French Christmas Markets in Strasbourg | VLOGMAS

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Abbey Mikha
Thanks for this Julia.  Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)
Haha I like the German pronunciation of Strasbourg ! Thank you for this little trip in Alsace, it's nice to revisit my hometown through the eyes of someone else :)
At home with Carla
Thanks for sharing! I'm from USA Wisconsin. That is a beautiful place to visit wow!
Ein ganz tolles Video, Julia! Und die Hintergrundmusik dazu ist toll 😍
Caitie Blankert
Hi Julia I love watching all your vlogmas especially the ones that you and your husband went to Colmar and Strasbourg . Those Christmas markets look so nice living here in Vancouver we don't have anything like it . You are so very lucky living in Switzerland and living so close to all these nice places . I wish I could afford to travel to all these beautiful places that you are so lucky to go to. Your puppy is so cute , in one of your Christmas vlogmases you were thinking if you should get a tree or not because of Oldin well I have two dogs and they were puppies but that never stopped me from having a Christmas tree . When I went out I just put chairs around the tree and they never went close to it . I think your amazing . I spent all November and part of December looking for your Christmas calendar I know that when you were here in 2016 Christmas your mum had one , did she get it here or in Germany ? If you could find out could you please reply . Thank you Julia my name is Laurie I'm on my daughters account.
Christina Sahlström
I LOVE your traveling vlogs Julia! The nougat looked amazing, that is my favorit candy! I thouhgt of doing my own French nougat this Christmas, so yummy!😍 Love from Stockholm🌸
I'm so sorry about the brush :( my heart broke... I went to Quebec with the same intention.. loved the xmas decor :)
Elena Kenkel
Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone could tell me the name of the musical piece that begins at 6min46sec. I have been trying to figure it out (even Shazam!) and just can't seem to find it. Thank you for your help!
Ella Rosado
Absolutely Beautiful!
Extra Way Way hd
Iris E
Omg...this airbnb is aaaawesome...because of the starwars stuff...cant wait until friday....btw...where is odin?
Isabella Hefler
Love the coat :) where is it from??? :)
Jeanette Lawrence
Oh I loved this. I miss Germany and the region so much this time of year. You made it possible for me to enjoy it all thanks to you. Frohes weinachten!
Jenn B.
My favorite vlogmas so far. Well done!
Jennifer Johnson
Love your vlogs! I really appreciate you doing them since I know it must be awkward talking into a camera with everyone watching you 😄 Because of you Switzerland is now at the top of my “Next Place to Visit” list
Joanne Harper
Thank you for sharing the beautiful Christmas markets. I hope I can see them in person one day.
I'm going to Strasbourg next year to see the Christmas markets! I'm so excited!
Great Vlog!!! You always look so pretty.
Kasia Nawrocka
And Lord Vader Magdę it all at the end;)
The ending was hilarious!
Kling N
That ending was hilarious 😂 love it
Latasha latasha
love! love! love! the Tim Burton sound theatrics through the streets.
Lisa Edwards
I thought you were a vegetarian?????
Lisa Giesbrecht
The ending haha I love it 😂😂💗
Louise Green
Was that the music from Edward Scissorhands?
Manika Bedi
Haha.. The ending was cute
Mansi Batra
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year . This just took me back in time\n- two years ago I spent wonderful Christmas time in Munich and Lugano. This just reminded me of that . Only your videos have the power to do that - Atleast for me .\nAll the blessings and love ! Enjoy the festive season
Love the ending ❤️👍
María Luz
Hi Julia!! Thanks a lot for sharing your visit in Strasbourg, I love that Christmas atmosphere. By the way, love your nail polish...Please, I would love to know the brand and number. Many thanks and happy Christmas!!
Meital Kabeli
I always enjoy watching your vlogs. I enjoy seeing the different places you go, and it makes me feel like I am part of the experience. Thank you for sharing.
Strasbourg is a typical German city :)
Michelle Albers
Thank you! I love these videos and the music was beautiful!
Milka Ortiz
Thank you for doing this blogs is so amazing the places it feels like am traveling too. Julia thank you so much ☺️
loooved the \
Mommin' It Up
Oh my goodness, I love this! I love to see what other cultures and counties so. Thanks for sharing! Subscribed!
Monica Ibarra
Love your vlogmas vids. and seeing so much Christmas and winter beauty.
Ms Trellyn K-G
That one woman in the market who looked at the camera reminds me of how you use to do a little edit to show that you noticed them. LOL
Year after year, your vlogs put me in the xmas spirit!
Das Video ist sooooo schön!!! Die Musik und diese Eindrücke!! Wunderschön❤️❤️❤️❤️
My Holiday Channel
Pintea Alexandra
That ending, I wasn't expecting it! :)))) love your vlogs, Julia!
I have been to both markets and they are incredibly gorgeos. Colmar even more than strassbourg
May the force be with you 🤩🤪
Sara Jakob
OMGGG France is like heaven this time of year
SaraFrozen 1
OmG the ending 😂 hilarious
Awesome place would love to go there someday
Sheila S. Quiñonez
Yay! Another travel vlog❤
Shell Ace
Thank you for taking us to France with you Julia!
Sugar Rush
How if you cover and research about dating with Switzerland men and women. Maybe make list of men and women Swiss characteristics.. Just thinking hehee
Susan Gray
So lovely and festive. Nice vlog.🍭🎁⛄🎄🍭🎁⛄🎄
Beautiful! Thanks for posting! :)
Tamara Habib
ich war auch in Straßburg es ist sehr schön
Uhapi Beauty
Just gorgeous! Wow. Wish I was there.
ViVi K
Omg 😲 eine Schweinshaxe! Yummy hatte ich schon ewig keine mehr weil es immer so viel ist
Vicky V.
I've been watching you for ages, and of all the YouTube vlogmas vids I watch, yours are my absolute favourite. Yours are always so chill, interesting, and dare I say, more cultured than the other ones I typically watch? You're a breath of fresh air, Julia. I rewatch all your vlogmases every year to put me in the festive mood! :)
Victoria Liu
lol I died at the ending
Wishdream star
Ich freu mich auf jeden vlogmas von dir 🤗 gehört für mich in diesem Jahr wieder einfach zur Vorweihnachtszeit dazu 💗
Yellow Feather
this was awesome...Hey Julia are you going to your cabin with all that beautiful snow? I love your vlogs
The ending tho 😅😂😂😂
bobbie fox
Love love love watching your videos epically your travel volgs such a beautifully romantic place 😍😍😍👑
what a cool ending :-))))
love the Darth Vader at the end :p
I need to visit next year. Very beautiful
Loved the vlogs, who was that beautiful music by?
Ommmmmgggg that nougat!
Your videos are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing!
LOL the ending! The vlog is so beautiful it makes me miss living in Europe :( I need go to back soon.
I love the lip color you’re wearing in the beginning! May I ask what it is? Thank you!
Julia this was beautiful - thanks for sharing.  I saw what Odin did to your brush on Instagram.  I hope he's been forgiven (a little bit).  Naughty boy!
haha love how you ended the vlog!
I loved this video! Thank you!
Awesome ending!!!!