French Christmas is Different

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Did you know French Christmas was different? Here’s what different for us: the date, the food, and the featured stars!

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Caleb Silverstone
Bad subtitles
Chet Meyerson
How do you manage to speak English (your 2nd language) without they typical French accent?
Daniel Lincoln
#merci beaucop
What region is Lyon in. My mum is from a town called Nancy and its in the region called Lorraine
Gema Murillo
Salut Virginie!! Au Venezuela aussi Noel est le 24 (je pense que dans l'Amérique latine est égale). Nous mangeons Hallacas (différents types de viande et légumes emballés dans la pâte de maïs), pain du jambon, salade de poulet et les etoiles de Noel sont Papa Noel et Jesus enfant. (Pardon pour ma francais) Baisers!!
Laila Hart
Rose Hale
I'm from France too but what we usually do is we have a light dinner after church and then on the 25th all of the family meets, we open presents and then we have lunch. \nNow we are starting to sometimes open our gifts on the 24th .\nBut then again I'm from Versailles (Paris) and not from the south.\nBut anyway great video!\nAnd VIVE LA BÛCHE!!!
The Cinema Cynic
Not a problem for me! My mom's side of the family (in Canada) always celebrated Christmas on the 24th anyway!
En Suède, nous célébrons Noël le 24 aussi!