CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace

Taken from the new album ‘Every Open Eye’ released 25th September – get the track instantly when you pre-order on iTunes:

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst brought me here..
Abel Vera
Would you guys consider this song \
Alex Bernal
3584 almas que no merecen...
Alex Reche
One of the best bands out currently, opinion and fact.
Alexis Wolfe
Arkaprava Sarkar
can't believe she is 30 xoxo...she looks like a teenager.
Lauren is gorgeous\n\n😎😎😎😎😎😎
There's something so different about her. She just absolutely radiates this wonderful inner strength. And her voice is incredible.
Is she saying Relief or release? I swear it changes every sentence.
Carlos Alvarez Velazquez
I love it !! nice songs !!
Charlie Österlund // Drums
She is gorgeous. So is the song.
Chris cck
This song has helped me in the time of my life when I left an abusive relationship. I dont know a lot about the band or the singer. But if i meet her just once, all id like to do is shake her hand, and thank her for such a wonderful song. If the singer, or anyone of the band is reading this, thank you.
Cool kid JB
Good tune. The video development is great.
DJ Kush
David Black
This is like the angriest perfume ad ever.
David Elghammer
Beautiful and also shows creativity with her cool eye makeup and jewelry. And can't forget those shoes when she does shows. @laurenevemay stunning really. Cars must crash around her as she walks down the street.
David hughesberg
if all ladies looked like her the world would be a beautiful place to live in.
Dennis Jacobs
The more you listen to Loren the more you like it. I was referred to this group by youtube, now I am going to check out their hints. I really am impressed with Chvrches.
Devin Ian Schramm
I think that people should admit to enjoying the music and stop focusing on Lauren so heavily. I mean, I'll admit she's mesmerizing and very beautiful, and Chvrches would be little to nothing without her, but there's more than that. I've heard some very misogynistic derogations and several evil sexual threats involving her online and it's just that one word: MISOGYNY. Again granted she's beautiful but she's also a great singer and I think she deserves more appreciation than she sometimes gets for being a female singer in a band comprised otherwise of males.
Dirk Larien
Damn, i like this song....should have listened to it sooner.... oh and learn ....
I can't believe it!! Every dang song on their album is a hit.
Enrique Antonio Mena Caviedes
Fausto Rodriguez
the 80's is back again..
Geremey Groves
God, shes so pretty, and this music is just a PERFECT fit for her. Just started listening to her, but i think its safe to say shes a favorite.
Gourab Bhattacharya
I gave up on time\nJust like you said you would\nThere are tiny cracks of light underneath me\nAnd you say I got it wrong\nBut I tried hard to uncover them\nI have somehow got\nAway with everything\nAnything you ever did was strictly by design\nBut you got it wrong\nAnd I'll go anywhere but there\nAnd you had best believe\nThat you cannot build what I don't need\nAnd I know I need to feel relief\nAnd I know you'll never fold\nBut I believe nothing that I'm told\nAnd I know I need to feel relief\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to tell it just as it was\nTake care to tell on me for the cause\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to bury all that you can\nTake care to leave a trace of a man\nI will show restraint\nJust like we said we should\nYou think I'll apologize for things I left behind\nBut you got it wrong\nAnd I'm as sane as I ever was\nYou talk far too much\nFor someone so unkind\nI will wipe the salt off of my skin\nAnd I'll admit that I got it wrong\nAnd there is grey between the lines\nAnd you had best believe\nThat you cannot build what I don't need\nAnd I know I need to feel relief\nAnd I know you'll never fold\nBut I believe nothing that I'm told\nAnd I know I need to feel relief\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to tell it just as it was\nTake care to tell on me for the cause\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to bury all that you can\nTake care to leave a trace of a man\nI know, I know, I know, I know\nI know, I know, I know, I know\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to tell it just as it was\nTake care to tell on me for the cause\nI know I need to feel released\nTake care to bury all that you can\nTake care to leave a trace of a man\nI know, I know, I know, I know\nI know, I know.
Guilermo Fuentes
This is my mountain bike ride around the city at night song.
Ivana Tyushnyakova
It's pleasing how Lauren looks as delicate as her voice and the musical arrangement sounds, and the soft colors look. The haze in the video makes it seem surreal, as if she were in her internal place of safety and comfort, close to completely healing her emotional wounds. She looks vulnerable in a beautiful way. Coming to peace with herself, accepting things for what they were and preparing to finally close the chapter of a broken romance. That's what I visualize due to her tranquility during the storm that seems to cease as she softly dances in the water... and that guy behind the fog, it shows how distant he is from her, since she is leaving him behind. Barely visible within her.
J P Sports Cars
She is Stunning and by the way this is the only genre of music the Brits still do the best, our music industry needs a revival from the absolute shit that gets all the airplay but i know its coming!
