Mirai Nikki Redial - Yuno Remembers Yuki

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She finally remembers.

amano yukiteru gasai yuno mirai nikki yandere

Ali M
To respond all the questions , this is yuno from 3rd world , but the nucleum of 2nd world yuno was inserted in her by 2nd world MurMur , so she became the 2nd world yuno instead somehow, back to life , with all the past memories , and broke dimensions and went to yukiteru , who was the god of time at that moment , and they finally reunited . Sorry for the bad english , if I mistaken a word or two xD
Ana Asanin
2:29 DBZ reference
Astral Awakening
I watched this in dub it's not bad.
Bitchy Watermelon
Christopher Rodriguez
Funny cause today is July 27 (date on her clock), and I read an article headline saying that tonight is going to be a blood moon and one of the longest lunar eclipses of the year xD and I read some comments saying its gonna be the end of the world xD weird stuff lol
Ciel Phantomhive
WAIT where did you get this ep? is it on gogoanime or somthing?
David grey
1:10 that was legitness
Don't Mind Me Just Sum Trash
doesn't murmur get voiced by the person that played Kanna???
Worst couple ever
Elena Strikou
Woot finally new uploadz from you. :3
Evelyn Mendoza
I don't remem this episode is it evening the series?
I would like to see, Yuno and Yuki in bed again..
Fatcat Vn
one thing to explain that is Yuno from every world have only 1 spirit for all but different in life (because 1st Yuno back to past and change past so every people have some memory from them of other time line)
Fox with no voice 0
Then why did you even wach it if ypu hate if anything I LOVE THIS SO MUCH
Tell me how does she not remember him
Gabbie Knows
This Is The Time When Yuno Doesnt Know Killing Yet She Was Good Here
Gamer exe
I think Yuno meant lakarimasen wich is I dont know on Japanese and Time is Ji
What year is this?
Is This Youtube?
I just pity that clairvoyance girl
Itsyeeboii 69
Wait... didin't yuno have bigger tits???????????????????
Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
Wait which episode?
Jay man03
well there be anther season of this anima
Jeremiah Freeman
dude i ne3ver knew they made a second season. Thank you for this
Juice Jackson
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
As long as her parents aren't dead, I'm good. Wait, did she leave a note or did they understand why she was leaving? Uh oh...
I wish Yuno's voice is a bit more mature
KC Venturanza
I like ayano aishi the original yandere
Everyone shut in the comments I know that now ive known for a long time now jeez ur all so mean!!!!!
Katana Rose
Hey I've watched every episode except for the OVA where can I find it to watch it?
1:59 those legs....
me when there is a song in my head that i dont know
La Perra
Minene Cutted Her Hair
Lawless Fate
I can't remember... In which episode this happened?????
Lucina Kurusu
what is the song at 0:30??
what episode is that ?
The moment Yuno 3.0 remembers everything of her original/first incarnation was such an extremely sad moment for me because I feel soooo sorry for her first incarnation.
Memes Me
Dude I don't remember this episode
I-is this a third season? Oooooh I hope so \u003e.\u003c
Neverending Worship
Kinda sad this isn't \
No.2 B
I still hate Yuno
Not a Weeb
2:06 she's my favorite character
I hate both endings. :(
Panda Bear
This is my fav anime like if this is your fav👍🏻
Princess Odette
Sandile Nation
yuno listen ok here's what I have to say to you ok...............Stop it...get some help mentally and physically also step on a mine turtle as your doing that 🐢💣
Shion Sonozaki
is this from the ova?
Suzuya Ki
ep link
Thomas Hofheinz
That poor baby is crazy in every world.
TinyPumpkin Seed
I didn't read the full title and I already knew she was thinking of Yuki at 0:24
Uranchimeg Amgalan
This is so yandere that the FBI will come if u watch it
01:20 Yuno seems another person. Like a mother :D
To arrest someone like Yuno Gasai you need some planning and a team, but more than that is quite simple, just a tranquilizer gun, and backup in case that she finds out our shooter.
Vinyl Scratch
Wait when does this \
this isn't when she actually remembers Yuki. When she remembers is when she find 1st or 2nd W/E and then gets the old Yunoas memorys remember what had happened when she was little and finally gets to Yuki \u003c3
Yandere Craft
I didn't watch the movie but \n\n\nIs this after when Yuno Died and Yukki Became God?
Yato Kun
lol tiny girl is going to use chibaku tensei (planetary devastation)
Yuno Gasai
Yukki ^*^
Yuno Gasaï
Zeke Jager
So did this end like\n1. Real Yuno gets the insane yunos memories and lives happily ever after with God yuki?\n2. The insane yuno is in normal yunos body and then they live happily ever after?\ncause they are literally 2 different people.\nPlease explain!!!
antitoast the glorious
Damn that animation though
Redial????? SEASON 2??????? NANI??????????? •~•
das good
ummm...? i don't remember this episode.....
were did you find all these i want to watch all of them
im dead
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait\nwait\nwait\ntheres a season 2?!?!?!?!?!?
latios robinson
wait shes meant to be the 1st world yuno so how come she remembering the 2nd world yuno memory's
mariam rawan
The name of the ost in the begening
omkar ranjane
27th episode . nikki mirai
Time to rewatch Redial and the original, and grab a card every time she says Yuki
..... People said she was crazy..... But talking to the voices in your head is insane
soonie boo
is this 3rd world Yuno?
tasha heartfelt
what this was not in the series?
this is how i feel
this is gettin scarier everyday maybe i will still find love in life i was already accepted to be heartbroken(it's kinda easy to fake an smile without my heart even getting broke) while im on earth but after watching mirai nikki there seems to be an hope for me. sux to be virgin boy with feelings
tsktsk huehue
well i guess im the only one who doesnt like yuno and yukki because they killed akise in the second world
What is this Your Name
What is this season 2?????
Ździch Siemacho