Graffiti lessons ep1 - Basics

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Hello everyone I'm Tony from 139ART Studiohere are some basics of drawing graffiti sketches.139ART Studio FB page:

beginners draw graffity grafiiti how simple to tutorial

123 123
I like your attitude! \
Is this guy still doing art? One video in 2 years.
AK_ 47
plz ep.2 plz
Adam Konieczny
Aini Momin
Alison Black
Hi, can someone please tell me what type of pen he's using to outline in blue. Thank you!
Aljas Buzi
When is the next episode coming???
Amanda Moore
You're cute :)
Andrew Pettit
Gorls get de miniOns!
Atomic Spark
*It took 5 minutes until there was teaching involved*
Bradley Vlogs and Air-guns
Charlie Myers
I love your accent, it sounds like the guy from Despicable Me
Chris Happy
I thought he was going to write penis
Chris Schofield
thank you for the video. it was really helpful.
Christian C
this is his only video?!
Cody Andrews
Tutorial starts at 3:38
Come and Craft
Thank you for making this video.I got a new sketchbook and I didn't know what to draw but graffiti is really fun and I'm going to keep sketching and getting better👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Coops One
If anyone didn't know his channel is Antonio Bakarec 😊
He 100% does graffiti\n\n*FBI OPEN UP*
Daniel Martin
Still waiting for episode 2
Antonio Bakarec is his new channel, i thought he stopped with yt...
who actually learned? tbh
Demarcus Rozan
What markers did you or did he use if anyone could help me
Deus Ex Machina
What sort of artistic style is that in the background - the painting with the guy with glasses? And the breaking bad one on the right?
EeL Estrada
Stop talking broo.. 2'45 and u still talking. Start teaching.. Finally !!\nUuuff !
Ethan Pillay
the tutorial helped me to get a good start
Oh... 15.101 subs with only one Video... \n\u003eAND I WILL TRY THIS,T TOO!!\u003c\n\n😍😂
Garlic Bread
Hamza The Gamer
Dude you are so good explaining the griffiti \nMy one turned out not even near good to yours but i will keep going and hopefully i can get it to look good as your
Hi Lol
Actual tutorial starts at 2:58
James Cop
thanks man! nice tutorial
Jan Thurnher
Thank you you realy inspired me to draw! Great video
Jesus Sanchez
Thr guy who showed you was someone called oscar hemeneiz he is my teacher he teaches in florence griffith Joyner teaches 3rd and he showed us this video
Joey H
Only one video!?!?! Please make are very talented and good at lessons!!! Much support to you!!!😎🤙
Jordan Trujillo
he says not to mix the uppercase and lowercase,yet he has a lower case\
dude, I'm begging you, please do ep2
Kev Mekel
Hey, your videos are amazing...This video helped me improve my graffiti sketch 👍
Song name 19:00 please!!
Leonard Ney
best vid yet. I love how you talked about music
i didnt understand something
Lozy Awady
Thanks man i've been trying to learn graffiti for a while and you helped alot.
Luke Wilcock
Sounds lime gru of dispicae me
MDot Media
Make sa more awesome vids
Maaz Shaikh
He sounds like Gru from despicable me
Madiha Minhaj
I feel like I just attended an actual class lol amazing
Marin Srok
oh come on please make another video
Marty McFly
hahahaha love it when toy wanna teach graffiti...
Mathew Eb
What brand of color pens did you use?
I like the music you chose \u003c3
how come this is the only video on the channel
Mića &Paja
good channel
Mr Stamp's Productionz
In start it looked stupid but then you nailed it
Mya B
I looove his accent! Where is he from?
Nagashri Nagashri
plz let it continue because its amazing an easy to do ☺😊😆
Neu Street
it's wrong to teach something you have no idea about. Smh
for begginers , if you want to write graffitis better try to not copy others be creative and make your own style because from copying you won't learn that much . Use markers such as Copics , Promarkers etc. Don't steal others tags write your own .
Nuke Town
I think you need to use a script
Do u mean with old school hip hop American gangster rap?
OpticKanine Twitch
dude this is a great video!
hey man, please continue this channel, you do the great job, your grafitti lookes amazing and i want teaching from you, but i cant becouse there is only one video lol :v
Pavarna TA
Persi Giecson
11:23 spongebob meme\n*PeNciL*
Rahman Hakiki
sonjo Ae
RealMutha Farkn_G
Ryan Gallagher
What's a good types of markers
Next one maybe please
San Tran
hold up, he said whether you use upper case or lower case, stick with it and don't mix it yet the i is lower case and everything else is upper
Sarcasm Person
2 years later. . .
Saw See
судя по акценту - ты Русский)
Like the music. can someone recommend me some? Thanks!
Shaorma Hunter
u help me so much
Shein12 Graffiti
Nice Video :) \nDont give up buddie on and on :)
Somoa Warp619
Yo what happened to your channel
upload again
Work on your line quality!
Vamsi Super star's fan
Thanks for the video this really helps me a lot
Looks amazing keep up the good work I'm subbed
Xander Heller
cool video where is the next one?D:
Xinyu Zhou
this is very helpful, than you bro
Zakaria Hassan
angel core
gelow madafaka
absolute toy
bugz TV
Thanks this video helped me so much people at school love me for doing art work like this and I wanted you to know you really helped me fit in at school\n\nThanks!!!!
killer_ pooper
Who is waiting for ep 2 😂😂
mac rondo
maria selinbabu
realy nice to bigginers
omg you are a toy, otherwise what do u think about football?
thought he was gonna write penis lmao
milo chinae
i like your graffiti
nico 310
You got 10k subscribers with only one video where you just write pencil😱😱
notapro hmm
Wow that looks cool
rok šuster
guys he has a new channel that's why he isn't posting here anymore
wadaap jOujou
UR ufo
Максим Верещинский
Твоя мамка
Кто русский???