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Hard-partying brothers Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) place an online ad to find the perfect dates (Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza) for their sister's Hawaiian wedding. Hoping for a wild getaway, the boys instead find themselves outsmarted and out-partied by the uncontrollable duo.Now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD:

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Is that Sugar from The Zone?
I wanna see a Workaholics movie!
Abrar Alghamdi
I am looking at Aubrey plaza throughout the trailer. The teacher character suits her well.
Aubrey PLaza booty im in
Afro Shinobi
Aubrey Plaza is so fine
Alexander Ivanov
Anyone know the name of the track that starts at 1:08 ? Thanks in advance !
Not sure how I feel about this...
Alma Doumani
zac efron is really gorgeous but let's face it he SERIOUSLY CANNOT ACT.
Andrew Smith
It was a \
Apex 200
this actually seems really funny. can't wait to see these four actors play off of each other. plus Zac needs a break.
Appellation Sobriquet
Zac Efron is a pretty good actor, I don't know why he feels the need to make so many of these shitty comedies. He should do more serious roles that are potentially Oscar-worthy.
Ashley V Redden
This is going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see these 4 on screen together ^^
Benito Rodríguez Camejo
This actually looks decent, same old raunchy comedy but interesting new premise.
Benny Enfinger
Forget Efron... \n\nAUBREY PLAZA!!
Candese Michael
Once I saw Zac Efron, it was then I knew that I was gonna watch it.
Carl Wheezer
Zac needs to get his head in the game
Aubrey plaza is a babe!
Colton Ray
This looks funny, but man is that an unwieldy title. Seven words is way too long.
Danny Perez
Dominic RedBorrelli
Aubrey Plaza is the only reason I am seeing this.
I'm so happy Zac has a serious upcoming film now,I hope that will make the studios realise that they are offering him the wrong roles,Zac belongs to drama and he was doing really wel in theml until just a few years ago.He's not for comedy and doesn't deserve to be in those shitty comedy movies,I mean,if they were were at least good...(same goes for Anna Kendrick lol)This guy is truly a great actor,not Oscar-worthy at all of course,but it's so sad to see him wasting his gift in movies like these.For those who don't know,his upcoming film is caled The Greatest Showman on Earth,it's a biographical musical drama although some people say it's also a comedy,but I have a lot of faith in that project.He shares screen with some of the great ones like Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams and those guys don't do the shitty films that Zac gets to do,so, I'm hopeful.
Erik Weiss
Sooooooooo, basically Wedding Crashers with females crashing the wedding?
Exalted Nevaeh
Geez, when did everyone start being professional movie critics.. I mean, Is it really so hard for people to just enjoy something absurd and fun?
Francise A
I'm here for Anna Kendrick
Gage Waltner
I'm just here for Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick
Gina V
Honestly, this looks super funny, can't wait until it comes out :)
Grace Archer
anNA FREAKING KENDRICK \n\nalso Anna and Aubrey= dream team
Greg Gabaylo
Zac Efron has been COMPLETELY type-cast
Finally Adam Devine is a Main Character.. he deserves his own movie.. he's funny as hell.
John Santana
this kind of looks perfect. at least the trailer is perfect
I have to see this lollllll
Only watching this because of Aubrey Plaza, but Anna Kendrick is also kinda cool...and I guess Zac Efron was pretty good in Bad Neighbours...\n*lies down*\nMy life is weird
Karen Gonzalez
am I the only one who thinks the bride at 0:07 looks like Bradley Cooper?!
King 2202
Anybody but me think Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick are gonna out-funny these guys throughout the whole thing ? 'cause', that's kinda what it looks like.
If I see this ad one more time I'm gonna blow my brains out
Kortni Bettiol
This movie was hilarious!!!
Kylee Grover. xD
Kendrick + Plaza is life.
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, oh my!!! Must watch! xD
Anna kendrick and Audrey plaza are the MVP of this trailer.
This movie was actually SO funny. I was crying cuz I was laughing so hard.
Lucy Walding
Just eyes on Aubrey. All the time.
