Chelsea shirts over the years 😍💙⚽️

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Chelsea shirts over the years ☺️ Comment down below your favourite shirt guys and let me know who you are getting on the back of your shirt next season ☺️⚽️💙Follow me on: Facebook: Emma CFC TV Instagram: @emmacfctv Twitter and instagram: @emma8cfc This channel is dedicated to Chelsea football club! It is to keep you updated on all the new chelsea news, including reviews and previews. Thank you all for the continued support on my channel, it's amazing! Up the Chels.

Aida Mekonnen
Carlos Real Martinez
Beauty jerseys 😍 and beauty Emma 😍My favorite one is the 2005-2006 jersey with umbro sponsor!
Cem Cakan
My favorite is the 2015/16 season Chelsea kit, how about yours
Ima get willian
Danny Lagan Gonzalez
I personally would like us to never wear a red trim kit ever ever again because we've never won a major trophy whilst wearing one for a whole season,.
Everson A.B
Gata vc 🐱🐈🐈🐈🌷,\nLeets Go blues 🇬🇧🇬🇧🦁
Farhan Darma 18
Blue is the colour football is the game....
Harrison Ogarro - Blue Is The Colour TV
I love all of them but the best Chelsea kit has to be the 2011-2012 kit as we did the double in that kit! \n\nVery good video Emma, keep up the hard work! I can't wait to see what the new kits look like
Hassan Ali
Ibraheem Khan
Arsenal is the best
Imran Senior
Can I have 1 please!!!!! Am a huge chelsea fan!!!!
John KR
i will probably get azpiliqueta on my shirt as he had a great season last year and is probably our most underrated player also my favourite player John Terry left and i got him last season. Great video btw
Josh Green
Another amazing video
KoolDee 149
I need a lampard, terry, drogba, Zola jerseys.
Louis Gould
My favourite one that I have is from when I was born the 2001/02 season when super frank joined
Richie Rich TV
2014-2015 My favorite Chelsea Shit
Sarada Bhamidipati
This is the first video i saw from you and I automatically subscribed because you blood is blue! Also where did you get the 2003-2004 jersey from?
Why do you think epl gets new kits each year? Sports in USA don't really change much unless a new brand picks up the teams jerseys. My favorite kit was 12-13 with the gold Samsung
Thiago Gomes
Eu amo o Chelsea\n⚓💙
Tushar Kiran Moodgal
Hey super collection you got there Emma. KTBFFH
Warsame Ahmed
When is new kit coming out???
Zak Green
I'm gonna get Pedro
Great video⚽️👏😃
is you done or is you finished
The red devils are coming for chelsea
lo man
Your blood is blue ! Me too
luis padilla
I love your collection. I also have a small collection myself. Maybe you can help me a bit. I want to get the 2003-2005 shirt, the second one you showed, but it reminds me of last season's shirt. But are they like different blues? BTW, my favorite kit is the 99-00.
marcos aurelio
me gustó tu video, soy amante de las remeras (jersey) de fútbol!! Saludos desde Argentina
ሰብ ብሰብ
My blue family Emma💙⚽️