Extended Tunnel Cam As Chelsea Win The FA Cup! | Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup

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Inside access at Wembley as Chelsea beat Manchester United 1-0 to win their eighth FA Cup.Subscribe:

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Morata 10:32 :)
Aaron McGlade
The last bit where giroud and Cahill where about to join in celebrations 😢😍
Ahmed Adnan
10:31 \
Andrew Yehezkiel
10:32 Morata is slowly turned into Costa.
10:31 damn Morata \
Arunabh Lala
No love lost mourihno n hazard
Aung San
Chelsea 😚😚😚😚
Blue Cityzen
United 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bowl Cut
De Gea probably goes balls deep with goalie gloves on. 🤔
Clem SkyAzphel
11:00 Giroud waiting for Cahill so they can celebrate together x)
DAZE77 Gaming
We actually played much better than Chelsea but still lost.
Daniel Fahim Islam
Thank you Chelsea! 😍
Depeche Robb
So strange and sad seeing Mourinho interact with Chelsea players and staff. Feels like watching your ex talking to your family or friends
Dino Ferlando
10:59, like watching two old men drunk after overtime work, and i love it!
Doran Krotan
As a Chelsea fan, I will always love Jose Mourinho.
El Rey
dammmmmmmmn hahahahahaha 3:46
Emmanuel Uche
Alex Scott knew 💙
Ermi Pedro TI Hazard
Does Hazard hate Jose very much or his has resentment coz he sold his best pals Ba, Eto, DD and his sexual partner Eva Carniero?
lmao sanchez had to change mascots
Fat Yolk
5:48 what the hell was that :l
Fitry Hakim
Still it hurts me to see Mata in red shirt..even after all these years
Those kits look exactly like last season's kit no creativity from nike
Gilbert Oppong
6:35 Mourino still have a beef with hazard there was no handshake
So proud of Victor Moses. Watched that guy since Wigan!!
Hhung Lee
Giroud loves Chelsea
Honest V
Awesome Tunnel Cam view, thanks Emirates FA Cup for the coverage...wonderful to see all of them .... ^^
Ilyas Kazimov
Chelseaaaaaaaa Chelseaaaaaaaa Chelseaaaaaaaa
Ismatullah Mohsini
Mourinho wishes he was at chelsea
Iyad Bazmawi
It hurts me seeing Mata and Matic in red shirts. They will always be Blues. :(
I’m a Liverpool fan but come on Chelsea
Surprised Chelsea didn't bottle it again
Jacob Abutu
5:29 damn so cold. That's why De Gea didn't save the penalty
Jay C
Willian will be off to United if Conte stays ☹️
Jim Frank
couple of boring teams. results are important but playing style and entertainment are important too
Joseph D
Last season’s Chelsea jerseys were bland. Love the New Jerseys 😍😍
Is it a coincidence that Chelsea changed dressing rooms and won .... I THINK NOY
Jussie Pistola
Parabéns Chelsea Pelo Título da FA cup
Kevin Hancock
Love seeing the scum get beat..mourinho not special anymore
Kshitiz Karki
Fa cup champions! Come on Chelsea. Also, love seeing behind the scenes like this.
Lord aziz Mutairi
Love you hazard! 🔥💙💙💙❗️
Michael Soccer skills
Lady said will hazard get a goal today yep he wil
Mike Colver-Smith
When the kids call rudiger bakayoko🤦🏼\u200d♂️
Mio Carlström
10:31 omg i love Morata hah
Moh Patel
Hazard laughed at Alexis and told him to swap his mascot ahahahahahaha
Mohamed Ali
Those security people can sometimes piss me off. They anger me so much at times.
Mr T
I found this more entertaining than the game itself.
Mus themaster
First like aswell
Musa Ismail
classy morata at 10:32
Neil Dickson
ashley young aint big enough for his walk
Nicco Kiki
And giroud won a trophy with his new club while his ex partner sanchez hmmmmm haha
The camaraderie between these sides is heart-warming...
Were was your dabs & milly rocks then lingard you absolute weapon.
OG Cookie Monster
Just pulled up by the pub earlier and the sound off United fans cheering and screaming when they thought they scored.. can’t put a price on that 😂😂😂 bye bye 😂😂 made my week you plastic mancs
0:46 oh, he'll get THE goal.
Pina Hoque
Yes Chelsea
Pipi Brasci
Morata making lots of noise as if he scored the goal.
Rehan raza khan
6:40 hazard was there but he didn't greet mourinhi
Robin Nibor
Rohan Dugalche
Mourinho seems to like kids !! 😉😅👌
Ronakk Patel
love giroud , top lad he is, mixed in chelsea like he is been there forever
Roy Ajin
Giroud says he needs to wins this to make up for him winning it for Arsenal against Chelsea last year.. he owns his words!
Roy Rehi
Mata \nOscar\nHazard\n\nGood Old Days
Seun Balogun
It's nice to see the friendly gestures in the tunnel
Sultan Abdulrahim
Morata of all people should not be making noise in the locker room like that when he's been poor all season.
Sylvia Ikeji
My boys!!! Now you have brought laughter to me. Have a fantastic summer and come back next season better and stronger! 😚😍👍👌👋
giroud is a legend winning fa cup in arsenal and he did again now with chelsea
Loved Morata's passion. Genuinely is a proper team player. Barely got a few minutes but was active in the celebrations. Willian on the other hand. That miserable sod can piss off to United asap.
Timothy Nyota
So much preparation goes to these games... It's crazy
Tyson Ngubeni
Gary Staker - Chelsea's player liaison officer - seems like such a nice guy. :)
Vd•Putra 27
Hahahaha \n#Mourinhoout
Damn 5:48
Victor Siwaphiwe
Morata 10:31 lol hahaha
Will Gomes
At 3:18 I thought it was Thomas muller 😂😂😂😅😂
Yang Wang
06:36 you can see Hazard and Mourinho probably dislikes each other. Cesc and Mourinho are fine.
Zair 7
I loved how happy Azpi was when he high fived the kids! What a guy!
7:58 Did Alexis swap his mascot so she wouldn't be as tall as him?!
durojaiye oluwaseun
I love Chelsea with my life ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
dwayne fox
Look at the difference between man u players and the fans to Chelsea players and the fans Chelsea players had no problem touch the kids and man u players touch what one row
ferrari enzo
Winning with a penalty...what a shame.....no challenging at all
harri Dwi
Most united fans are from 3rd world country. And they are too salty about losing. LoL love it!
5.00 Someone needs to dress Pogba right... tho maybe his batman didn't turn up as well?!!
messi fan
Chelsea are the best!!!!!!!!!
mohammed mansour
We don't want bakayoka play in Chelsea please let him Gooooo
nBn Diaries
Chelsea can buy Martial if Man United are willing to sell him.
nancy michael
Up Chelsea\n Fantastic performance from Rudiger
Pretty sure Giroud is catching up with Ashley Cole in FA cup medals.
sam Ono
7:58 😂😂😂😂😂 Poor Sanchez! Hazard taking the mic. 😭
LOOOL 7:57 you can hear Sanchez saying change cos his mascot was tall, he even says \
siddharth singh
man utd were really bad today \nchelsea taught them lesson on how to defend
Sanchez getting to look a bit porky, or not?
tyler adams
ref was bios it was not offside fam and they kept on fouling us ref is disgraceful they did not deserve to win
xuanbao Xb2103
yon 135
حمد ابو اصايل
Hazard God 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