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COOL VIDEO,the best tips of the best
Alex McCormick
Nice video and verbal description. Really appreciate you doing these. THE MAN! Shout out to Sergio!!! Woo. I've been ordering so many varieties off needle cartridges X-taper L-taper bugpin ect... what type have you found to deliver the best line and shadow during sessions bro? I'm kinda running off what ever suits at the mo but i want only the best.. hit me up if your able to answer the q&a. appreciate it.
Angie Dodds
Wow this awesome!!! You make it look so easy!! I hope to be as good as you one day!!
Aran de Baron
Lil B, thank you my friend for your tutorial and 'motivational' and 'confidence' videos.  I have a day job with a building company as a Draftsperson.  I realised the other day at my desk that \
B.I. the don
Great video. A lot of artist with your skill won't share their knowledge. I appreciate what you do.
Bhogz Retuerto
man i view all your videos almost everyday, im a rotary user just like your number 1 fan in the philippines
Brett Williams
Would hate to sit down and get a tattoo from you. The quality is good but the amount you have to go over a simple line is ridiculous. A sleeve must take days
Burim Duka
Dude, I don't think normal people can relate with you because you are on another level, more like a master.. best in the world in my opinion.... what's that tattoo design called? I like it
this is crazy. Hes breaking like 20 tattooing cardinal rules, yet his tatts turn out fantastic. lol. Makes you question things other artist say. Props
Carlo Presti
Thnx! 🙏
Cecília Galdino
Gostaria muito de de um video explicando a aplicação do sombreado, velocidade da fonte, e pigmento.
Chango Ramos
Bugpin or textured?
Christos Aravanis
I like this, I hope people really consider this as being a method to your style, and not a 'lining tips for beginners' tutorial. peace
Coffie Demon
His voice is adorable 😂😂😍
omg please stop saying like
Darious King
What kind of rotary are you using in this video
Darkened Scorpio
U sound like a girl
David Nash
i just seen your video.. funny we line very similar. never was stuck on that 'one pass' mentality
Devin Hitt
True inspiration every day brutha. Do you prefer the wireless ink machine setup over say the cheyenne pen? Other than the obvious no wire situation!
Domingo Trevino
Thank you for sharing lovw your vidoes bro and techniques
Edwin Tattoos
Yo can you speak on shading with liners, thanks homie appreciate the tips ...Peace
Dude, mad, mad props. I agree with what others are saying: Screw the \
Elfren De Luna
can you make a tutorial how you get that kinda texture shading on a healed tattoo
Elious brahma Ohmreniishi
the control/fluidity with your hand isnt an easy style for alot of artist to do, mess ups, blow outs, etc, id think its a large factor contributing to sinking and dragging long lines in one go, plus its faster & their trying to make money, i personally love and do an etching/scratching style like this guy, cant beat the quality in linework potential from it,
Emerald Forde
thank you for this video and I really like your style of tattooing I would love for you to do a video on shading with a liner or round shader and also one on after care beginning to end
Erkan Nehir (Aircon) Tattoo Artist
The worst outlining video ive ever seen... Rotary Machine for a line work? Really??? And why do you even touch one straight line like 10 times??? Start and finish at once as it should be... You are doing it like sketching with a pencil on paper... Its a great video about things \
shading techniques !!!!!!
Its already amazing watch you working and now see you doing and explaining it....Fantastic \\o/\nLike everyone here I can wait to see your shading and stippling techniques. \nThanks to share Lil B!
Fernie Mac
i found this really helpful lil b thank you
Yo b a video on shading with liners ? Thanks for spreading your wisdom much appreciated
Flirting with Zombie's official
Like like like like like,,,the lines in the videos pic do not look clean at all...I enjoy your videos but got to call it how I see it
Frank Montoya
My line work went okay need to find the right speed on my machine to line with and how to avoid pudding I want that one pass lining
Frank Porco
Would be cool to see how you do grey wash shading or shading for realism.
Gabriel Dutto
I would love to see a video explainning the difference between grips
much love lil b from NY
InkByMazi 89
Nice method. I will add it to my own method just for improvement it actually works ive tried it on an orange lol its smoother too. Thanks Lil B
Jack Padoin
love your videos man! so informative, could you please do a video on shading with liners!
Jason Almeida
Why do you only use a 3rl for the whole tattoo? do you feel it gives more control of the shading details? I've never seen any artist do their art like that
Jason Ball
Thank you
Jesse Bandit_tattoos
Share how you shade. I'm making tattooist in Arkansas but id like to see your take on your style of shading
Jesus Carmona cuevas
like for tutorial of:\n \
John Patrick Koosman
Thanks for sharing B! Imma show this to some people cause this is exactly how I do linework as well, especially those long ass lines lol. Power to you for putting in all the effort to making quality videos besides the great art.
Jose Fernandez
Muy bueno bro podrías hacer más tutoriales esplicando como haces las sombras y líneas gracias un saludo
Joseph James
can i get the likes of the amount the dude said like??
need to do techniques on shading
Karas Blud
Thank you for sharing the knowledge! Can you do a video on how you achieve the stipple shade look.
