particular with the trousers haha
Sam Sule
I feel proud seeing our club on all fronts women, youth, first team, coaches, former players, former managers. KTBFFH
Sange Sherpa
6:56 kante 😂😂😂
Shaurya Gulati
I hope Chelsea start involving Morris with the first team, as an assistant maybe. Groom him to take over in 3-4 years. Wishful thinking, as our club can't even seem to promote players from within.
Suresh Hazard
0:35 I thought I was hazard😂😂
Arsenal and finals..they just can't do it in all levels of the club
Tesla's Revenge
I think Giroud and Luiz are a lil happier
The Human Lion
2:14 Look at the empty seats in the Emptyrates😂
Utsav Jolapara
I think we should line up the youth team against liverpool 😂 fantastic job lads!🤙🏻
Zair 7
Billy Gimore (hope I spelt right) and Callum Hudson-odoi on bench or starting for next season!
0:35 Hazard-Morata in action :)
What happened to these players it like they disappeared? I forgot Chelsea bought Barkley
ayaanle idris
i would be happy if i was paid boat loads of cash just to sit on the bench n travel with the team
believe me they are not happy
chelsea forever
Chelsea= Best club in the world
col's toy story
I ment they will only be able go so far before first team then loaned out or sold off etc shame
eden anshar
Olivier giroud 😘
fii fendi
lol barkley is anything but happy
goody goody
GOD BLESS JODY !! He is doing BRILLIANTLY with the youth team ,hope he has a promotion to senior team
Lampard for assistance manager for Chelsea next season. make it happen
official slen
because Conte is getting sacked today
oluwafemisamuel Temitope
Am happy for Chelsea
username jon
let luiz play please
Come on lad
Đức Bùi
wtf with camera focus on the ball in training everytime?? dizzy af !! why don't just zoom out to see the whole thing?
الزبير العامري
•MaDaMiNoV• official
Who from 2024?
We need luizzzzzzzzzzzzz wtf gary