James Keeling gaming
Thank you to chvrches. very beautiful song. and I feel like I can write my own material after hearing this song.
Jeramiah John
sit on my face
Joe Juarez
This song is so underrated. I think it's better than Lies.
Kardel Faerie
After listening to this for about 10x since the last 2weeks, I finally know when to say release and relief.
Karla Olvera
There is nothing most beautiful than Lauren \u003c3
Listen Forever Music
I can't even tell you how many times I watched this video before I realized both girls were the same person ...
Logan Buck
i love this band cause of her
Luana Adriano
i have this feeling about lauren where i dont know if i wanna kiss her or be her
She looks hot on this video.
Mandi Boo
I don't understand how this song doesn't have more views!! Chvrches is an awesome band and this is a great song. \u003c3
Marc Bülow
abc ist filmdose
Martin esInWhite
I love this women, your voice is beautiful💕🐧😍😍😍
MineRedChris 500
Wow! This Vocal-Chops - I love It! I love your songs!
Minh Pham
The Game Awards 2015 brought me here ! Great band, great song
Nader Valian
am I the only one who is not hot for Lauren and just thinks the music is super cool to jam to? damn...I'm gay.
Nationalist Weeb
I was looking for Linkin Park on Spotify and stumbled upon this....I am not disappointed
Neich Hell
just 20 more days #chvrches #mex
Neon Gods
Goddamn that woman is beautiful. I kinda love her.
Noelle M
ANyone else pronounce this as \
I sat next to Lauren during part of the Game Awards. I've never heard of them, but dammit they're catchy!
Paul Matthews
Easily best chvrches tune
Pedro Bonilla
I remember the first time I listened to Lauren Mayberry music in person I fell for her because I thought her voice was so intone with her songs. She so amazing no matter what she does 😘
Peter Stapleton
Think this is actually a great sound, can’t put my finger on what exactly it is, but great stuff
Platonic Purple Panda
This song I feel like could fit the Mirror's Edge world too.
she's so beautiful and sexy . pretty lady \u003c3\u003c3
Rabie Charfeddine
She is gorgeous, her voice sets me on fire. An angel in earth. Wowwwww!!! :-)
Rahim Khan
She's CUTE!!!
I'm so happy I discovered Chvrches. Any recommendations similar to Chvrches would be greatly appreciated, although I think Chvrches is unique.
Ricardo Andrade
Rogelio Rios Ruiz
OMG she looks so fucking beautiful in this one :O \u003c3
Kiss from Russia!!!
Samuel Boundy
The conviction in this song says to me that it is close to her heart. I fucking love this girl and this band!
Seulgi's abs
When you're a girl and you find her damn attractive :\\
This is the first song i heard by them on some random spotify playlist... and loved them... Was great to see them turn up at glasto as well...
Stephen Cau
Musically and vocally this girl reminds me of the band Purity Ring, and also Lights
Steven Simpson
Good to see a new generation of Synth Pop.
You talk far too much for someone so unkind..
Four Tet's remix though....Out of this world!
Sydney O'Bier
They've certainly evolved, it just does my heart good to see Lauren is a more confident performer.
Tam Williamson
Pretty sure she's going to still look 12 when she's 40. Lol
The Retro Synthwave Opera
This was the first song that I heard when I got into them. I love what they're doing for Synth Pop. Great musicians!!!!
its actually really clever what she's singing about ; \
Tony G
Love this band awesome songs and , loved the Glastonbury performance
So Great to see a female artist not be objectified, and still be appreciated by a surprisingly male Fanbase!
Vania Christianty
Vero Tomlinson
she is so beautiful
I never know when to say \
This song is underrated
A beautiful video, probably my favorite from them. The song is great too.
b h
i wonder if the film \
If I heard this on the radio, I would perceive it as pop. I don't like pop. The dark tone of the video makes me take it more seriously.
4 minutes of sheer awesomeness.
Beautiful Lauren and beautiful voice💕💕💕💕👍👌👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘
She looks so mesmerizing. She's 30 yrs old but she doesn't look like it. She looks so youthful. \u003c3
i searched CHVRCHES thinking they were witch house or something darkish, i was wrong lol
kenny bob
The hottest woman in music.
i love when she says can and man her accent just comes out
sebastian sam
Love you Lauren u are my crush since I was 17
She has gained a lot more confidence, or something, since her bashful The Mother We Share video \u003c3
awesome song. also Lauren is beautifullllll
pls, someone tell me why i can't stop watch this video and listen this song
thanashs migdisian
OMG voice of a goddess
toni toni
is there another version where martin's the one laying on the water?
Ok, now my only goal in life is to get to smell her armpit.
Илья Лозовой
Not bad. Something between pop and pop rock. Keep doing the same
александр клейнос
Очень круто !!!!!!!