Luis Manzo
Aubrey is ridiculously sexy, that's why I loved this movie😂
Mackenzie Van Rooy
Aubrey Plaza makes me rethink my sexuality
Marsh Marlou
Anna Kendrick \u003c3
Matt Prazak
Zac needs a new agent, all these movies are the same....
Monique sader
Frikin love Anna kendrick and Aubrey plaza
Mr Entertainment
I am surprised how stupid this movie looks. #MikeAndDave
Worst movie by far I have ever paid to see\n\n0.5/10 and thats no exaggeration\n\nthe entire movie is one big PC gender role reversal and the story line is just plain terrible\n\nDO NOT WATCH
Aubrey and Anna are the dream team
I legit thought the redhead was Bella Thorne when I first saw this trailer LOL and wondered why such a young actress was being used. IMDB stated otherwise. Anna Kendrick, who knew. I think Aubrey Plaza is going to make this movie.
Another flop Zac?
OvO Jumpman
I'm not going to lie, i really want to see this
Raquel Martínez
So excited to see this movie!! Kendrick and Plaza are the ultimate dream team, and Zac and Adam are really funny too, so this should be interesting.
Rhacy Caunca
Aubrey plaza booty 1:04. That's all.
Zac Efron is slowly becoming like Adam Sandler.
Do they really?.... I’ve seen waaaay too many reasons why they shouldn’t...
Scott Neuman
This looks GREAT.
Sean Collins
This is going to be a complete train wreck it deserves more dislikes, I am guessing between 10%-15% on Rotten Tomatoes.
If I had a sister and she married a black dude, there's no way in hell I'm going to the wedding without packing an m-4.
Socal Steeze
Aubrey and Anna remind me of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for iconic comedic pairings.
Tawania Ramsey
This movie is very funny I love it not a dull moment everyone was on point wow it was good lml
I have just seen this movie and it beat my expectations. I thought this movie was going to be stupid, in which it is, but it is hilarious.
The Imposter
a lot of scenes in this trailer were not in the movie
This actually looks pretty hilarious
Tomiwa Aina
omg Zac Efrons shirt was on for the whole trailer!!!
Topher Buckland
This looks... truly.... truly\n\n\ntruly\n\nawful.
Vega Prototype
Aubrey in a bikini. Nuff said.
Anna Kendrick looks like a young Bella Thorne (by young I mean like 4 years ago).
lol the girls stole the show?
aye lmao
Pitch Perfect and Dirty Grandpa crossover??
this...actually looks funny
Watching this because of Zac and Anna
This movie was actually surprisingly funny, not even gonna lie
hirul chase crowford
why so many scene being cut
Aubrey and Anna are perfection
i like these 4 people so much\n\ncant wait
jonatan drake
Why does the girl look like from dirty grandpa with the big glasses
Aubrey and Anna movie. I'm there.
lala cee
I don't usually find these types of movies funny but this one was funny as hell! I almost spat out my drink twice...
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza are pure gold together. I will watch this movie just because they are in it.
I've been waiting since Scott Pilgrim to see Aubrey and Anna work together.
mike freeman
I thought anna kendrick was bella thorne for a minute
I paused at 1:04
Zac Efron and a Nobody Need Wedding Dates
Great casting!
Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick? Yes please!!
Anything with Aubrey Plaza is good no matter how bad it is just shut up and love her, she's a national treasure.
Aubrey Plaza is sexxyy!
tree bear
Hollywood, stop making Efron happen, it's not going to happen!
So former high school athlete Troy Bolton meets up with Bumper where they desperately try to find dates only to find Beca Mitchell and April Ludgate as suitable matches.
u better believe
I'm super excited to see this, just for Anna and Aubrey playing a pair sloppy party girl besties.
weirdo mixer
The most amazing friendship of Anna and Aubrey.
Mmm, respect due to Kendrick for a varied CV.
yodaddy82 daddy
It is for 12 year olds. They couldnt make it 3 minutes without saying feminism. The influence is strong with the left
just watched the movie and there are 3 scenes from the trailer that weren't in it:\n\n1. the Bocce scene with the trophy 1:38\n2. the scene where the girl is dancing on the table 1:58\n3. the scene where the other girl takes off her undies 2:01\ndid anyone did see them?