Mirai Nikki OVA: "Redial" [Reaction!]

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The light at the end of the tunnel. A satisfying conclusion.I always read my comments- So expect a reply, and I'll try to get to you!Follow my Twitter for updates whenever I feel like it!

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I loved all of this!
Allamdar Behbahani
I'm too young and my parents won't let me make a twitter account so I'm just giving my suggestions for anime here: kill la kill (just like you said.) and akame ga kill or kamisami kiss
Amie Blanchard
react to akame ga kill
Amir .Z.
react to madoka magica\ngive 3 episodes chance u wont be disapointed !!
I recommend Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's only 12 episodes long and has some of the same elements as Mirai Nikki. ^_^ Thank you for reacting to this!!
Andjelija Simic
React to Vampire knight
Andrew William
Tre, i would recommend reacting to Code geass
Anime Loverxx
I'm gonna miss the series
Apollo G.
Bryleigh Fawcett
Where's ep 26?
For more very happy anime girls and confusing tragic stories:\nPuella Magi Madoka Magica :3
Cho nino
Watch Higurashi no naku koro ni next time
If you haven't watch it: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is quite amazing. \nAlso, Karneval is a nice short series.
DayanaxBear jk
cool bud but plz speak louder in the intro thx
Gaming Yatty
Tre Food wars!! we fans been waiting for this
Gregory Pena
Bro, why im i crying over watching these reactions over and over again even tho i watched this anime years ago...
Why have I not been notified of this! It's been out for two weeks!! YOUTUBEEEEE!!!
Hariz 555
react to re:zero next plz
You should react to magi it is amazing amine.
Jut so you know the guy who made this anime made another anime called big order. Definitely recommend it.
Jody Leonardi
tre... react to 10 facts of mirai nikki please.... you'll find suprizing facts in it...
Joe Morgan
Any idea when you'll be finishing up Volume 4? You only have 4 more episodes left.
K ㄚ 尺 口 匕
Read the manga it expands the end just a lil bit more after 3rd worlds yuno finds yukkii.
Katarzyna Piotrowska
I WANT 2 OVA ❤❤❤❤
Kawaiiness Bunny
At the end I cryed with happiness so much because yuno finally found yukii
Keaton Walley
Man I need you to watch Angle Beats it's a good anime to react to and it has a bunch of twist and turns just like this. Please man, do it as a favor to me, your favorite viewer.
Kurogane Ikki
Two things Tre: Do you plan on playing Persona 5? And who's best waifu in Persona 4?
redial is the actual manga end but they didint want this ending because it would be a massive cliffhangar or it would have destroyed the atmosphere or something like that
Magnoli-a -
😭😭😭part 22222222
Nocte Ensis
Tre i am hereby putting \
OlliePop TheStrange
You have no idea how happy I got when I saw this pop up in my notifications\nI'm super glad you liked it! I was sure you would be happy all of your favorites would be alive and happy\nAnd, you made a good point and I do agree with 12th being the most innocent. He was probably the only one who thought he was doing the right thing the whole time, trumping Yuki's fearful unwillingness at the beginning\nAnd yeah 12th has the most fun personality and my personal favorite besides Yuno, so, out of curiosity, besides Minene, Yuno or Yuki who would your favorite Diary User be and why?
Omar Zerarka
bro im now just feeling free to recommand an anime.Its called oda nobuna no yadou.first of all im going to tell you a little bit about the anime.Its one of these anime that teachs you something about history of Japan that isnt something like school girls or something like that.Its playing in Samurai century (dunno the name of this century feel free to write it if you want to comment)IT got nice character that I personally can really emphazise with.The themes are amazing and the animations are pretty good to.To tell a little bit of the plot.A boy sleeps on his console while playing this game which plays in the Samurai century when he woke up he finds himself in a war.well since he was a really big fan of the game he knows everything about this century so he changes the past to end better.Hope you are going to watch it since it's a really good anime with just 12 episodes so it's not so tiring like Mirai Nikki
zero dislikes wow ;)
Queen Hitomi
God, I smile wide asf and start getting all giggly every time I see that ending. I hope you enjoyed it! Thx for reacting Tre, it took forever to finish but I'm so glad you did. \u003c3
RaffSkyeDog _
I feel you when you said you had a nightmare about Yuno I also had one when I first watched this anime 4 years ago
Rappen Raygun
there's a episode 27
I personally recommend the anime psycho 100 if you haven't already watched it! very unique animation and art style. It's like one of those anime you can't explain to someone, you have to experience it. It's a very funny anime about a kid that has extremely powerful psychic power. literally stong enough to destroy EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. But no, he's afraid of his own powers and chooses to conceal them instead because he doesn't wanr to hurt another human being. He hunts down ghosts instead. It's very entertaining and it would be awesome if you took the time to watch it 😆
Huh? What happened to your 26 reaction?
Ryan Langley
So this is your second nightmare about Yuno? I was laughing my ass off because I remember you mentioning you had one in ep 14 hahaha
React to Terror in resonance or Noragami next ty
Sohryu Tenshi Langley
New sub
Hell yeah, Kill La Kill FTW
It was actually a bit fast pace, or at least faster than I thought it would be but all in all there is not a lot I can hate about this conclusion and anime in general. It was a crazy, insane and fun ride, thanks for having me :) Can't wait for whatever is next for this channel, after RWBY of course ;)
Unbeatable Umbreon
If your taking request Tokyo Ghoul is a very gods one
YAY FizzyBubblySoda
YouTube platform user # 19798046786986
You should watch code geass
Yunie White
I dont know but the names just reminds me of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru xD
Yuno Gasai Psycho
give me some hugs! maybe a kiss if you can :p
i'd recommend code geass. It's good.
`[Shouto Todoroki]`
one of the best animes ever
carl lipsey
actually having a dream about Yuno where you could actually fight her would be pretty cool
davimd eng
your reaction is impressive.i like it especially in episode 23 yuno and yukki have sex\u003e\u003c. greeting from Hong Kong
eljen moise
why do all good animes have to end
i will mis the Anime and can you watch Elfen Lied plz and thank you for watching the Anime.Ilike people when they react to Anime.
miguel mendoza
in the manga they stay together through 4 more world's
normie disguised in a meme account
Get me a man or woman that would travel time and space for me.
percival darkus
felicidades, eres el primer youtuber capaz de subir reacciones de la serie completa, hurrrrraaaa
So after it's all been said and done, what do you think? Was this show worth it in the end? Was it worth all the pain this show made you feel? I personally I loved this show.
swifi 316
Yes! ive been waiting for this
Tsubaki actually was in love with Akise. But Ai thought she was looking at Kousaka, which is why she arranged for him to meet Tsubaki instead.
yuno gasai
that was not the end