Meek Mill - Cold Hearted Feat. Diddy (Official Audio)

"Cold Hearted" Feat. DiddyDreams Worth More Than Money | Available Now

This joints been on repeat as of late. \nTimes are hard, & it seems like there's only one way out..\n\nIt is what it is.
A million years can go by, to me, it'll always be the 90s. He can change his name a million times,to me, he'll always be Puff. #LegendzNeverDie
A Dizzy
This beat has gotta be one of the simplest, yet one of the best beats I have ever heard...
Abideen Omisola
meek's perspective of narrating the poverty life is inspiring, word play fire, irony is out of this 3 right now in rap, no.1 in street rap
Al100 Mexican King
the 964 individuals that put thumbs down on this..let's just excuse em .(like lettin a person slide with glasses trynna fight ) they don't know any better...i wonder what goes on in sum peoples dome's to even make em go online type in a disliked artist or track and waist 2.3 minutes of there life too then just let others know they think its trash .this that ..drake better 50 this future that ect...funny people .i have a good nickname for morrons like them..\
Amaya Jones
idk why everybody saying he trash... this is true music hands down and this beat is haarrddd!!!! who listening in 2016??!!
Andre Ryan
Antonio Gwenn
the reason why he won that Billboard Award
I'd be fine if half of dc4 was songs like this
Ben worldwide
when i will buy a benz this is the first song i will play...TheChaser
Benjamin Lambert
Great album probably one of the best in the last 10 years
Meek and Hova need to drop an inspirational track like this
Brian Stilwell
the reason I'm not a fan of meek is because he rarely makes songs like this, but this album has a few solid songs but he makes songs like Monster and Amen and I really don't think he knows how stupid he sounds when he SHOUTS retarded lyrics, at least Drake mumbles his stupid lyrics. tbh they're dead even rap wise I just want great songs like this
Chandler Save
Told my moma I'm not guna let these haters kill me, was getting high evn though it would derail me.
Char Doll
Fire beat
Chico Garcia
I never had a role model I was loadin gold Hallows in my lil glock forty
Chill Smith219
This dope. I like this, Lord Knows, and R.I.C.O.
Chris Walker
Meek need to focus on his music more than the lames out there
Christopher Johnson
Cupcake Xx
I don't even fr listen to drake anymore after I heard this album. This shit is so real. Nothing against drake, but his recent music has lost meaning.
Men to be honest this almost brought me to tears.
Definitely Hip-hop Album of the Year!
Dashawn Henryhand
this song gone blow up when BET show a mini movie about this story next Tuesday at 8
David Osaigbovo
Who listened to cold heart 2 and came back to listened to this one??
Deshawn Ward
meek mill u change my life bro
Detrick Boucicaut
dis song made me tear up bru💯
Eguy Idy
meek is my favorite rapper 4 life
Ernest Swartz
Free meek!!💪🏼🙏🏼
Erwin Smith
People will talk shit about this album.But do know, this album won top rap album of the year for 2015.\n☺😂
MAAAAN, this album was very good. well done meek and every single producer
Free Minds
Them words Diddy spoke, was real deep..
Gang Green
Song of the Year
Heath Schiller
This song deep af. It almost made me shed a tear
Highlight Ty
meek should have been up for awards last year tbh
HoopersAppetite Highlights
Had to play the last verse 5x back to back 🔥
Immortal 1
Meet Meek Mill! He's a MC like no other. Never jump on bandwagons\u200b. You don't have to follow. Go against the grain and follow your dreams fam.
Israel Snipe
So people really comparing meek to drake after this fire
Real shit like this is what's the best, talking about a lesson from the life they live, shows the side people don't see while they dream of the money
This beef he has with the game is very unfortunate, it'll take away the attention of his album just like last year. 90% of the people who hate on meek have never heard this song
Jamal Mcknight
One of his best songs💯❤
Javier Jk Woods Woods
this song motivates me
Jay Colleton
Last year was a bad year even though I touched mo paper than a cashier🔥🔥🔥\n#GOAT
Jobizzzy #509
heart colder than december in the morning , still gives me the chills...
K. Lon
This is the most underrated song on the album to the point where it's sad. The beat is amazing.
Dumb beef took away attention from a good album meek put out
Ken Jeong
And this song just proves Meek Mill \u003e Drake.
Keonte Davis
Kymani Neblett
Similar to Heavy heart 👋💯
Laura Boss
lets just enjoy the music. Meek is hands down one of the best MCS
Reality check for must...every hustler that's getting paper can relate to this, no matter what the hustle is..
M. Royer
That Drake buffoonery from summer 15 made people overlook how great this song was. Im glad BET and Irv Gotti will get people to take a second look at this song, its a classic.