Karlec Tom-Tan
You do lines like your drawing short lines on paper... doing it like that makes room for error. Rather than making a smooth consistent line... it works for you but I won’t suggest this method to anybody. Plus going over the lines the way u do could cause skin damage.your drawing on skin not a paper medium
Karlos Glez
I just bought a machine and some supplies from, tomorrow I’m having my first client ever, I’m going to do him a neck tattoo, wish me luck
Kristian Jaramillo
Ran across your art on IG today for the first time. Now I have been \nwatching your videos this entire afternoon and cant stop lol. You're a \nPowerful Soul bruddah man! Much life and blessings to you. I'm gonna \nmake getting tatted and connecting with you this year a must.
Lenno Tattoo
Great video! Tks for the tips
Leo Chaves
AWESOME Video man! if its possible, make a videos teaching shading techniques too, talking about the speed that is necessary and tips to do a smooth blend from the darker to the lighter points!!! I am a BIG fan of your work (Shotout to Brazil!!)
Lil Stevie
What a valuable video!!!
Lionel Serve
Thank's !!
Lynne Nembhard
Brilliant love the clarity. Love to see shading and colour work tutorials. Didn't fancy a punch in the face so had to subscribe 🤓🤓
Miguel Bautista
you brought good value thanks for the video
Money Motive
How do you do your portraits
Nhores Lama
please do a video on how you shade tattoo☺
You are the best Lil B! Thanks for the tips and inspiration . Thats why this is my favorite youtube channel! Shout out to Sergio and Niko also!
People say that the way he lines is wrong, but they don't say why it could cause trouble. \nThe thing is, whenever you touch the needle on the skin you damage it, mangling it up to make way for the ink and if you kept running on the same spot you would make minced meat out of the area. The more you go over the easier it is for the needle to go deeper. Which in turn increases the risk of blowouts and trauma, which does not look good on a tattoo. \nHis style works with this because he hides all the blowouts and damages with the packing and shading. \nThe only ways this would cause trouble for him is potential scars and the tattoo taking a long time to heal and be susceptible to infection. \nI have to add, there are a ton of tattoo artists that make amazing fresh pieces that heal to total shit. Especially in the realism style of tattooing(I don't mean Lil B's stuff, i haven't seen his healed work). So when you're researching for new artists, don't only look at their fresh pieces. Try to find someone that posts healed tattoos as well.
Or Igin
Please do one for shading!
Patricia Godbout
thank you, so much, I am an experienced portrait artist but new to tattoo and I am trying to soak up as much as I can. Thank you for your generous sharing of your knowledge.
Petisane Sanefuji
These videos will help a lot for who wants to learn tattoo or to improve who already makes tattoo. thanks brother! Aaah .. what is the music that always plays at the beginning and end of the videos?
Poca Lucha
you said the Word \
Puttipong Limprungpattanakij
Thank you
“There is no such thing as the truth..”\n🤦\u200d♂️ is that true?
Rafael Lopes
The best LIL. B \
Rafaela Faria
what machine is this?
Ray Mellee
I like the way you outlined.
I would love to see a video of you doing some shading work and maybe give some information on how much voltage you run your machine (linework & shading).\nThanks for sharing your advice mate!\nCheers from Germany
Awesome , thank you lil B
Shandro Gavidia
wow man! thanks for some advice !
Plz show your shading techniques!! And which liner your using for the shading
Sterling Joseph
Hey Lil b I love your videos . I subscribed
Sup3rbik3 Mik3
Nice work bro...very nice
That's Gabby
I love how this taught me to focus on my style and the way i do GABBYS things. never conform to anothers image
Looks aren't everything... Be careful when \
Tiffany Chan
What is the settings of the tattoo machine ?
@LilBTattooing I been tryin to tell other guys at the shop you can do this but they say no ... to funny you can lolol
William Wilgus
I've been waiting for this video hell yeah thanks Lil B, would you do a shading video as well? Thanks again!
liking these
ale guantay
I have the same machine, in what voltage do you use it to make lines? I admire you, you are a great artist, thank you
Je suis trop content d'avoir écouté cette vidéo, il y a pas trop longtemps j'ai payé quelqu'un qui m'a montré la base du tattoo et je lui ai demandé avec quelle aiguille on fait du \
danny everett
thank you so much B 🙏 so much love!
Am I the only one that noticed that the Roman numeral 4 is wrong on the guys watch tattoo
Had to turn it off, saying the word “like” every 4 seconds got to looked good
harmoney richards
Id love to become a tattoo artist i just got a kit and i cant wait to get better and leatn more
inklord tattoo boss
Lil b u help me alot
jadyn & mia
i’ve never heard someone say “like” so many times
jon chambers
you been making great videos lately , keep them up .. they help alot especially for the people that look up to you and are inspired by your work . Keep up the good work bro👌🏼
Hey Lil B great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I think that you miss a very important part of making lines and it is the voltage and the calibration or adjudgment of your machine. I do own exactly the same machine and I would really appreciate if you can share us your point of view about those matters. Thanks and keep up the good work I love your channel :) peace
liberty valance
The number of likes this video got is oddly the amount of times he said the word like in the video.
mark caballero
can you make video about shading ?? i realy like your tattoo i already subscribed you
ralph perez
#1 fan 👍
rob lucci
Bro ur breaking the like meter
steelcapedthongs nsunshine
After I like heard him say like for the one hundredth time I like stopped like the video and like moved on like.... head done in lol