Cab Ride 036 Richmond to North Woolwich (1 of 2)

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c2005 Return journey over the North London Line, a lot has changed! As with the westbound video I uploaded last year, it's a trip down memory lane along a very poorly maintained infrastructure. Believe all the boxes have now disappeared."Old Squeaky" 313 is again our carriage for this first half from Richmond to Camden Road.I haven't listed all the junctions etc like I normally do this time, please refer to the previous uploads.As before, I've no idea who filmed this video, it's not one of my originals.

br cab view class 313 class 378 custom house drivers eye view north london line north woolwich overground silverlink silvertown train driver

317 Dan
Nice to see that GNER 373 at the end. Brings back memories of my childhood on the ECML.
Albano Mathias
Hello driver friend I liked the video, congratulations. One question, why is this composition making so much noise ?, apparently there seems to be something wrong in the roundabouts, will it ?. Greetings.
Bob Wood
Unbelievably nostalgic, with \
Geoff Barry
This could the second half of the 225 Studios vid of the route.  The original vid is a return trip starting from North Woolwich.  The typeface used on the sub-titles is certainly the same or similar, as is the practice of cutting out station dwell times and identifying the stations with still pix of the running-in boards...
Paul Dean
Great video. Was good to see the line how it was before 378s. And a nice surprise with the 373 in GNER livery at the end.
Roger Crick
Another classic vid, things have changed a lot indeed!