Nonito Donaire vs. Vic Darchinyan II THE REMATCH

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Four division world champion Nonito Donaire (31-2, 20ko's) vs. former three division world champion Vic Darchinyan (39-5-1, 28ko's) II- The Rematch .VISIT FOR MORE EXCLUSIVES Repoter Sergio Venegas was on hand in Corpus Christi, Tex. as rivals and former champs Nonito .2007-07-07 Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan HD HQ Odds going into the fight: Darchinyan -700; Donaire +450 Over 8.5 -120; under 8.5 +100 2007 KO of the .Vic Darchinyan's 2nd Knock Out Loss I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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Ohh no!!! its crying time again and again... hahaha
Diony Jognac
Hahaha again and again walang kadala dala
Edgardo Moreno
Great fight! Darchinyan definitely did better in the 2nd fight but Donaire is just much better than him. I respect darchinyan because he is a warrior.
JJ Massie
1-8 boring stuff
Haha partida may sakit dito si donaire
Jaime Co
Darchinyan the raging monkey of Australia..Hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jake TV
in the first few rounds no one wants to throw punch because they are both counter puncher.
Jayson Fuentes
Walang kadala,dala
Juan Altejos
Darchinyan looks like a drunk kangaroo simply cannot win againts filipino flash nonito
Nepty Crisostomo
Nawala na ang mga dating nakapaligid kay donaire.. Mga pinoy..
Orlando Jr Bangayan
Darchinyan TIME ITS UP.! Journey is ended.!
Rjel Styx
lol commentators love darchinyan
Rusdayati Idrus
Donaire's timing n punchinh power is one of the best. With his 80% conditioning, He ll surely get the WBSS crown in 2019. N we ll c good fights vs Dogboe.
Virgil Teodoro
Nice...seen 2nd time the Sleeping Bull😪
james bond
Same what happened to darchinyan Somtime u must accepted the fact like this. U cannot win over pilipino and mexican both legend in term of boxing.
suporta tabang
His pride defeated him.
Николай Колесников
молодец Нонито - второй раз краба наказал.