CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

Taken from the new album ‘Every Open Eye’ available now: iTunes:

CHVRCHES Clearest churches chvrches chvrches bury it chvrches live chvrches recover chvrches the mother we share clearest blu... clearest blue chvrches

One of the most underrated bands to date
ASTV 4 Life
Lauren is my queen.
Adrianna Dziedziela
cool :) but too close to Depeche Mode's 'Just cant get enough'......
Andres Jimenez
Loving the second half of the song with the 1980s new wave electro beat..
André Pilon
Forza horizon 3 BR BR
Greatest drop that ever dropped in the history of drops
Antonio Juan Jiménez González
GOSH what a discovery I've just made today!
Aquarius Aesthetic
2:32 - when I break it down so hard in my car
Bart Van Canegem
new wave is back - gary numan, omd, depeche mode, new order, heaven 17, blancmange, anne clarke, .....great sound, love the flowing synths ...
Blk Nic26
I want The 1975 and CHVRCHES at warped tour one day!!
2016 anthem by squillermusic brought me here... : /
Just play chrvches in any party. The party then becomes magical
This look is so amazing on her.
I'm lovin' it \u003c33
Dani Zulfikar
she had a master degree, amazing. Looks like she just came out from high school
Daniel Tynan
Love that voice! Her and the singer from The Naked and the Famous should do a song together.
Daniela Martelli
this song it's so perfectly composed ! i love the minute 2.00 until the end ! it's so intensiveeee and deep !! lov it !
David Black
By RPG logic she is in level 1 armor at the start of the video. When she strips it off she levels up.
Diana Ramírez
Reminds me of depeche mode, love it, good synth pop💓
Diffmod Rodriguez
Forza horizon 3 anyone???
Donovan Masters
This is the song that introduced me to Chvrches. Have been a fan ever since, and still consider this song top 3 of theirs.
Doutor Gori
Forza Horizon 3. Anyone?
Would you please marry me already!!! Lol!
I like it. Sounds kind of Erasure-ish :)
Ed Pitts
Why does this have such a high ratio of dislikes? It's INCREDIBLE.
Ellis Morgan
Anyone here from just listening to the band? no fifa or forza
Ethan Straffin
I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough.
I am male that listens to heavy metal and this song makes me cry
Fawaz Shah
honestly chvrches are such an amazing band and i feel so good for them and this song and video are amazing and just omg
Forza Horizon 3 Brought me here
This is in forza horizon 3 :)
Damn she's fkin gorgeous
Sale en el comercial de bonafont y me emocione
Hemang Chauhan
You have in a high octane Fast-&-Furious styled races, and this song comes up.\n\nWhat do you do?
Heard this killer track for first time while while doing 175mph on an Australian coast road in a Lamborghini in Forza Horizon 3\nGreat artists like Chvrches need more exposure like this, ..Grabs you where you live..Banging track
Isaiah Jobi
Who's here from the Mindy project commercial?
JJ Green
Those 4 mins passed fast.. My goshh
Jair Abensur
Es tan hermosa... me recuerda siempre a una personita especial :3
Alguien está aquí por el comercial de Bonafont??? jajajaj
Forza Horizon 3!
I just can't get enough...
992,462 views is probably mine :/
Kathy Freese
Kyle Tye
I'm feeling the Depeche Mode...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n...and I just can't get enough.
Hhahhababbv abajjjsvs cra svsvvz banana. Sbs
La Diversión de Luis Hernandez
like si eres mexicano y solo veniste por el anuncio de Bonafont® :D
Lavernius Tucker
She's wearing armor. Pls marry me.
Lean Cerneira
a beautiful girl with the voice of an angel, and wearing armor?!!? here, take my heart
So... The 80's are back?
We might want to meet our Mother halfway ............Or...........We will be slapped down irregardless of our armor and concrete jungles we surround our civilization within ............Live, dance , breathe, drink from her and be respectful .....................And keep it blue !!!!!!!!
Los Calzones De Jimin
yo solo vengo por Bonafont :v
Luiz Coutinho
Forza 3 ☺☺☺
Luiz Rogério
Forza Horizon 3 soundtrack \u003c3
Magnus McCloud
Lavren Mayberry as a Valkyrie taking lost souls into a raving Valhalla.\n\n\n\n\nbut yeah. still waiting for a Down Side of Me music video.
The prophecy was true! The hipsters went so oldschool that they are wearing plate armors now!
Marcin Marcin
I'm a simple man, I see Lauren I press like.
Matteo Onorini
Forza Horizon 3 brought me here!
Matthew Aaron
Starting at 2:32 just start singling the melody to Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode. Not only does it totally work, it's really fun too! Just discovered CHVRCHES today and bought their album on iTunes.
Why the dislikes? I think this is one of their best.
Miss Shy
i have one of the biggest girl crushes on Lauren, she's so adorable
Nathan Cammarn
who found CHVRCHES without forza horizon 2 or 3
Nazareth Rodriguez
Soy la única que conoció esta canción por el anuncio de Bonafont? 😂♥
Norton Luna
Her husband/boyfriend must be really proud of her, he's so lucky!
Play on E3 Forza Horizon 3 and i'm here)
Chvrches is mad underrated, one of the best in their genre
Rahul Kumar
is she depressed about something ?
Reverend Benzo
Your mom's ass brought me here.
Richard Bassett
God what a song. God what a Beat. I seldom get up and dance but this one didn't matter where I was I just had to. compelled. magnetized to it. little bit of divinity in my life when I heard this song. Now that's a lot.
Damn you Forza, making me a Chvrches fan.
How can you not like this? It's Chvrches...They're fuckin' awesome.
Sakari Kestinen
That electro sound reminds me of La Roux' Bulletproof back in 2009 (practically yesterday though!)
Instead of saying \
Shirley Temple
pls bite me Lauren... I want to be a vampire too 👿
Sr Santini
This song remember Life is Strange
Great band! great chemistry!  👍 and Lauren's voice and words, one of the best!  💙
The Nordic
Chvrches, love the 80s synth pop element, very creative but please get a good drummer for live performances so you're not a mall act, *elevate it*.
Trendy Black
Vengo por el comercial de bonafont \u003e_\u003c
Victor Luiz
graças ao forza Horizon 3 eu conheci essa música :) (sim eu sei que é chato ficar falando como eu conheci a música) parabéns chvrches!
Zabala G.
Chvrches : 2 million views? \nsomething's wrong here!
cruising down Byron Bay with my LaFerrari listening to this song. Awesome
brisado de pão
We are waiting for you here in Australia :)
Spoiler Alert! So did he just pick up....BLUE'S CLUES?
lechusitakawaii :3
vine por el anuncio de el agua xD
I imagine if Vince Clarke and Kate Bush had a baby, this would be her both in sound and vision.
FORZA horizon 3!!! Who else has the memories of this song?
louis soon
Forza Horizon 3 brought me here
paul miller
3 tracks in and I'm buying the album... top stuff!
peter johan van dyke
Virginity is the tree of life etc.,.ok.,.
sasuke uchiha
Am I the only one who came from gryffin remix of this song and went here just to check the original song
Horizon Pulse - Forza Horizon 3 😏😏
Their gorgeous album brought me here. Not Forza
skary muvi k
alguien vino por bonafont :v
Hello my fellow Forza Horizon 3 drivers :)
Them level 40 WoW shoulders
Forza Horizon 3 - Horizon Pulse Radio (or Bass Arena idk its got that EDM vibe to it)\n:)
Єʓɛզʋιɛl ҒѲ
Yo sólo vine porque la escuche en el comercial de Bonafont 7u7