Behind The Scenes Access As The Champions Model The New Nike 2017/18 Kit! Unseen Special

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Behind the scenes as Hazard, Willian, David Luiz, Fabregas, Courtois, Pedro, Batshuayi, Matic,Moses and Alonso model Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on YouTube. Get your shirt and more here 👉🏼

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Abou Ba
come on Chelsea
Ad Lad
Sing someone, you pricks and what is Matic doing?
Aki Pavlović
We can see that Chelsea has made Pictures with Matic but I didn't found any of these pictures with matic on the internet... Is this a sign that ManU have signed Matić? It would be a shame for chelsea if they sign such a important first squad player!
awesoem kit awesome eden hazard
Alex Porter
This basically shows magic and Fabregas aren't moving.
Alex SCA
what was batshuayi's fifa 18 rating at 0:40
Amey Kini
0:58 Courtois in that GK kit though 😍😍😍
Arafat K
Hazard looks good as new
Ardhi Rhamdhani
come on chelsea
Bing Bong
Chelsea home jersey always boring every year
Brian G
good to see hazard back lets hope hes fit for the next season
Chelsea Karki
Was this video shooted long before or is eden hazard been fine enough to stand with his legs????
Cuppa Cappuccino
better than last season's home and away, i wish they'd just maintain that black one
Again Willian looks like he's gained weight...3rd time after the season finished he's gained weight. Hope he loses it all when he comes back again!!
Dan Hing
im so happy to see eden hazard up amd running
Daniel Wright
What's the 3rd kit ?
yes no costa
Deyvison Giorgio
Nike como sempre fazendo uniformes lindos 👏👏👏👏👏
Have it
Evan Saltare
I don't understand why some people call it boring. It's a football kit not a wedding gown.
I thought Hazard was injured
Farchan er
Where is Azpi? 😫
Fred Deya
beautiful. chelsea till i die
God Damn
Golbery Costa
tenta contatar aguem que joga pelo lado direito e esquerdo e um volante tipo: rodriguinho-corinthans ou oscar romero-rancing volante o irmao do nemanja matic o,nemanja gudelj
Habtom Belay
l love nimanja matich
Hafiz Zalani
i like.. but not yokohama tyres..
Better than adidas who payed Paul pogba more money than us
Hamad Khan
old boring Nike
Hamza Abdi Farah
looking forward to the top ones
Hazza _1409
Why is hazard in this he has a broken anklr
They should have made the blue same as the white one but make white stripes
Make some goddamn signings, just gonna be 2015/16 all over again
GIVE US OFFICIAL for bakayoko
People mistake class for boring
Jose Arenas Gonzalez
Marcos Alonzo speaking English is by god the best thing I've heard today.
KoolDee 149
Bringing in Rudiger is a slap to the face to Zouma and Christensen.
MC Big Daddy OG
seeing no diego on this makes me sad 😢 😢
Made in Chelsea
Gooo Chelsea
Majd Rassam
thought hazard injured
Marinatedrib Universe
Please YOKOHAMA out I need Samsung back
0:35 😂😂😂😂 u the best \u003c3
Mike L
What is Matic doing there ?
love the shade of blue and the away kits and training kits. dope
Nathan Kinuani
Stop advertising, bring in players to stop the likes of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Modric, Mandzukic, Lewandoski, or Griezmann
Nathaniel Njoroge
Hazard is jumping. Is he not supposed to be in plaster lying on a bed somewhere in Belgium?
If we win the champions league in it I'll forgive it's boring look😂
Noah Law
Love the new kit 💙😍
0:35 You are welcome
One cheesy Mofo
Pablo Andres Rincon
Diego costa no aparece 😭 qué pasó el también fue protagonista si se va costa traigan Alexis Sánchez
Pooja Panicker
why haven't they put out any of fabregas pics eve though he's in this video?! Chelsea better not sell him!!!
Raihan I
Can someone please tell me how to get a different players name on a shirt if u go on the Nike website coz it only gives a few players
Rajiv Pokharel
Home kit is not that good.....away kit is okay....I miss 2009/1010 kit.....
Ranjan Dhar
Where is Diego Costa ?
The white one with the blue shoulders and sleeves is nice, the others are boring
Rider Jose Muñoz Rivas
diego costa?
Robert Apps-Hoare
Proper simple, but the blue is so solid it actually makes the kit. Put it up against last season's shirt and you'll see how slick the new one actually is.
Rocco Hayer
The kits amazing than you Chelsea
Rohan J
Leicester type
I think the kit looks really nice IMO, besides who's gonna care what the kits look like when we win the league again😏
Saif Alaswad
two birds with one rock, revealing the new kit and Matic staying, clever ;)
Sakata Samig
We just signed a goalkeeper for free... Its July already...
Samana Kalimasada
Cool Jersey👍👍👍👍
Sarun T
Where is Costa? Is he leaving?
Sena Gusti
It would be nice if Yokohama didn't put 'tyres' on it
Seun Balogun
I prefer the style with Adidas but still looks good 😍
Shaurya Thakur
the training kit is better than both home and away
Sheriff jr
so matic is staying
You guys know this was probably shot like weeks or even months back right. That's why hazards matic there
Spicy Caucasian
If there's anything about Nike though, they tend to do some wild design for the alternate kit so there may be some hope🤷\u200d♂️
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
I think this video confirms that Costa will leave. Not happy with this.
Where can i get shirt in 0:39 presented by bathsuayi, dont see that one at store
William Pound
0:39 that looks sick, kinda wish that was one of the major kits
Hazard looks gorgeous in that training kit
Zain Rahman
Pls just sign Bakayoko and Alex Sandro
Zoom Brigala
i dont get why you all think it looks boring it looks clean and professional
armen avakian
I love costa wasn't invited
csoldier s
the home kit is kinda simple but the away is lovely and the trainings kit what willian is wearing is lovely
dd i just saw matic with the new strips? HE's STAYING???? I REALLY HOPE SO
j b
if you order online, be advised that the shirt runs a bit bigger than the adidas ones. I'm usually a medium,had to order small for this one
Adidas were better
last bro
Where is our alternative away kit!!
phatchaaa a
David Luiz is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
how many of these players will remain next season?
Was this recorded over a month ago? Hazard kicking a ball around. i got happy for a second thinking he had already gotten better
saleh JT
TV rights: £153m\nPlayers sold: £120m\nNike: £60m\nYokohama: £40m\nCarabao: £10m\n\nTotal: £383m\n\nSigned:\nWilly Caballero: Free\n\n#ChelseaFC
tongam pasaribu
adidas is so much better than this
wali10 sharif
Simple is beautiful
Димитър Божилов
ㅤ ㅤ
yeeeeeeeeeeeerth niketh