Voivod-Ravenous Medicine(Cover)

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i like spookiness music video of this song.

bass cover guiar killing technology metal thrash metal voivod

Aga F
great cover ! thanks:) why don't you make a video \
Andrew Louis
how does this not have more views? this is awesome!
Cole Stevens
Does anyone have good tabs of this song? I've found a few but they all seem to be hit or miss.
Jo Baronet
Very good!
1:21 to 1:30 you're playing the riff wrong, but cool cover!
Kristian Bernier
good old Carcass logo
Awesome dude!
Manuel Clavijo
Dude how u get that tone ? Say the settings pls
Nicolas Silva
so hard to find a cover of this masterpiece, gj
hey dude that's badass dude
jeffrey berger
what tuning did you use?is it alternate tuning?real good cover!!!
luz atomica
Rip piggy
Very good stuff.\nI love it!