Nintendo DS Longplay [036] Super Princess Peach (Part 2 of 3)

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Played by: TsunaoI don't care what people say. I actually like this game.In a nutshell, Bowser gets a stick. His minions use it on Mushroom Kingdom. Mario gets pwned (or someting). No one likes Luigi. It is up to Peach to be the heroine of the day. Needz a strikethrough joke.Plays like a Mario game (with weird jump mechanics), use touchscreen to initiate mood swings, and smack enemies with a parasol. This longplay includes getting all Toads (this isn't optional.), getting as many things as possible from a stage (Puzzle pieces and music), playing post game and refighting the bosses again (except Koopa), and playing the extra stages. Not covered: going into stages post game to get puzzle pieces and fighting the Starfish (Starfy).

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