Manuel chava
this is for all the people who said I was going to be a bumm!look at me now ;)#hardworkpaysoff
Marcus Gore
Moral of the song ,, \
Michael Collins
3rd verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mike L
Times changed like the Rollie did
Damn, what a feeling when you and your homie chilling; and you know he got thoughts of probably robbing and killing you\n
Monster Breeze
Sitting here listening to this thinking bout how messed up things is right now and how I'm broke but wanna ball like I used to. It's a reason why my heart went cold and I have no light in this dark ass world. I mean it is what it is sometimes. I live and I live more.
NBA Dude
This is great hip hop music here. You can hear the hunger in his voice. Not bad........not bad at all....
Nakiya Porter
all on BET
Nancy Fischer
Diddy is sending a very clear message that we always knew! All this money! it's not everything. that man 500 mill in the game! listen to him! It's not worth it.
Nikki Morgan
@Meek mill every ghetto youth can relate to ur music... greatness is in ur blood..
NorthCoastNativez 204
that moment meek mill got bars better than drake and his ghost writers
Oley fourth
Im a drake fan but drake has never been through half of what meek has went through as a kid, and thats why drake could never make a track like this. Drake is a entertainer, meek mill is a rapper. Just because drake and meek don't see eye to eye does not mean we should choose sides. neither of them are in the same category .
Powcard KO!
Whenever you hear catchy and emotional instrumentals, u no its gonna be a real song #MeekTheGOAT
My teacher told me I would never go far/\nSeen him last week, he was my chauffeur/\nI was like told y'all
Raul Slaggings
Real struggle musik 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
best song on the album hands down
Redeeming Divergence
You know, I never took it too seriously when people said Meek Mill was the current Tupac. I took it to mean as in he's the only one talking about real life on the streets and struggling and that he's incredibly underrated,\nbut imagine this song and lyrics coming out of Tupac's voice and you'd believe it was the real thing.\nDamn Meek.
Reserved For A King
When I be in the jungle the devil be whispering 🙏🏽💯
this song is perfection from start to finish. Even when Diddy is giving out game.
Who Still Listening To This Greatness In 2017 🤔🤔
This song really has me thinking man.🔥🔥🔥
Solluminati Legs
I hate going past meek old songs and i see “ damn can’t believe i was slept on meek all this time” smh yall too focused on them radio hits listen to the whole albums for once
Stefon Hopson
Who here from cold hearted 2?
Strife 争
Regardless of what happened between him and drake i could never hate this song nor could i hate meek this song is just so real
That Guy
just heard this song today I don't even know how I never came across this damn this song go
Vinny Tran
hands down one of meek's best songs. this song was written with 100% soul
Wood B More TV
We got a cold hearted 2 coming out tonight
Woody Da Pimp
DWMTM\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003eDrake's Discography\n\n\nEven though Drake has made for sales and has more fans it's always Quality over Quantity and that's what Meek delivers
Yuran Jones
Meek’s best song🔥🔥🔥🔥
cassandra Rico
G. A. O. T for a hated underestimate person like meek.
danny garcia
Favourite song off the album for me.
david kurhula
album of note...meek is hard real rapper!! damn!
incognito TM
Had to come back here after this fire joint got featured on Irv Gotti's hip hop Anthology series, TALES...
I hope Meek has inspirational Music on DC4
jimmy jackson
tbh ... I think this should've went platinum
jonathan cromartie
great album.\ndiddy doing him as usual. get money talk
one those songs you throw on when your solo thinking... wondering where this life is going to take me tomorrow..... Strong Vibe, strong minds... They see me fail but I swear I be tryin...
This song might have just made my top 5. GodDAMN
mafia business
All I can say is meek a legend
prettyboy andrew
drake could never top dis song!💯
samir lingham
Meek is nice better than drake who thinks? 💯💯🌴🌴🔥🔥 this is flames dream chasers💥🔥
Okay. Before I say this, idgaf what any of you say. This is my opinion if you don't like it, shove it. This is totally unbiased. \n\nWell I have been a Drake fan for years now. Back when he was dropping his first mixtapes. I always liked him but I feel he used to go harder in older music. BUT I'm not saying is new shit is bad. I just don't listen to much of it. With that being said, I never even gave Meek Mill a second thought. I heard his features and like maybe one of his songs a few years back. I wasn't really feeling it. I never listened to any of his music after, cause I mostly like Underground Hip Hop and 90s hip hop. Well today I was seriously bored and just scrolling and stumbled across his music. I listened to several songs off this album, (or mixtape, whatever the fuckk this is. I don't follow his career.) Coming from someone who is fascinated with a wide variety of poetry and music (not just hip hop,) I can say that he does have talent. I actually like this song. I don't see why everybody has to down him just cause they're Drake fans. Give credit where credit is due. Most of you people can't even sit down and write some half decent shit.\n\nThat's all.
stephen singleton
Meek killed it, Diddy spoke the truth
hard to side with drake when meeks making music like this
willi okine
Who still listening in 2018!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